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  1. Shitcan Razors edge.

    Just close it.
  2. Gordon Lightfoot? Yeah?

  3. Gordon Lightfoot? Yeah?

  4. Gordon Lightfoot? Yeah?

    Good. Lets heres some.
  5. Nope. You were unfriended because I have a boss whose security frequently checks the easy social media sites. I am busy separating business from pleasure.
  6. NHL Playoffs

    Yeah, I travel for a living so the last thing I want to do is travel some more. Having worked for an NHL team owner, I don't have an immense desire to pay for a game. If I do, it is just a game that is taking place in a town I happen to be in.
  7. NHL Playoffs

    If I have to buy, I buy in the parking lot!
  8. Gordon Lightfoot? Yeah?

    A compliment either way.
  9. NHL Playoffs

    Yeah, I don't know if Vegas can pull it off. Go to any game there and I would be surprised if 40% of the jersey's worn are from the visiting Canadian team. Seems like a popular event for tourists now. Much like any Florida game. Florida doesn't get the resale prices though. You can still buy good seats for $15 after the puck drops.
  10. Forum/Facebook/Linkedin participant. I do call Facebook people friends though. They are selected and controlled. If you're a Facebook friend, I call you a friend. Here, not so much.
  11. NHL Playoffs

    I can get you the percentage of seat holders if you like. I know several team owners. The mark-up you are referring to is the discount offered to season ticket holders. If you are a known reseller, your discount was taken away.
  12. NHL Playoffs

    There were less than 100 tickets available to the public for the playoffs. The rest were tied up by corporations. The Leafs don't need to win in order to be a top 3 profit team. The fans have learned to accept that. It isn't about winning, it is about profits.
  13. Depends on the forum. I tend to be more descriptive in P&R.
  14. My fiance/boyfriend of four years broke up with me.

    She was a fun and active albeit short term technical administrator here. Fun kid and I wish her well with this. Relationships can cause problems and maybe some that can't really be discussed on a discussion board.