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  1. ..never talks about Sweet Firefly anymore? Was he banned? Maybe they were serious about pants required?
  2. I keep one in my briefcase. They prevent stained shirts in turbulence. Especially up front. The flight attendant fills and cleans it. Life is good.
  3. Don't be grumpy. Don't fart either, I am still in the room.
  4. You can all thank Jim Moylen of Ford for that little convenience.
  5. Sour Toe Cocktail. https://www.cbc.ca/shortdocs/blog/the-story-of-the-sourtoe-cocktail-a-shot-of-whiskey-garnished-with-a-human
  6. FaQ

    Hail Damage?

    I think they do. I would definitely get this fixed before driving.
  7. FaQ

    Fashionably early

    I am held to being on-time in my work and I govern the rest of my life accordingly. I won't show up early though.
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