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  1. Yes, my brother and I developed one in Port Moody. I got the idea for it during a trip to Germany. Don't be sorry. Everything you said substantiates my statement.
  2. Speaking of Germany.. um, never mind.
  3. See, this is where you go wrong. You make a bold statement where you have absolutely no knowledge and should be asking a question. It is called real estate for a reason. Royal estate. The crown. The government. The people who plan land use and distribution and mandate the number and types of buildings allowed. The government has absolute control over the real estate market. I spent 20 years building homes in Vancouver, ss. I am well versed in how the system works. Of course, a degree in urban planning helps.
  4. True although Canada has done it's part on Middle East resettlement, having taken in more refugees than the US and All European countries. The numbers tell the story.
  5. Vote, and educate as many voters as I can. The government is the problem. The tax burden created by the refugee settlement numbers. The Liberals debt has to be paid by someone and that is already started in the way the carbon tax. The Liberals have saddled generations with debt. The current immigration policy is that of population replacement. That is why they are encouraging mass migration. Unfortunately, the replacements aren't high enough grade to contribute to society at the same rate they extract. It doesn't affect me at all. It does affect my kids and their increased debt load in the form of taxes and extraordinary real estate prices. Real estate, if you don't follow it or are unknowing is a government controlled ponzi scheme in Canada. There are plenty of ways to make real estate affordable.
  6. There is so much wrong in your statements. Obama let all the illegals in. Great. If you have no borders, you have no country. These problems go way beyond Trump. He didn't bring the people here. I am really quite sure he didn't kill anyone either.
  7. I attribute that directly to mass migration and the effect it has had on old stock Canadians. When people see their country eroding, they fight back. I expect more and more will happen. People laugh, when I say civil war is coming. This is exactly what happened in Yugoslavia. Why should the results differ?
  8. wilbur

    Stupid Shark

    Is the brush air drive or belt drive?
  9. You mean 'the way Obama did". That is when the concentration camps started. Trump is just at the helm when thousands decided to invade. Obama didn't have that as an issue.
  10. Oh, I just thought you were headed on another race based tangent. There are no people and no societies who have not incited brutal acts on others, including the Chinese whose history of it goes back centuries. The current hostilities are very much left/right battles. Globalism vs nationalism. I for one am not willing to give the country away just yet. One thing you can count on, is, if the blame continues to be laid at the feet of "old, white, rich, men", I am going to push back. I have just about enough of that kind of bullshit blame. Enough race card already. The Chinese own much of Canada, be happy.
  11. Good, I hope the left gets their bulldogs in ANTIFA under control.
  12. That bigotry comes and goes in many directions. Calls of distraction are nothing but the same. No society is free of racially based violence, least of all the Chinese so we can leave the criticisms of the 1900's era at the door.
  13. How did the Chinese treat Bhuddists? How do they treat Taiwan? How about Hong Kong? How far back do you want to go in your quest to prove "white atrocities"?
  14. He doesn't buy their lies, he owns them and propagates them. You will catch on. Give it time.
  15. wilbur


    I didn't know he passed away.
  16. Do you think Stephen King has nightmares? I hope so because I am sure he has induced millions!
  17. Oops my bad. I meant Sissy Spacek. Sorry!
  18. The Carrie Fisher version?
  19. Interesting. Is that Greek?
  20. Electraglide In Blue. I remember leaving the theatre disappointed and a little stunned.
  21. I worked for a news group that employed David Frum and have had several dialogues with him. Decidedly boring intellect with limited social skills. Mr. Axis of evil.
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