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  1. Is it emptier than normal in either the fridge or freezer?
  2. I have ridden through Welland enrolee to Niagara but that is it. Never spent time there. Thanks for the history though.
  3. I don't make requests until I know for sure.
  4. I may be there in February for a few days. I have been to Seattle about a thousand times. It is ok.
  5. Those were the good old days. "United We Stand".
  6. I like gold as a hedge. It rarely provides large returns but $!300 dollar gold a year ago is almost certain to be near $1900 within 12 months. Still not a bad return while hedging against a market that may collapse in the biggest of ways. Depends who you listen to. There are a lot of nations stocking up on gold reserves at the moment and China keeps threatening a gold backed crypto. I wouldn't want to be holding USD if that happens. I am in 3 REIT's. The bulk of my assets are REIT's. One, I am a founding partner and two others as an investor. Mine all weathered the 2008 collapse very well but mine are in Canada. That doesn't guarantee anything but it does show well historically.
  7. Wilbur

    Insomnia Cure

    I just read Air Regulations.. Much the same.
  8. But, can they be made whole again?
  9. It is good to be in REIT's and gold.
  10. I thought they only had steers and... well, never mind.
  11. Where is the "Go Fund Me" link?
  12. Wilbur

    Blood everywhere

    I hate paper cuts..
  13. Wilbur

    I hurt my knee

    Ah ha! It is the sneakers! I should have been a detective.
  14. Wilbur

    Bad day

    I am very sorry John. Prayers and a big hug!
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