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  1. These guys don’t like each other, at all.
  2. Sorry @Forum Administrator. It may have been time, but it’s never easy.
  3. Lazy day with football, IIHF World Juniors hockey, and an upcoming NHL game. Sundays are fundays.
  4. 3-2 Russia leading Canada in World Juniors gold medal game, 10 minutes left.
  5. It’s not a great party where broccoli and beans are the featured foods, but welcome! But I like @Airehead’s meringue desert idea.
  6. I have a jacuzzi bathtub in our bathroom. I’ve only used it 3 times since moving to this house almost 4 years ago. I’m now feeling I need to step up my bath game.
  7. Do they have his replacement ready, or do they still need to draft him?
  8. Prophet Zacharia


    For a moment I thought the Patriots has won.
  9. I was going to say broccoli, but we’re on the same wavelength.
  10. I did the Altoona-> State College -> Altoona MS150 once, and opted for the 100 mile option for the first day. But the road markings got confusing, and before we knew it, we we following the signs for the next day’s ride back to Altoona. So I put the hammer down and dragged my buddy back to Penn State, putting in 110 miles for the day and missing the last feed stop, which was famous for it’s homemade cookies. 😢 So we hightailed it to the Penn State Creamery for ice cream.
  11. We were mid 40’s today. And daytime highs predicted T 39-50 this week. Not bad for mid January.
  12. 3:2 Pens win in OT. tanev.
  13. I find it a little alcoholic, but hey, it’s a triple. I ran with DIPA most of the afternoon.
  14. I got this in the mail today.
  15. She’s just a little high strung.
  16. I once smelled Krispy Creme donuts wafting across the valley as I climbed a long, steep road, shattered after a 70+ mile ride. The donut shop had closed a few years prior.
  17. I took a Lyft for some day drinking in town. No prescription medications needed.
  18. I see Couch as your big spoon.
  19. 2-2. Yeah, I could watch NHL games 2-5 pm the rest of my life. Easy.
  20. I heard @Randomguy was DTF.
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