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  1. It's overrated. The minibar fridge is lukewarm at best, the drinks were awful.
  2. Yes, he did speak English, despite his having a mother from Japan who met his father while he was in the Air Force. I didn’t experience his Japanese speaking skills.
  3. I once went to an English Pub in Toulouse, just for the presumed opportunity to speak some English for awhile. The bartender was from Pittsburgh. Moved to Toulouse with his father who was a pilot working for Airbus. It is a small world.
  4. I may have watched sunday’s Stage thinking it was Saturday’s, and today’s thinking it was Sunday’s.
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  7. This is the Love Fourm. Or the Café forum. I ain’t seen no love or coffee coming around, so we can leave the cycling at the door!
  8. I hadn’t made coffee yet, so I was quicker than her this morning.
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  10. To my wife. And she’s been to Paris! She has a friend visiting in Lourdes, she though it would be a great opportunity to catch a Stage. I explained to her if her friend wasn’t staying two weeks to see the finish IN Lourdes, it wasn’t going to happen. i did mention that Nice is nice, she’s have nothing to lose in Toulouse, I’d be lying if I said Lyon isn’t nice, but now she’s not talking to me.
  11. Good finish to Saturday’s stage. Although the winner was predictable given the setup. On to Sunday!
  12. *Spoiled Alert* You don’t want to be too close to Didi on the road. He smells very ripe by this part of the tour.
  13. I didn’t take the photo. I am at the helm.
  14. I know that Chinese food that I buy in America is often not consistent with food you would encounter in China. But it’s what I know, and what I like. What I don’t like is the Chinese restaurant that tries to have pan-Asian cuisine. I’ll go to a Thai place for my Pad Thai or Pad See Ew, tyvm.
  15. Can you please recap the Tour happenings of the last three days? WITHOUT telling me who won, what should I watch on my DVR tonight to get caught up? A description of the stage type would be nice, along with can’t miss events? I can’t watch 12 hours of programming today! example: Saturday, mostly flat stage, crash at 95 Kms to go, group sprint finish. Sunday, mixed mountain stage, nothing to see until final climb. thx!
  16. First mate was too drunk to notice our fender had rolled over in a series of 6’ waves, creating this embarrassing photo moment.
  17. He barks at the waves. Is that “work”?
  18. It’s more like this, until the entire crew falls asleep.
  19. I think it is her own internal voice that had her avoiding new, due to the depreciation as your drive off the lot.
  20. Truecar is a useful app for new and used cars. I had a nearly painless car buying experience when the dealer I was at came in lower for the car I wanted than any surrounding dealers. I then got another $1000 off for financing.
  21. I bet they multiply easily in the warmth of a Seattle area shed.
  22. Me, I can't usually get them 'cause my girlfriend's a vegetarian, which pretty much makes me a vegetarian. I do love the taste of a good burger. Mmm. You know what they call a Quarter Pounder with Cheese in France?
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