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  1. wilbur

    Happy Tuesday

    So, you’re telling us you lost the race and the bet?
  2. Double peace signs. Yeah, ok.
  3. Yes, I know everyone in my families birthdates. A number of friends and coworkers too.
  4. wilbur

    Happy Tuesday

    Mine does too, how a mid-point stop, Kzoo?
  5. So he is not a perfect asshole!
  6. wilbur

    Vegan be damned

    I can do that... once!
  7. wilbur

    Vegan be damned

    You know... you could give a little ground here and still hold your head high..
  8. Take BuffCarla and spend a night or two in Como and Bellagio. Really a most beautiful place.
  9. 8 days remaining, Kirby!
  10. wilbur

    Shoes and such

    Put them on eBay. Not my style but they are in style.
  11. wilbur

    Shoes and such

    Shit! I am on the road for 12 days and have 4 pairs of dress shoes with me! Maybe I should ask my wife...
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