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  1. He’s doing something for Penske... renting or selling trucks? I see him on LinkedIn. Wife and two kids as seen on FB, lives near our hometown.
  2. With square wheels. 🤪
  3. I’ll be happy with not losing all of that growth between now and being outta “here”.
  4. Thanks Kirby. It makes it a special day when you take a moment to spread your wisdom with the forum.
  5. And you lived to tell about it? Oh, right, he only murdered in Atlanta.
  6. I was within walking distance of Memorial Stadium while in college. But the O’s moved to Camden Yards my Junior year. I saw the NFL preseason game were the town petitioned the league to return a team to them. I had moved away before the Ravens came to play there in 1997.
  7. Of course Martha’s pissed, that’s why she stabbed him with a squirrel.
  8. Not here. We’re looking at 66 F and rain this Saturday.
  9. Idk my user ID number. First no Christmas lights, now this. This is an unfriendly forum of us mobile users.
  10. I would not fault a bee for going to the land of fruit and honey.
  11. I changed my job January 1. I’ll call it growing pains, and coming to acceptance with what I’ve had to give up to make this necessary change as my current emotional state. But I’ve also learned this week about the IRS Rule of 55, which would shorten my need to endure anything by 4 1/2 years. Now if I can just make it 6 more years! 🤪
  12. Do you have local, viable options? Or does your area of expertise limit your choices? I know you just finished your new home....
  13. I find not being able to sleep more than 5 hours to interfere with my ability to dream. Although I did dream about storming out of work in frustration the other night. It was just a dream, although not much dream work involved!
  14. Never in a Millions Years (NMYs) would I have gotten that. I haven’t heard about them since Ed McMann. I think if it comes about organically, it’s smart of a company to rebadge. People were calling it KFC for years before they did it officially. If it’s forced, no one will follow.
  15. Don’t forget your Chronic Bronchitis. COPD has both your Blue Bloaters and Pink Puffers.
  16. Acadia Biscayne Carlsbad Everglades Gateway Arch (didn’t know this was a NP) Grand Canyon Grand Teton Great Smoky Mountains Haleakala Volcanoes Redwoods Sequoia Shenandoah Virgin Islands Yosemite Yellowstone I believe I’ve been to Petrified Forest and Mesa Verde as a young child, and been around the Badlands.
  17. But the percentage he’s paying is too high a price while he’s living beyond all his means. And the man in the suit has just bought a new car with the profit’s he’s made on your dream. But I’m in a mixed Traffic metaphor.
  18. Sailing is. Although are the sports included dependent on the location of the games? I can’t imagine sailing were part of the Atlanta games?
  19. Do it. There’s no downside to it, and it may make her day(s).
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