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  1. BTDT. I used to do that. I also used to hold the gun between my legs while standing on scaffolding lifting boards into place. The a gun slips and fires, it can cause injury. I was lucky and just felt the cold twisted steel go by..
  2. Wilbur

    Political thread

    I applaud his shopping locally. Tim's was only founded here, profits go to Brazil. I still despise the man-boy though.
  3. No, I too am interested and fully support the lockdown. Until things are controlled, anyone who was recently in Wuhan should be quarantined for the incubation period. Control an epidemic before it becomes one.
  4. Nobody wrote a song about having a gal in Laurel.
  5. Based on my travel experience, I think you are a better fit for Laurel, Mississippi.
  6. Breath = good. No breath = bad.
  7. Wilbur

    RIP Mr. Peanut

    Someone got offended.. Might have been Mrs Peanut..
  8. Even blind pilots can find the ground.
  9. Croatian diet is loaded with seafood and meats, especially cured meats. I would say a coastal area favourite is risotto with squid ink. Mussels are abundant and cheap. Inland, meats and cheeses. There is more attention to breads, pastries and pizza nowadays.
  10. How long in Croatia? Zagreb (3 days) with a day for Plitvice Lakes N.P. Dubrovnik (2 days). The old city is very beautiful but crowded and touristy. Split (3 days). Restaurants are all still adapting to western taste so they don't tend to last long. The food is getting very good though and they have adapted to customer service.
  11. Yeah, the downsides were colour definition and potential for light halo's so that ruled them out for me. Readers for up close items is a small enough compromise for me. 95% of the time, I won't need glasses at all. I am happy with the choice.
  12. My wife knows the answer to this.
  13. It is incredible technology but a long way from perfection.
  14. I need readers for close up stuff but just 1.45. The instrument panel and further is crystal clear. It is amazing. I could have gone the variable focus route but Transport Canada delays return to work another 6 months.
  15. I am good to go now. You are correct. I went with the high definition, blue light and UV blocking lenses. The bright lights in the supermarket are a shocker.
  16. AAbbssoolluutteellyy. DDoouubbllee vviissiioonn iiss ggoonnee.
  17. I use ground turkey, beef, pork and veal. I made them just this afternoon too.
  18. To leave the hospital after cataract surgery, you need a responsible adult to drive. After eye number one, the nurse assumed the attractive young female was my girlfriend. After eye number two, the doctor assumed she was my daughter.
  19. Millennials don't know humour. Right, Boomer?
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