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  1. Merci beaucoup, which I believe is French for “Aflac”.
  2. Let’s looks at these baseball references. Tell me where you see a notation about strike-shortened seasons? Cancelled playoffs, yes. But shortened seasons? No one officially cares. That suggests that you don't know there have been lockout/strike shortened NHL seasons, because once the labor dispute gets resolved, the championship tournament happens, and the Cup is fairly won.
  3. I think the game was out of reach before the series started?
  4. Is it a little humid there, some days?
  5. I switched to Erie from USAA about 20 years ago. No complaints with either.
  6. Where have you seen an asterisk associated with a strike-shortened season's championship?
  7. I think Heelies owes them some royalties.
  8. Yes. Although playoffs is not contract-paid. Their contracts are for regular season games, not playoffs. Some bonuses for winning rounds, but not huge money, especially in professional sports terms. That said, this money will help the owners pay salaries for next season, so it's helping their collective bargining agreement stay afloat, which is good for everyone, long term.
  9. Yeah, they found the urgency they needed to finish plays that they didn’t have in Game 1. Power play needs work.
  10. “Wow, impressive.” That so many are willing to leave their families for potentially so long to safely facilitate these playoffs.
  11. I was watching last night thinking “I can’t believe they pulled this off”.
  12. And my point is if they don’t accept these Covid unknowns onto the island, their risk is infinitely lower than if they do.
  13. 13 St. Louis Cardinal players have tested positive. May be time to shut down MLB?
  14. I was asking Wheels who does like any permanent arrangements of furniture.
  15. Do you have a fireplace in any of your rooms? Do to arrange your furniture to accommodate that space?
  16. Looks pretty green to me. hey @Dottles, was Bellingham the airport the Stones has to fly into to get to a show in Vancouver in 1972, since they couldn’t fly into Canada from LA due to late filing of paperwork? Inquiring minds want to know.
  17. No. And I don’t think I violated anyone’s Constitutional rights by making a snarky comment.
  18. I have first hand experience with cops who lie to advance their narrative.
  19. Not now, they earned my disrespect years ago. Illegal search and all that. But I was just being snarky. And I’m glad your partner did his diligence. Now, I enjoy my white privilege. But I know they’re profiling with their traffic stops in my town. Which isn’t to diminish the good work they do. But they do have to follow the law. And I hold them to that standard.
  20. Oh, and Crosby is now 9th career all-time playoff scoring leader. Next point he passes Sakic for 8th. 2 more he passes Brett Hull for 7th.
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