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  1. Wilbur


    Nah, I chat with him on the phone. He/she is real as can be.
  2. Wilbur

    COVID-19 Updates

    Yes, it means some cross-species virus are that way by design.
  3. Really? You used the "piles" in a tp discussion?
  4. Wilbur

    Restaurant food

    Stranger than what?
  5. I like to be the 7th person to speak.
  6. Never watch it. Last time I did, they had the same crap as 40 years ago..
  7. Wilbur


    Tired of the bickering and politics.
  8. Wilbur


    Yep, he is well. Still addicted to sugar but well.
  9. The bank stocks have been shorted for 10 months predicated on a recession caused by excessive spending and massive national debt. The ship is sinking. If you haven't pulled out of equities in Canada, expect to see diminished wealth. I didn't see a lot of happy faces or hear cheery comments on the flight home from Davos this year.
  10. Talk to agent orange!
  11. I am going to take 10 for the family and donate the rest to the hospital.
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