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  1. It is a pretty common event with GT riders. I have done it in the past on multi-day rides, especially where a saddle sore may develop. It can relieve a lot of pain. Bike fit and hygiene are factors but they are not the only factors.
  2. Time to put shark fin soup back on the menu.
  3. Wilbur


    I would want an autographed copy. No pseudonym's though. It has to be Ugly Bob. I will send cash.
  4. Wilbur


    Ever think about selling a novel?
  5. Those are all detractors but I think the draw for us is nostalgia, for the youth, it is a novelty. I don't even go to regular theatres anymore. I only go to the VIP screens where the seats are large and comfy and you can have a glass of wine or beer with the show. Drive-ins of my youth though were pretty much as Rattlecan described.
  6. Wilbur

    I look psycho

    I politely disagree. That, is the look of great fitness and health.
  7. two pairs of cycling shorts on?
  8. Wilbur

    I look psycho

    Beware the chick with crazy eyes. Especially if adorned with red hair.
  9. Why are painted boobs still covered up in America? Those Quaker roots are strong.
  10. Instead, I have asked maddmaxx to execute a drone strike on Inspiration Bot. They reside in the same general area.
  11. Please file this thread in the Jsharr "Have I ever offended you" thread. I used to think @Kzoo was the forum meanie but I am re-evaluating that.
  12. Inspiration Bot is on my ignore list. It is in good company there.
  13. I think SW should just send him some of our membership fees. Maybe 20%?
  14. My kids frequent the place. I have never been.
  15. Finding the perfect situation is near impossible so there will always be compromises. Take whatever job best suits your lifestyle and has the least number of compromises. I just took a flying job that pays less than I can find elsewhere but it provides a lot of time off which allows me to work on the brokerage business and maybe, just maybe, a little more cycling.
  16. His absence and aloofness is not good.
  17. I guess I shouldn't mention the lovely Chianti we had with Carpaccio and Genovese Ravioli with the best Pesto ever in Italy Thursday night.. http://www.zeffirino.com/it
  18. Very nasty Tybee. Get well! This probably put a damper on the pub crawl for a week or two.
  19. Wow! Find out what caused that reaction and avoid it. Probably a very good thing you had an epi pen.
  20. If I was to return to warrior status, it would be in a C-130 Gunship. Awesomeness!
  21. We have a Ninja Flight Attendant armed with the finest Ginsu knives. Guns are for cowards.
  22. Wilbur

    Our old home

    That's not the old forum! No wonder you people all speak with a funny accent.
  23. Go for 100 and grab a sag wagon if you just cant do it.
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