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  1. Pens best Habs 3-1, series now tied 1-1. Bad ice, but it is August.
  2. Prophet Zacharia


    He’ll come back to it when it’s there for him to compete. In the meanwhile, cross training is fine, and probably better than just sticking to one primary sport at his age.
  3. And I was going to guess he was pretending to smell pot so he could do a more extensive search.
  4. Didn’t ya’ll know you weren’t supposed to have a chance in this series? Just pack up and go golfing already? Draft the French kid first overall?
  5. Good luck? I think people are commonly waiting 10 days for a result, so I doubt this Hawai’i plan will help them much. I have a reservation in Kona for December. Made last December. I suspect I’ll need to cancel come November. Sure, lots of people don’t leave a resort ordinarily. But they usually aren’t at risk for carrying around a potentially fatal respiratory illness.
  6. I was in Montana and saw moth-ball sized hail stones and a resulting hail rainbow. It was pretty cool.
  7. If everyone on the plane had tested negative within the previous 72 hours would you consider it differently? To be clear, this is Hawaii’s policy to all travelers, not just Canadians. They have also discussed a “quarantine bubble” which would allow travelers to go out of their room but stay on resort property without Covid testing. That sound absurd to me, both from a traveler’s perspective and from an employee’s. I’d want not part of any of that.
  8. They mostly wear them depending on whether they have cold symptoms or sniffles, etc. It’s not paranoid, because they are mildly symptomatic, it’s a desire to not share their germs with others.
  9. I believe they mostly wear facial coverings in Asia due to a desire to not spread germs to others, not due to air quality concerns.
  10. I was gonna say, your food budget was going to take a hit!
  11. I assumed a biscuit joiner was salted butter, or maybe jelly or jam?
  12. I’ll raise you one. I actually went and checked, assuming it was your rouge local dairies doing the dirty dealings. But nope, our salted butter is also blue wrapper and red box and the wrapper only says “butter.” The blue box/red wrapper unsalted butter at least has the decency to put “unsalted” on the wrapper.
  13. That implies Volvos can accelerate. Good luck @maddmaxx, we’re all counting on you!
  14. Football or hockey? Hockey is definitely better in-person, football better on TV.
  15. Yeah, it’s better in person. Although with new TV angles this might be a fun opportunity. Football I’ve always preferred to watch at home.
  16. If you want a new experience watching hockey, now is the time to try it. With no fans in the way, more and better camera angles will make it a better TV sport.
  17. I’ve long been impressed with what both the Beatles and Stones knew about song writing and musical composition, presumably just from listening to records. Now, they shared some producers and engineers and arrangers along the way who obviously had a lot of influence, but these guys knew what they wanted to sound like, and nailed it.
  18. Today I did my job, half the job of my boss, who was out on vacation, half the job of another guy who was out on vacation, and half the job of a guy who quit in March. With the extra pay, I bought a lot of beer on my way home.
  19. NHL will be using sound effects from EA Sports on the TV broadcasts. I’ll hold out an opinion until I hear it tomorrow. I didn’t mind the sound of the exhibition games on Tuesday though, without any sound enhancement.
  20. You forgot hockey. Oh right, no team in California qualified for the post season. Carry on.
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