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  1. Petition to end the manufacture and sale of built-to-fail budget bicycles Dear bike manufacturers and major bike retailers, We -- the undersigned bicycle shops, nonprofits, co-ops, bicycle mechanics, and cycling advocates -- are calling on you to stop producing and selling bikes that fall apart after a few months of use. These products are harmful to the environment, erode public confidence in the usefulness and joy of bicycles, and waste the money of the mostly poor and working class people who buy them. When someone gets a bike to commute or get to school and that bike breaks down in short order, it undermines trust and access to biking. It’s predatory -- these bikes are made to appear that they have functional, reliable and repairable qualities when they do not, and people don’t expect a bike to fall apart so quickly. We are tired of telling distraught customers and riders that their bikes are made too poorly to fix, and we are tired of seeing these bikes filling up our waste streams. Frankly, you should be ashamed of selling bikes that last some 90 riding hours. We call on you to: - Set a minimum durability standard for bicycles to last at least 500 riding hours before breaking down, - Design bikes to be serviceable and hold adjustment, with replaceable and upgradable components, and - Stop creating and selling bikes that are made to fall apart. ...sign at this link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf6dcfFQFqE6CmLxm02taF7SpTBEPG2Jq8cJBTOVebbX5L1EA/viewform
  2. Nonprofit mechanics petition for repairable bikes The petition calls on manufacturers to “stop producing and selling bikes that fall apart after a few months of use. These products are harmful to the environment, erode public confidence in the usefulness and joy of bicycles, and waste the money of the mostly poor and working-class people who buy them.” The campaign’s early supporters are bike techs from nonprofit community bicycle shops and similar programs, the groups that often refurbished used bikes to provide affordable transportation to the needy. One supporter, Mac Liman of Denver’s Bikes Together shop, said bikes have gotten less and less repairable in recent years. Liman has been a mechanic for nearly 19 years, including 14 at Bikes Together. “If I get a Huffy from the 90s, chances are I can actually make repairs to it. It will still be heavy, but the steel will hold together,” Liman said. More recent bikes from big box stores and the internet have threads that shear off when a mechanic tries to replace or adjust components. They have frames that crack, and non-standard parts that can’t be affordably replaced, she said. “I’ve seen bearing cups that just fall out of hubs, so there’s no way you can rebuild them,” she said.
  3. ...how much is that, in slices per week ? Without a slice of bacon in the pan, flavoring them up a little bit, I would probably eat fewer Brussels sprouts. As it is now, with them in season, I'm knocking back about two pounds weekly of those things. They are delicious, braised with bacon and fresh garlic, in olive oil.
  4. ...me too. That's why I moved here. I figured there would be more bacon for me. I was misled.
  5. ...so do you think those are gonna catch on fire when you recharge them too ?
  6. ...2012 was a good year for me. I can't remember anything that happened that year, so it must have been good stuff.
  7. ...I can only speak from personal experience and ancient history, but the filthy hippies were getting all the hot babe chicks back in the late 60's, and early 70's. That's how I ended up as a filthy hippie. I certainly didn't do it for the money.
  8. ...I hope they don't follow this up with dropping the pecan sticky buns, because they can't find humanely raised and harvested pecans.
  9. ...beans and rice. Alternate that with rice and beans, so it won't get boring.
  10. The story of the EV1 demise by Mark Looper.
  11. ...I honestly do not get the big deal here. Yes, California is attempting to use its huge market share to influence the industry, as it has done for years with pushing for lower emissions cars and trucks. Yes, it will, indeed, cost some money to update the chicken and swine industries, and adapt them to slightly (only slightly) more humane conditions for the animals, who are going to get eaten. Yes, the costs of this will inevitably get passed on in the form of price increases. OK, so what do you want to eat, and how humane are you about the methods used to produce it ? There have been people within the state who have been meeting these standards for many years, and I buy those products when I see them for sale. It's not some elitist conspiracy to take bacon out of the mouths of the masses. Although, like me, they probably eat too much of it.
  12. ...do you have a program that will upload all your porn bookmarks to the new machine ?
  13. Bacongate: How a new law may affect breakfast plates in California ...if this thread is too hot, politically, it won't hurt my feels if you disappear it. The whole kerfuffle is kind of entertaining, in a way typical of topics involving California.
  14. ...what happens on a bicycle forum when you mention proprietary technology and interchangeability of parts.
  15. . ...I just read that Di2 thread, and it was disappointing. It was an entire thread about eliminating the B junction box (splitter), by stripping and soldering the wires together yourself, to save space or something. Nothing about how to stand around watching a race, and surreptitiously shifting the bicycle of some guy riding past you don't like. Very disappointing.
  16. ..my biggest problem when I had a smart phone, was that people were always calling me on it. I fixed that myself by letting the service run out, and not renewing it. It turned out to be an easy fix.
  17. ...in case anyone needs it, there is now an entire thread over on the other bicycle forum that must not be named here, entitled "Di2 hacks". Which I find adorable.
  18. ...I don't want to derail your thread, but since the thread title is "some good news for a change": Judge delays enforcement of part of California’s new bacon law I might start a whole thread on the incredible California bacon saga, later on when I have more time.
  19. ...I had that 12 volt battery on the LEAF go dead after about 8 years as well. It was mysterious as hell one cold morning when I walked outside, and the car wouldn't talk to me any more. Took me a while to figure out I had to manually open it with the key, and I'm glad I didn't have anything in the hatchback compartment, because that's an electronic only latch mechanism. I think there must be a manual release from the inside, but I never had to figure it out. Thank god the 12 volt battery is right up front and obvious in its location.
  20. ...for the record, one of our cars is a Nissan LEAF. I took a whole class over at one of the automotive tech schools here on it. As you have surmised, it's not at all difficult to kill yourself working on electric cars. As part of that class, we removed the drive battery and opened it up to look inside at the stacks and stacks of individual cells. Then we replaced that same battery in the car. About six guys in that class were there because they worked for auto recycling yards, which at the time were afraid to take electric cars into their operations to resell parts from wrecks, for fear they would assplode. The drive battery is, of course, the single most valuable part for resale from a wreck. This was some years back, so I guess maybe they have more places that have worked this out now.
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