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  1. Yeah, I think your response was fine, given that she came out swinging with claims you had fucked it up to begin all with. If she wasn’t all accusatory to start, a softer approach would have been justified, but here it’s not necessary.
  2. I know. It’s not the test of choice that I’d call on to test the cognitive functions of a Chief Executive. Unless I thought he’s had a stroke or some other major medical process.
  3. Ah, but said reporter has the advantage of taking the perspective of the entire series when making the description. It’s a series that got dropped by ABC due to sagging popularity, and then lasted a few more seasons on NBC. It was good, although not hugely popular a lot of it’s run. From the NYT: “NBC's decision to pick up ''Taxi'' -despite audience-popularity ratings that were only marginal last season -suggested again that the network, under the direction of Grant Tinker, was more committed to high-quality programs than its rivals.
  4. Agreed, and people should be arrested when they are violating the law. But the Government shouldn’t violate the Constitution in an effort to appear “tough” on protesters. There was a woman who was tackled and detained for 9 + hours this weekend by homeland security officers for the “crime” of drawing chalk on the ground outside a federal building, delineating it’s property line. And the above video of a protestor getting hit repeatedly and sprayed with teargas while standing motionless.
  5. Interesting. And yet Trump is threatening to send Federal “Police” in.
  6. Yes, but one is side is bound by the Constitution to not go to excesses.
  7. I have a friend who’s daughter is going back to Emory in three weeks. Idk why she’s do that, as all her courses will be online. Although I know it’s been hard on her, having to return home during her freshman year this past spring, and hard on her parents having her home!
  8. Is there ongoing violent protesting in the below cities? I know of some peaceful protests locally, but no rioting, here. We’re not on the list, either, but I’m not sure if it’s because we don’t have enough mayhem, or our mayor isn’t liberal enough (I think he’s fairly Progressive, FWIW)? “President Donald Trump on Monday said he would send law enforcement to more U.S. cities, as a federal crackdown on anti-racism protests in Oregon with unmarked cars and unidentified forces in camouflage angered people across the country. Trump, a Republican, cited New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, Baltimore and Oakland, California, as places to send federal agents, noting the cities’ mayors were “liberal Democrats.””
  9. Those divert blood away from the thinking head.
  10. And she’ll divorce you, thinking you’ve shacked up with some online floozie(s).
  11. Even the last five questions.
  12. Hasn’t he been self-stretching his entire life?
  13. Oh, she’s not wrong. Even if it didn’t kill you, it would blow up in your refrigerator, eventually.
  14. https://www.buzzfeed.com/alanwhite/24-utterly-bizarre-japanese-ice-cream-flavours
  15. They always use “research” as their excuse.
  16. That’s just secondary fermentation.
  17. But this is seven consecutive months of 9-11, with no end in sight.
  18. Is this from the slang term of West Virginians being called “hoopies”, or another source?
  19. It’s unwise for people with Bipolar disorder to stop taking medication. It’s an illness with up to 20% suicide rate. While it’s personal preference whether one use medication, therapy or a combination for mild to moderate depression, severe unipolar major depression and bipolar disorders should absolutely use a combination approach. I’d compare advocating against this as being akin to saying cancer should only be treated with homeopathic approaches, not medications. It’s the same issue.
  20. You mean because it’s a terrible illness? Or some other reason?
  21. 6. I try to go to bed later and sleep later, but 10 pm- 4 am is what my body gravitates to.
  22. I had coffee, a cigar, did a crossword puzzle, weeded both the front and back hillsides, took a dip in our inflatable pool... and my wife snoozes on.
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