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  1. California is likely next.
  2. Ask @Razors Edge’s wife, she probably has a report on this ready to go.
  3. My way is just with no pens and no closed roads. I don’t know what your cocaine-fueled mind interpreted from there!
  4. I understand @jsharr has hooked his computer into to the psychology lab at Richland College so that it gives him a bump of cocaine every time he hits the button. He’s a busy trader now, both day and night.
  5. My way would be more exciting. And probably appease @Mr. Silly. Or his friend, @Dottles.
  6. You’re playing with your wife’s ex’s battery powered toy while you have your friend’s big drill ready when you need something more powerful? Ok, carry on.
  7. You can’t always get what you want.
  8. I had Amazing Chicken for lunch. Not what I would have ordered, but I didn’t have to go into the restaurant to get it, so that was good (for me). Leftovers that my wife brought home, so she may need to go into isolation?!?
  9. Pssst... he said “Wong”, not “wrong”. I know, it’s a little culturally insensitive, but I believe @RalphWaldoMooseworth meant it as a joke (despite him being Evile and all that).
  10. I wouldn’t want to be on the Diamond Princess without the corona virus, so no, I would not like it now, either.
  11. I went in early to beat the morning rush hour. Probably not more than 2” of snow this morning, light traffic at 6 am.
  12. That’s an insane seat tube angle. Any further and it would be a recumbent.
  13. Pretty much. Wider base mower, I assume.
  14. The hill in my front yard is too steep for me to mow it, safely. I tried once, then got a lawn service.
  15. Many fewer now than last year.
  16. I think you have warmer temps than the North East/ Great Lakes region.
  17. Mild weather this week resulted in my coat pocket filing with bands.
  18. Prophet Zacharia

    Old Bay

    I use that at my local Taqueria. I like it.
  19. Prophet Zacharia

    Old Bay

    I saw the reviews that it left Frank’s Red Hot in the dust. Frank’s isn’t my favorite hot sauce, but very ubiquitous, so it’s nice to have a new option.
  20. Prophet Zacharia

    Oh joy

    We have rain turning to snow at am rush hour tomorrow. ? If only it had waited 12 hours.
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