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  1. 9 hours ago, Further said:

    don't tape the trigger

    BTDT.  :)  I used to do that.  I also used to hold the gun between my legs while standing on scaffolding lifting boards into place.  The a gun slips and fires, it can cause injury.  I was lucky and just felt the cold twisted steel go by.. :) 

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  2. 7 minutes ago, BuffJim said:

    Read some interesting articles about this today. Most along the lines of 'The government of China is not telling what is really happening. It's much worse.'

    Besides for @shootingstar, are we the only ones fascinated by this?

    No, I too am interested and fully support the lockdown.  Until things are controlled, anyone who was recently in Wuhan should be quarantined for the incubation period.  Control an epidemic before it becomes one. 

  3. 28 minutes ago, Dottles said:

    The only thing dressing up does is make you get robbed faster.  You have a lot to learn.  And yet, I cannot disagree with your assessment entirely.  My aim is to get laid off and collect a big ass severance package and study for my next job while on their dime.  In that time, I hope to move to the Midwest/Bible Belt where cost of living is cheaper and the intellect drops off the bell curve.  I'll fit right in.  Then the goal is still to weasel my way into your company and milk them for all they've got.

    Based on my travel experience, I think you are a better fit for Laurel, Mississippi. 

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  4. 15 minutes ago, shootingstar said:

    Will pass through Zagreb from Germany via train, to get to Split. Split for 2 days.  Dubrovnik for 2 days before boarding ferry to Italy. Unfortunately I don't get much vacation and need to go back to work.  What makes the food in restaurants "non-western"?  To me, it's western/European.  ;)B)  Keep in mind, I view Turkish influence food, still "European".  Even to me Middle East food, is verging on European/western.  

    My Croatian born hairstylist couldn't pin down to 1 unique Croatian dish....that wasn't cultural import...ie. pizza is common there.  She's been back probably more than 6 times ….she has tons of family to stay with....in a village in the interior.

    Croatian diet is loaded with seafood and meats, especially cured meats.  I would say a coastal area favourite is risotto with squid ink.  Mussels are abundant and cheap.  Inland, meats and cheeses. There is more attention to breads, pastries and pizza nowadays. 

  5. On 1/21/2020 at 8:06 PM, shootingstar said:

    We will be going to Croatia but then we know Wilbur can give some info.

    How long in Croatia?  Zagreb (3 days) with a day for Plitvice Lakes N.P.  Dubrovnik (2 days). The old city is very beautiful but crowded and touristy.  Split (3 days).  

    Restaurants are all still adapting to western taste so they don't tend to last long.  The food is getting very good though and they have adapted to customer service. 

  6. 1 hour ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

    As I understand it, those can be difficult with night driving. My wife went with two different focal lengths in each eye to avoid that. The brain learns to process the information.

    Yeah, the downsides were colour definition and potential for light halo's so that ruled them out for me.  Readers for up close items is a small enough compromise for me.  95% of the time, I won't need glasses at all.  I am happy with the choice. 

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  7. 23 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

    Good.  I needed a 2.5 for the readers and my work area was probably a bit closer than the instrument panel.  The real pain was working in the microscope on ckt boards.  I would have to put on my readers to find a part in the kit next to my hand and then take them off to go back into the scope. 

    It is incredible technology but a long way from perfection.  

  8. 23 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

    Quick question Wilbur.  Can you focus at the distance of your instruments or will you need to wear glasses.  Mine were progressives with a 0 prescription over my reading glasses to solve all my distance problems.

    I need readers for close up stuff but just 1.45.  The instrument panel and further is crystal clear.  It is amazing.  :)  I could have gone the variable focus route but Transport Canada delays return to work another 6 months. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, maddmaxx said:

    Good news.  How soon before you can fly again?  Don't be surprised if every now and then you get a sense of vision overload.  Perhaps it doesn't happen to everyone but for the first month or two I would get a strange feeling in a place like a brightly lit supermarket (american style) where all the colors and things would be a bit disorienting for a few seconds.

    Of course that could just be me as I'm disoriented much of the time anyway.  :whistle:

    I am good to go now.   You are correct.  I went with the high definition, blue light and UV blocking lenses.  The bright lights in the supermarket are a shocker. 

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