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  1. Why do so few news articles provide any type of background information, including LOCATION of their stories? While I am pleased it gave the date of the article, would it be so hard to list the city or town and state of the racetrack? For a moment I thought that was the exact site on the track where I watched the TTT at the Tour De Georgia. But of course, as I found with more research, this is Wisconsin.
  2. This looks a lot like kidnapping.
  3. I kept scrolling hoping there was an attached vidoeo from the event!
  4. Was that "Wolfie" (not sure if that was her proper forum name or a related nickname)?
  5. I thought this was a welding thread... carry on.
  6. I mean, beside the fact it was only 28 seconds long.
  7. How long were you in jail?
  8. There’s no ticket, sport-o. No fans in seats.
  9. No more than any other season by the other 30 fan bases.
  10. Pittsburgh - Philly tomorrow at 4 pm. As interesting a scrimmage as there will ever be.
  11. This is a play-in round and then the playoffs to finalize this 2019-2020 season. They’ll then postpone the start of 2020/2021 season until probably January. Pretty smart, because they won’t have fans in the seats before then.
  12. Defying public health consensus recommendations is being stupid, not political.
  13. That politics have derailed a public health crisis response.
  14. Big article on DeSantis in the WaPo. His decision-making braintrust is himself, his wife and his Chief of staff. He meets with his top public health official, Scott Rivkees, only monthly.
  15. Two eggs over medium is my standard order, but I can live with scrambled with cheese on toast, or even an omelette.
  16. I like the piano.
  17. No, THAT’s not the elephant in the room.
  18. And yet they obey stoplights despite them limiting their right to just keep driving.
  19. I don’t pretend to know how violent the protests were in Portland to have the DHS move in. I see some graffiti and broken windows and think “meh”, but maybe the Federal Building needed protecting. But I don’t know after that. And I’m still young enough to reject the idea of federal officers doing anything in my city’s streets to think I’d sit idle if that happened. I’d see it as a fascist invasion requiring some form of response.
  20. I think tear gas deployment may not be the correct response to littering. Or was the littering the result of tear gas deployment? It’s hard to tell. It is clear that large numbers of people will cause litter, no matter their political affiliation. Much was made of the clean-up efforts after the second amendment protestors in Charlottesville.
  21. I was born to Cornell Barbecue sauce, with two alumni as parents. We don’t have much roadside barbecue where I live now. Fries on your sandwich or salad is our local culinary claim to fame, I think.
  22. And still a 3.9% death rate. I’m watching to Sunbelt like a hawk to see if we can maintain that as hospital volumes swell. Wear a mask. We were shocked how many people weren’t today. My work day life is mask all day, it shocks me still there are so many people who aren’t following this mandate/recommendation/whatever.
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