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  1. Too many to estimate. I found it more interesting than The Godfather, MUCH better editing and more relevant to my generation.
  2. I mean, I wouldn’t run after a large angry man with a weapon, but surely it was an emotional night. Usually these these get snuffed out with a few linemen, which was about to happen.
  3. I think it is only good fortune that Rudolph isn’t more seriously injured. And the slash doesn’t look as bad today as I remember it did back then, tbh.
  4. If we’re honest, we’ll recognize that the phrase that people took offense to in Poppygate was “you people who moved here”. He’s clearly expressing his opinion about immigrants not wearing poppies.
  5. I didn’t know that BMW used so many alternative logos on their cars and minivans.
  6. He didn’t even connect, the dude had his helmet on, and the guy had just tried to literally kill his QB. While I agree it was suspension worthy, I think one game would have been appropriate.
  7. I will defer to your expertise. Unlike @donkpow I won’t ask a bunch of inane questions.
  8. I think adding a skeet and trap shooting segment to the plate spinning display would help the ratings.
  9. I saw the bike and thought it was @roadsue‘s post that I was correcting grammar on, which was why I thought it was funny.
  10. I didn’t realize that a sports hernia differed significantly from regular hernias. The “hernia” name is only used because the pain is in the same location.
  11. He had the surgery this week. 6 weeks anticipated recovery time.
  12. It’s an expensive sport to get into. China ain’t cheap, and it’s a long learning process.
  13. He owns a number of newspapers under the “Ogden Newspapers Inc” company and the local ski resort Seven Springs.
  14. Maybe not, but it’s certainly not a “dreadfully slow news week” as you premised.
  15. When leaving the airport. Jesus, it’s not that difficult. On surveillance video, Nevárez is seen dropping a white paper object as he climbed into the front passenger seat of a black SUV and left the airport, the records say. The envelope was found Sept. 6 by two Texas Department of Transportation employees. [Inside the envelope were two] baggies [which] contained two grams of cocaine, court records show.
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