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  1. Sure he was. He pretended to get punched by a Cleveland fan earlier this season.
  2. Wow, a Buffalo team choked? Who’d have guessed.
  3. Is it trying to shed some weight after the holidays?
  4. I’m glad the Mason Rudolph haters will be sad.
  5. My wife asked me to go on the trip, so the spirit holds.
  6. The 29th is a Sunday. I’ll use it as a travel day.
  7. Penguins play at Montreal and home versus Florida. Crosby practiced with the team today in a contact jersey. So I say... true.
  8. Hey kids, it’s Big Ben... and Parliament.
  9. While it will be small consolation, I would think suing for medical expenses, at least, awould be very reasonable.
  10. That’s ice. Rice is fluffier, and less cold.
  11. I don’t know, my contract hasn’t been finalized despite my starting my first day today. Although I am told it will be a (nice) raise.
  12. You can have my job! That’s the cover of the calendar, not the January page.
  13. At work. I got this one today. Very fancy.
  14. We have one that comes out for guests for coffee but we never use it otherwise.
  15. There is no dark side of the moon. Matter of fact it’s all dark.
  16. Arguing? I’m not even reading his posts.
  17. I wasn’t calling YOU the fucking noob, eh!
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