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  1. I don’t own it, but that doesn’t seem to matter around here. It comes with a flag.
  2. I know you just changed jobs. I think that can have a major reboot in your attitude. I too looked into a change a few years back. I came to the conclusion that I can’t do what i am doing now and what I love if I change jobs, and I can’t get the compensation I am getting now if I move elsewhere. So I am stuck in a job I love, getting paid well, with senior administrators who don’t know what’s real. I did some reassessments with colleagues I respect a lot, we’re all in the same boat regarding our thoughts about the competency of our leaders, so... just ride it out.
  3. what you had planned for dinner. As in, give me inspiration! went out for Thai, now I don’t care as much. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Caught a bolt of lightning, cursed the day I let it go.
  5. Should I have made this an audio daily double? 😛
  6. So that’s a yes? Should I have made this a poll?
  7. No. I’m not saying that. I recall the quote but not the context, to be honest. I was a pre-teen when Carter was in the White House, so I don’t remember much of his Presidency, other than the recession and gas lines. I think he is a good man, but wasn’t well equipped for the demands of the office. I sometimes think we’d be better with those types of leaders, despite their flaws.
  8. And other embarrassing things uttered, but forever captured on film or tape?
  9. In your career, where you can’t even feign enthusiasm for your senior leadership initiatives anymore? I still like my job, it’s the leadership that has me rolling my eyes. Yet as a level of management myself, I have to walk a fine line. I have 4 years until I can completely step out from my administrative role. Then I can look to taking increasing time off and coast to retirement as a basic employee, away from the lunacy at the top of the pyramid.
  10. I see a “categories” tab now that I was previously unaware of. And I now see my most recently used emoji as an option. So either updates and changes have happened, or I have become more aware of features that I like. Either way it’s a from me.
  11. I see a few Teslas these days. Balanced against the Maseratis I now see on the road.
  12. I could teach an orange orangutang to salute the flag, but I still wouldn’t want it to have security clearances. But I get the point, they want conformity.
  13. How frequently do you usually eat crab? 🦀
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  15. I watched Hogan’s Hero’s every day I was home sick from middle school .
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. I agree. It’s nothing but hills between me and my workplace. Our roads get bad, quick. I love the snow, but not when I have to travel to work.
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