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  1. I would not soak them in gasoline and use them to start a fire in an abandoned shack in the woods that I had removed all of the valuables and sentimental items from. - Dr. Micken
  2. I was probably too young to understand it, but Apartment 3G was one I never liked, along with Henry and Family Circle. Calvin and Hobbs and Doonesbury were always my favorites.
  3. The 10 year warranty on parts expires on April 1st. Some gizmo inside the fancy theater is going bad plus a button is broke on the remote. A replacement remote is around $900 and the gizmo is another $400. Both will be fixed for about $630 including labor. The replacement remote is connected to wi-fi plus has an app for my phone. The original didn't. At least it has Netflix built in.
  4. I’ve been to Lourdes. The volume of people is amazing.
  5. I’m not sure that TP that doesn’t stick to anything would work.
  6. Ralph, like the pure evil he is, somehow avoids blame here!
  7. Trying to update 40 year old code this morning. A small operational error resulted in the disruption of service in several business lines. I was notified my bosses are restoring services and are communicating with all Federal Reserve Financial Services customers about the status of operations. I’ll take a long lunch.
  8. For you low sea level folks, a snorkel is recommended in addition to a mask.
  9. My mother is being proactive. The last two times I’ve seen her, she’s put boxes of her stuff she doesn’t want in her house in my car trunk. Thanks, mom?
  10. I don’t think burning thorns in your lawn is illegal in Georgia, and if the wind carries the lit embers in the “wrong” direction....
  11. A crown of thorns? Burn it with fire, else you’ll have a million religious pilgrims on your land each year.
  12. When it is eradicated in all but one country or region. But I see now @Square Wheels beat me to it.
  13. My wife isn’t feeling that great today after Pfizer dose 2. Arm sore, head ache, some general malaise. She took her dad out to the doctor and for lunch but hopes to go back to bed this afternoon.
  14. Who knows what they’ll do. I’m just joking. Kinda. But it sure wouldn’t surprise me.
  15. I think what Mick is suggesting is that once you take all the memorable items and irreplaceable items from the old house, that torching it may have certain advantages. Like not having to cart it to the dumpster. And if insurance rebuilds, you won’t need to worry about your buddy staking claim to the property if he resides there!
  16. We have three or four couples there that we socialize with. The rest we are too different from, and are polite with but don’t interact any more than that. We are there to sail, not mingle. They are an aging group, and I knew if I brought the virus from Pittsburgh last summer it would kill many. So I stayed away. But they pretended it didn’t exist. But going to another marina along Lake Erie wouldn’t have changed much of that opinion, I don’t believe.
  17. I’d need a different state. Maybe Western New York would be different, but rural and rust-belt PA isn’t particularly appreciative of our Governor’s handling of Covid.
  18. They don’t, but they know the groups of people most at risk. Age isn’t the sole determinant in most algorithms.
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