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  1. That may be what keeps them apart.. Kirby has double hung windows and Cheese has no streamers.
  2. I am stockpiling coal. It is the new gold.
  3. I have no idea but they must have one that matches or is designed to complement it. Sounds appropriate to me.
  4. "ON" a Subaru, if that was in fact the rabbits name!!
  5. No, that kinda was the question!
  6. So would I. Despite that nasty tattoo..er..bruise.
  7. I have that very fan model too. Purchased last summer.
  8. I was wondering which Hong Kongpolitical party he would vote for.
  9. Opinion. Watch the video. There is nothing all that radical in it. Mostly common sense and common knowledge. You: Freeman is old and stupid. Me: Ok, so are you by that measure. Mick: Freeman is old and stupid. I am a scientist. Me: Again, so are you and so is Freemen, but 3 times a scientist. Mick goes on to cite deforestation, blah blah which is true but genetic engineering of more efficient trees is a Freeman theory. We also might insist on mechanical deforestation even though it is a renewable resource. Nobody doubts climate change. It is the effect of human activity I don't know, you don't know, Mick doesn't know and Freeman doesn't know. Go ask any climatologist how long it takes Co2 to return to ground level. I don't remember the exact figure but even a radical environmentalist like David Suzuki cites 5-85% returns to ground in between 2 and 200 years. This is what climatologists are predicting imminent doom with. It is BS science. BTW, Many years ago, David Suzuki's daughter did a Greta like death and destruction UN presentation. She is now in her 40-s with kids, a nice house, cars to drive and oceans to fish. Nothing she said would happen did. It isn't even a blip on the radar.
  10. BR has you guys beat all to hell. He drinks coffee and watches Mrs BR do it.
  11. And your hero is a 15 year old drop out.
  12. What is that bruise on her leg?
  13. Apparently, I scared everyone back to work..
  14. Yes they have. We, and our activities do have an effect. I think the entire scientific community and most of humanity agrees with that. It is the speed and effect that nobody agrees on. That is where politics jumps in and social science takes over.
  15. ..do you spend doing your job?
  16. Are those things pill colour dependant?
  17. Well, battered and deep fried is best. We were keeping it healthy sounding for you.
  18. Yeah but you don't get the pan scrapings. You can't have clear arteries forever, my friend. Grease up!!
  19. Whatever Random Guy says here is wrong. Bacon must at least a little crisp. Oven baked on the pan, no paper, no foil, convection is best.
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