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  1. ...Hawaii ought to go to one of the landlocked states, like Nebraska or Oklahoma, so they could have beach resorts. ...if it's already paid for, all the more reason to align with Mexico. And I forgot to mention stuff like much cheaper dental work, and auto body repair bargains.
  2. ...even if it's a reverse mortgage to fund it, you don't carry any of the risk on that , do you ? Don't you walk away with the sales price minus commission and whatever other listing and bullshit fees you end up paying in the final agreement documents ? I think it's clearly a show me the money situation. But I'm not there in person. I sold the last house I had here (before this one), cheaper than I thought it was worth, because it got me completely free of the house, which I had been maintaining and renovated for my mother to live in. She didn't like living alone in that house, jumped into
  3. ...I wouldn't mind if California realigned itself with Mexico. Better Mexican food, and we could let Trump build the wall between us.
  4. ...what a sensible analogy. Even @Randomguy should be able to understand it. Kudos.
  5. ...doesn't this predispose us toward assuming vulgarity when something is omitted in any other slang vernacular phrase like this ? I'm thinking of how I always use, "...and the horse you rode in on, " as a handy substitute for "Fuck you." If we were not predisposed toward assuming vulgarity, it might imply, "I have great respect for you, and the horse you rode in on."
  6. ...by far the best ones come from the tree in my front yard, sir. And I do not live in Spain, nor do I dance to the sultry music of the Flamenco. (OK maybe infrequently I dance a little bit to Flamenco.)
  7. ...instead of all this kvetching, did it ever occur to you to just do a legal name change to the one on the certificate ? You need to be thinking out of the box if you expect to survive in the faceless world of office drones. Out of the Box !
  8. ...they could have gone with stewed tomatoes, you ingrate.
  9. ...too bad. I was going to give you some credit for encouraging the idea. It might have made the difference next time a promotional opportunity arises.
  10. ...I'm glad you asked, because it shows curiosity and interest in life long learning. A Visual Guide to the 7 Major Types of Canned Tomatoes. The differences in the varieties of canned tomatoes come down to how they’re processed. Processing always starts by removing the skins of the tomatoes, but after that, how they’re broken down and what they’re sealed in the can with may vary by variety and brand. The labeling of varieties isn’t totally consistent across brands, but here are the ones you’ll most likely see at the store, from least to most processed.... ... Now we move o
  11. ...this would be a good addition to the swag bag that is sent out automatically to all new forum members.
  12. ...like nail clippers. Everybody uses them now, but where did they come from ?
  13. ...I think this is why there are so many "Oh no you didn't" gifs.
  14. Magawa, a 5-year-old African giant pouched rat, was recognized with a prestigious honor for his work detecting mines and explosives in Cambodia. Described by Malen, his main handler, as friendly and hard working, Magawa has a work-life balance that is likely the envy of many a human. “He is very quick and decisive,” Malen said in a statement provided by People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals, “but he is also the first one to take a nap during a break.” When he is not in the minefield, the two-foot-long rat likes snacking on bananas, peanuts and watermelons, and taking a s
  15. ...you should take one of those trips where they load your car on the train, and you ride in the train cars. When you get off next morning in Florida, they hand you your car at the station. You could easily do this with an electric car as well. Amtrak’s DC to Orlando Auto Train
  16. ...if it makes you feel any better, the first two flights of Sandhill cranes flew over my house today. They come every year to winter over and nest down in the river sloughs and flooded fields south of me. They've been doing this a very long time.
  17. Commercial drivers carrying property may drive for up to 11 hours within a 14-hour operation window following a 10-hour rest period This 14-hour window includes non-driving work such as vehicle maintenance, fuel stops and paperwork. Additionally, commercial drivers are required to take rest breaks of at least 30 minutes after no more than 8 hours of driving.
  18. ..the only people I've ever met who diss electric cars are people who have never driven one. The LEAF I have here is the earliest model, with not much in the way of oversized motors or huge battery packs, and is still capable of very impressive acceleration. It also handles as well as, or a little better than, to old Alfa Spyder Duetto I owned in Italy. It has required, in the time we've had it here, one warranty repair to replace a cooling pump in the engine, a couple of updates to the software, and some unnecessary battery checks in the first five years that were really a part of Nissan
  19. ...electric utility systems are structured around the concept of Peak generating capacity. There are plenty of hours in a 24 hour day when cars can be charging and not have much impact on peak system capacity. It's just a question of arranging the thing so that the majority of people are charging their cars at night. So far that's being attempted through tiered pricing....but there are more draconian solutions available. ...I would be in favor of anything that would prevent people from doing this. For the last 12 or 15 hours of your trip you were a hazard to anyone sharing the road wi
  20. ...here's a picture of a solar generating station they installed as a shade structure over the parking at Cal Expo some years back.
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