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  1. I made white with tomatoes, garlic, and basil on a cauliflower/wheat hybrid crust. Not as good as yours.
  2. I think brick in Reno would make a house into an Adobe oven.
  3. My senior Media teacher. I did after school cable tv high school sports broadcasts with him. I went to school lots of days I wouldn’t have otherwise as a result of an after school event we had scheduled. My high school chemistry teacher was an evil B. If she had been a nun she couldn’t have been any nastier. I had some personal issues my junior year that had me put school way on the back burner. I read the book cover to cover the days before the final and pulled a 94%, allowing me to pass the year. I think she was disappointed.
  4. Sleepy puppy is sleepy. It seems redundant. And repetitious.
  5. Old google searches you don’t remember doing and find yourself wondering....
  6. Well, the dog walker wasn’t missing. I do wonder if this has anything to do with her last singing performance.
  7. Got a window view? Back in Erie? Or more local to you?
  8. I think you’re (mis)reading the meter, it’s already moved on, as Da Meter actually says 420.
  9. I don’t know if you are a foodie and appreciate fresh herbs like me, but if you are, check your local Whole Food store this weekend. The email I received this afternoon said they were getting fresh wheels and would be playing lots of music in the parking lot this weekend. So put down the green shaker and try the real wheel deal, Neil.
  10. I have to say I am a little disappointed DA meter isn’t giving me hazard pay for a run of Hip parodies.
  11. I saw that. All the stars make for a lot of light pollution. I can’t even see the Earth.
  12. What would cause the fires and explosions? Lack or electric current going through the lines???
  13. Can one of the electric engineers or similarly aware individuals here explain what would have happened within 5 minutes that would have caused a sustained blackout if measures (which I assume was cutting power to homes?) hadn’t happened? I understand supply wasn’t meeting demand, but what would have happed within 5 minutes, and why wouldn’t that be undone quickly, once more energy production could be re-established?
  14. I’d call two for two ambulances tonight. If you have problems over night it will be a bigger problem for both of you.
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