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  1. The choice is beach, sailing, snorkelling,, nice meals and a little wine OR post on an Internet forum. I will be back, tomorrow.
  2. Oh...this is really sad. You have been such a steadily happy and enjoyable person on the forum and all while dealing with so much. Life is not fair but it is about living. Please enjoy your time with WoSrapr and make every minute you share count. It sounds as though you have been a close couple who have shared a special life together. I had a couple of close scrapes in my life and it taught me that death isn’t horrible for the affected. In fact, it can be a blessing. It is hard on the survivors. I will be thinking of you when that day comes. I am sure she will worry about what happens to those left behind. When the time is right, be sure to assure her that all will be ok. Your character is being tested and it shines. You’re a good man Scrapr. Warm Canadian hugs for WoScrapr.
  3. Cheese. We are no longer friends.
  4. This is a really impressive group of musicians. Vocal range on the lead vocalist is amazing. Lead guitar and drummer are as good as anyone in the west. I wouldn't know good sitar from bad but I assume the guy is very talented.
  5. No label, no big contract and an interesting cover. Worth 10 minutes.
  6. I washed my vegan dinner down with meatloaf.
  7. There have been 10 attacks or act of vandalism against Catholic Churches in France in the past 8 weeks. One, St. Sulpice was set ablaze but was quickly controlled. Newsweek had a recent story on it as did RT Television but news in MSM is suspiciously quiet..
  8. Sweat pants are in your future...
  9. Lots of hockey stuff but the biggest embarrassment was Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean.. Biggest upset I remember people talking about, Leon Spinks defeat of Muhammed Ali.
  10. Harlem Globetrotters surprising defeat of the Washington Generals.
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