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  1. It would be fun for Joe Thornton to come back to Boston and steal the Cup away from the Bruins. Or the Blues to avenge the 1970 Final loss to Orr’s Bruins.
  2. So dinner and a card. Or just a card at your usual Friday night dinner.
  3. Did you pay for her dental hygienist schooling? If so, she should throw you a party. If not, dinner and a card would be a very nice gesture on your part.
  4. But @Parr8hed wouldn’t approve, so he couldn’t recommend.
  5. @Parr8hed would never recommend bacon-bits. Real bacon or nothing!
  6. I don’t care. Toronto should have called, said no goal due to a hand pass, and the refs should have said “game on”. To review if it were a goal and ignore that elephant in the room is ridiculous.
  7. I don’t know how the rule is written, but as the goal itself is reviewable (and was reviewed), I think it should have been overturned.
  8. BuffCarla, on phone: Jim, be careful driving today, there’s a maniac driving on the wrong side of the highway this morning. BuffJim: It’s not just one car, it’s all of them!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. What’s their potassium? Take off two liters and then check their orthostatics. Can I have salt on the rim, please? I think I’m ready, now.
  11. If you put the cheese on the bottom of the chip it falls off.
  12. An alcohol FIREPLACE. Not just a drink order. A mobile dialysis center, parked at a different beach each day? Seems ideal.
  13. Yeah. They’ve got hospitals. On every inhabited island, too. I’ve been watching Hawaii Life pretty regularly. Getting a sense as to what house prices are on each island. And I even found the perfect job, except it’s three years too early to make that move. And I don’t know which island that job will be one, as I found it through a headhunter website. Probably Oahu, but I can sacrifice. As to the OP, I recommend an alcohol fire place if you need heat but don’t have ventilation. We have one in our basement and really like it when we watch movies or sports down there.
  14. No, it would still be a hand pass. A Blues defender would have to have control of the puck before the hand pass would be waived off. That never happened. All goals in overtime are reviewable. They should have reviewed the goal and determined the puck was dead when the Shark player took possession and set up the shot.
  15. Prophet Zacharia

    Sad Day

    So sorry for your loss, Kirby.
  16. Terrible non-call gifts the Sharks another OT win.
  17. I made it until 4:30 this morning. A good sleep!
  18. So the Islanders swept the Penguins, then got swept by the Hurricanes. The Hurricanes look like they may be swept by the Bruins. So... the Western Conference Champions will sweep the Cup Final?
  19. I don’t know how Kauai’s Nā Pali Coast isn’t on this list. And Waimea Canyon.
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