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  1. Does Senator Toomey count? I would thing yes.
  2. I wore tuff skins as a kid in early grade school. Not as proudly as that kid, though.
  3. I am treated very well at home, thank you very much.
  4. Depends on the condition. My FIL has been on OxyContin twice a day plus some as needed for breakthrough pain for 8 or 9 months now since his hip replacement. His orthopedic surgeon didn’t prescribe him a laxative/bowel regimen, so he got constipated, impacted, then readmitted to the hospital where he got a urinary tract infection, septic, osteomyelitis in his vertebrae... So then 4 months in a nursing home for IV antibiotics, then three more for PT, most of it “self” pay. Just got out on Monday. Walking with a walker but home. Had been playing golf weekly before the surgery. So his Rx is probably for #120 tablets a month? I am serious about wanting him to see a doctor who can prescribe medical marijuana, the opioids are going to do him in sooner than later.
  5. May I see a photo that demonstrates the current state of your backyard? Is there a platform in place yet, or just all those concrete posts in the ground?
  6. I hope they have streamers on when they go on the Ferris wheel!
  7. What happens at the fair? Do animals get judged and prizes awarded? Are animals bought and sold, or do all the same ones come home at the end?
  8. My mother’s paramour divorced his first (I think) wife after she developed schizophrenia. I understand that, the illness had changed the fundamental characteristics of her personality towards him. As a result, she probably wanted little to do with him as well. That would be two lives wasted for 50 + years. Dementia? After living a life together? I think you provide the care you can, get the assistance you can, keep them at home as long as you can, then visit as often as you can if they need to be moved into a nursing facility. That doesn’t have to be 3 meals a day, 7 days a week, but as long as that’s meaningful to him I think that’s fantastic.
  9. Other than incompatibility with all of your other bikes and wheel sets, is there a downside to discs on a road bike? Weight? Cost? I don’t think I’ve shopped for a new road bike since 2011, so I am behind on the issue. I understand your statements that you feel you have adequate stopping power and don’t run rims that NEED discs, but... If you had no bikes at home, no wheels, would you really chose caliper brakes on a new road bike?
  10. I was expecting your answer to the OP to be “Yes, I’m sure somebody does.”
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  12. For an American cycling fan. But Team Sky has taught me what the rest of the world was experiencing during the Postal domination.
  13. Hopefully not on his famed Haleakala training ride?!?
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  15. And a non-drinker! Boom! K picking you up afterwards?
  16. Did they give you a healthy 10 mg? Or just a starter dose of 5?
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  18. I will have to believe this is what you mean.
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