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  1. Look what Mr Marriott left in my room.
  2. My first job was at a skeet range. $20 bucks a day and a box of shells. 1973 In 1974 in 10th grade I started driving a forklift in reefers for a production bakery $13.30 per hour. This is why in 11th grade, I was driving a 911.
  3. Of course not but I might if they ran for 20 minutes a week for 20 weeks of the year.
  4. or threaten neighbours with nuclear war..
  5. So... My name is Jeff and I am a human being. We all go through things like this, sir. I too am amazed by how much effort we put into the betterment of other peoples lives while ignoring our own. I don't need to know the psychology behind that but I do know that only you can make the change. Therein lies the battle for most people. You can do this.
  6. It is a difficult thing to wrap your head around and I don't agree with either r the pro-gun or no-gun crowds. "Guns don't kill people" is a fact but it negates the fact that guns make it a lot easier to kill a lot of people. I blame societal culture in the US along with ease of access but I am an outsider with little more than a half-baked opinion.
  7. Dianna Krall though, beautiful talented and gracious. A very genuine person and a pleasure to be around. Nelly could have taken lessons from Dianna.
  8. I met her a couple of times and was not impressed. She had zero time for fans and was actually quite rude to them. Some people aren't equipped to handle fame, she is one.
  9. Joined during the "great influx" of BF P&R peeps. Tom must have been cracking down.
  10. Wilbur


    That one is Three River, Quebec between Montreal and Quebec City.
  11. Yes we have. I almost went the CSIS route after the military. Decided I still wanted an airline job.
  12. Wilbur


    I was for Saturday night.
  13. Socially, 30 plus. A mix is good. Work, first officers will be younger but ideally 40ish is best. Flight attendants between 30 and 50 are best.
  14. Wilbur


    This is @Dottles time to shine!
  15. I ordered something. It was sipped right away but has been sipped in a whorehouse near me since May 18.
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