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  1. wilbur

    Newest watch.

    No. It won't for high quality iconic watches either. There is a huge market for used high-end shoes and the buyers are not baby boomers, they are the youth that want the brand, the quality and the iconic shoes of previous generations but can't afford the lower quality high-priced current models. This renewal will continue for the foreseeable future. Like anything, the lower end, less desirable models will lose value.
  2. Oh, no faking. I am not your wife, after all. You've chosen to ignore content by Razors Edge. Options I just have to get maxx to stop quoting your ignorant statements. Really man, grow the fuck up and stop harassing people. Enough said.
  3. I have folding fabric covered boxes the grocery stores sell. Some are insulated for cold or frozen goods. I don't miss plastic at all.
  4. You have psych issues. Enough said. Back on ignore you go!
  5. Must you intentionally be an asshole or do you have psychological issues we should be tolerant of?
  6. Here is another reason. https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/greek-minister-killed-in-falcon-900-flight-incident-56368/
  7. Damp hot and humid, we get mosquitos at sunrise and sunset. I am enjoying summer so far and it started early with my trips to Croatia and Italy. The heat feels nice.
  8. My father had dementia and his care almost killed my mother, even with the help of family and public nurses. None of us gave up though. Fortunately, he did not become violent in any way. It wasn't in his nature at any point in his life.
  9. I have a new found appreciation for firemen. Cops haven't changed and there are reasons to fear clowns.
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