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  1. Palestine is what Israel lets them say it is.
  2. I am old school. We have both, I use neither. I prefer the simplicity of a convection oven and a cast iron Dutch oven. Things just taste better.
  3. I work with a guy who is a competitive 74 year old power lifter. It is amazing what one can do when inspired by a 24 year younger spouse.
  4. I have securities in one mining company.. Other than that, real estate.
  5. Tobias is an asshat. Goes to a little beach bar, watches the bartender and steals the recipe, claims it as his own with a trademark. Claims his is better and gets rich. I will have a rum and coke.
  6. Sounds like some pole dance so I am going to say, no.
  7. America is one of the only places I know that places materialism, as a cornerstone of Christmas. Clearly, you need higher taxes. Don't worry though, Canada is catching up. We have a $5000 Christmas budget with $200 allocated to each family member. The remainder goes to charities. I guess it is as material as one makes it.
  8. My mother still has a couple of unopened boxes of leaded tinsel. She doesn't use it any more but she doesn't want to throw it away.
  9. Cool. I know the area well. We used to spend summers camping in Nanoose or Bowser. Lots of fishing done in a 12 foot car top boat between Nanoose and Lasqueti. Back then, we just walked out in the water around Bowser and harvested dinner in the form of oysters, Dungenous crab and abalone
  10. Very cool! Where were you diving?
  11. Except, it is a Christian Holiday. Why would Pagans name a holiday after Christ?
  12. This is Kappa Danielson who I think lives somewhere in Chesapeake and Paul Larson of Kalamazoo. A nice cover of my favourite John Denver song. Kappa does a lot of nice stuff on her YT channel.
  13. Yes, it was far and away, the best 6 months of my working life.
  14. Wilbur


    It isn more of a law than a philosophy.
  15. I am very sad. Rush, will never be, again. I knew there was little hope, now there is none.
  16. So, it is jsharrts fault I am travelling by train on Sunday? Bass turd!
  17. It is very sad he left his new family at a very young age. The world lost a great drummer, person, friend and father.
  18. Probiotics are idiotic so yes, they are a staple for vegans.
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