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  1. I haven’t sold real estate in 20 years. I am a buy and hold type, not a market player. I am well aware of all the market drivers but I suspect a lot of empty homes in Vancouver will have residents again. The fears of 2000, realized.
  2. Better day tomorrow, LJ. Best to Mrs. LJ.
  3. Hallmarks of the left. Wear them well.
  4. You have no right to tell me to let it be, shootingstar. I have opinions that differ from yours but that doesn’t make yours correct. I don’t like refugees who are not refugees that are gaming the system and the people. There are now calls in parliament for a China policy because of the growing tensions between the HK and PRC Asians right here in Canada. The housing market precludes old stock Canadians of all races because of Asian money laundering and a government too slow to react to demand. You may not see a reason to be angry, but I do and a great many Canadians do. Their lives are being traded for others.
  5. You are looking at a mirror, not a window. CNN is no bastion of accurate news either. It is the leftist tactics to label everyone they disagree with, not the right. Have fun with your delusions.
  6. I don’t participate there. Balls has nothing to do with it. I an at least control who I interact with to that degree. I liked you better, gone Page. You came back a very changed and nasty participant. Too bad. I actually think some from P&R are only here to destroy the forum. You are one of them.
  7. We have taken in far more than the US with 1/10th the population to support them. The social infrastructure is failing them. We have also taken more than any Euro country. I think we have done our part. Turning a first world state, third world, serves no one. There is no disconnect. If an immigrant follows procedure and the law, no problem, if they don’t, I want them gone. Breaking the law isn’t a great start. It isn’t desperacy, they are economic refugees cheating the system. I have heard no shortage of poor little immigrant stories. We all came as poor immigrants. It takes a generation to turn things around. My grandparents suffered as well. I just don’t whine about it and play a race card constantly.
  8. Henrik Sedin was 33. Unless that is BW (Best wishes) HS 33?
  9. That is your opinion and I have mine of you as well. I can't control acquaintances here, just ignore them. There is absolutely nothing btw, that make your opinions on immigration in Canada correct. They are probably very ignorant as you aren't living the realities and seeing the problems first hand. Observing increasing issues with mass migration isn't xenophobia. You have to evaluate cause and effect with these things. That's ok though, bud your plants, smoke your weed, fear the red hats, justify antifa and keep posting useless drivel. Some here find it entertaining.
  10. Industry friends looking for work aren't friends. But to answer your comment, yes, quite a few, multiple nationalities, multiple faiths and none have ever called me a xenophobe.
  11. All seeking to leave their jobs in Hong Kong and move home. Fortunately, there are a ton of jobs these days. The pilot shortage the industry pros have been forecasting for 45 years is finally here. Of course, Asian turmoil may hamper things a bit.
  12. There has been a lot of division lately but RG isn't normally upset by it. He is a resilient man. He is also busy trying to build his new career.
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