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  1. Look what Mr Marriott left in my room.
  2. My first job was at a skeet range. $20 bucks a day and a box of shells. 1973 In 1974 in 10th grade I started driving a forklift in reefers for a production bakery $13.30 per hour. This is why in 11th grade, I was driving a 911.
  3. Of course not but I might if they ran for 20 minutes a week for 20 weeks of the year.
  4. or threaten neighbours with nuclear war..
  5. So... My name is Jeff and I am a human being. We all go through things like this, sir. I too am amazed by how much effort we put into the betterment of other peoples lives while ignoring our own. I don't need to know the psychology behind that but I do know that only you can make the change. Therein lies the battle for most people. You can do this.
  6. It is a difficult thing to wrap your head around and I don't agree with either r the pro-gun or no-gun crowds. "Guns don't kill people" is a fact but it negates the fact that guns make it a lot easier to kill a lot of people. I blame societal culture in the US along with ease of access but I am an outsider with little more than a half-baked opinion.
  7. Dianna Krall though, beautiful talented and gracious. A very genuine person and a pleasure to be around. Nelly could have taken lessons from Dianna.
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