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  1. That may be what keeps them apart.. Kirby has double hung windows and Cheese has no streamers.
  2. I am stockpiling coal. It is the new gold.
  3. I have no idea but they must have one that matches or is designed to complement it. Sounds appropriate to me.
  4. "ON" a Subaru, if that was in fact the rabbits name!!
  5. No, that kinda was the question!
  6. So would I. Despite that nasty tattoo..er..bruise.
  7. I have that very fan model too. Purchased last summer.
  8. I was wondering which Hong Kongpolitical party he would vote for.
  9. Opinion. Watch the video. There is nothing all that radical in it. Mostly common sense and common knowledge. You: Freeman is old and stupid. Me: Ok, so are you by that measure. Mick: Freeman is old and stupid. I am a scientist. Me: Again, so are you and so is Freemen, but 3 times a scientist. Mick goes on to cite deforestation, blah blah which is true but genetic engineering of more efficient trees is a Freeman theory. We also might insist on mechanical deforestation even though it is a renewable resource. Nobody doubts climate change. It is the effect of human activity I don't know, you don't know, Mick doesn't know and Freeman doesn't know. Go ask any climatologist how long it takes Co2 to return to ground level. I don't remember the exact figure but even a radical environmentalist like David Suzuki cites 5-85% returns to ground in between 2 and 200 years. This is what climatologists are predicting imminent doom with. It is BS science. BTW, Many years ago, David Suzuki's daughter did a Greta like death and destruction UN presentation. She is now in her 40-s with kids, a nice house, cars to drive and oceans to fish. Nothing she said would happen did. It isn't even a blip on the radar.
  10. BR has you guys beat all to hell. He drinks coffee and watches Mrs BR do it.
  11. And your hero is a 15 year old drop out.
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