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  1. Oh, good news CDC. That should be about June for Wonderboys version of Canada. June 2023.
  2. Wilbur

    Solo vacation

    Get in an airplane, go to Napa, rent some bikes and tour around. Non-stop fun, great scenery, great food.
  3. These grand children should all be in the photo competition. Sorry Cheese.
  4. We need an evening picture to check out the cool lighting on the knobs.
  5. If you can get Blexten (bilastine), it really is worth looking at. I have tried Zertec and Claratin but both make me drowsy. The drug profile on bilastine shows a significant reduction of somnolence and fatigue. This is why it is approved for aviator types.
  6. I built one around my house and I find it very effective.
  7. I use Blexten but it is by prescription, at least here in Canada. Works well on me and does not cause drowsiness.
  8. Exactly! So not one tail light ticket, more like dozens of speeding tickets. See, I do get it.
  9. "Slut" is such a dirty word. Please use something cleaner like whore!
  10. You have to be able to police all people. She may have viewed it as racism but the cop saw it as law enforcement.
  11. We are arresting preachers for providing services. Do you think the average schmo is going to risk driving across the border?
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