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  1. Overall I’m a good match for my position. Although I’m not enough of a prick to be in my senior meeting management group, so I am transitioning out of that role.
  2. I don’t care, it’s long been my favorite Fred GIF.
  3. If you didn’t join a search party looking for yourself during your vacation, you can’t claim to have found yourself in the woods.
  4. It is incredible how well Colorado does on health metrics compared to the rest of the country. Even with all of the migration from other states and congestion on the front range, it remains the fittest state.
  5. Some here privately wondered if you’d left forever and wouldn’t be coming back. Or was it hoped? It’s a fine line. I was not one of those.
  6. Kind of like “this food tastes terrible, try it!”
  7. You need a permit to hike to the top now? When I was there in July of 1995 you didn't. From 90+ heat in the Valley to snow up to your knees on the top, it was an amazing (long) day hike! * When we were there you needed a permit to camp above a certain point, but not to hike to the top of Half Dome.
  8. Prophet Zacharia


    So no need to worry about the report of a man walking around downtown Louisville with a bat in hand, huh?
  9. Hire your own band while you’re at it. Well, not YOUR own band, but you get it. Or, hell, just walk on and plug in.
  10. It’s 6 1/2 hours and $450 for me, so enjoy it on my behalf.
  11. Oxygen is a free radical, so it’s best to keep them in pairs. “When oxygen molecules split into single atoms that have unpaired electrons, they become unstable free radicals that seek other atoms or molecules to bond to. If this continues to happen, it begins a process called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress can damage the body's cells, leading to a range of diseases and causes symptoms of aging”
  12. At least you got to see the view at the top!
  13. If you don’t hurry, the porterhouse will be gone and all that will be left is the Eye-fillet.
  14. Vacations can be useful to relax and find oneself again.
  15. Is it really a surprise that kids who have witnessed numerous mass shootings and several school shootings during their lifetime might want to do something active to minimize that risk for themselves? Now, you may criticize their action item as simplistic, impossible, or something else, but I don’t think it’s inherently a sign of lack of critical thinking.
  16. I think they are thinking very critically about our lack of gun law reform.
  17. And your speed at editing Wiki is impressive!
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