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  1. People fascinate me, especially the experienced ones.
  2. So he kept the good looks gene...
  3. I had a barley water in the hotel after a 9 hour flight over 7time zones.
  4. I speak Irish as well. "I'll have another" is one of my favourite terms.
  5. That would work nicely as a topping on flank steak.
  6. That sounds good. Mine will be a Tanqueray Rangpur.
  7. No, but I am going to start effective midnight.
  8. just over 44,000 steps moving dirt, plants, sod and mulch. I am a little over half way done.
  9. Being 6'9" would statistically reduce your life by 8-10 years. Sorry but big people are no different than big dogs. Height over 6"4" is a killer.
  10. One and the same you silly Texican.
  11. She trained you! Good Krazy. Play dead!
  12. I think you should keep it for cleaning out Schrader valves.
  13. I thought you would be smouldering ooze on the basement floor by now..
  14. There is a lot of value in us older slow and steady folks.
  15. For cleaning Schrader valves.