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  1. Are you talking to us??
  2. I have something too. I am trying to defeat it with a pint of Innes and Gunn Oak Aged.
  3. Whoa! The rare "double shocker". You vegans are weird!
  4. Wilbur

    I'm getting old

    Meh. That isn't an age thing. It is very popular with the youngn's these days. Cut, threaded, waxed etc.
  5. Not at all, for me. I fear the death of friends and family and even my dogs. That doesn't mean I am ready to go. It just means I have no fear of the inevitable.
  6. Wilbur


    "Farfalle" is butterfly in Italian.
  7. I think you should use it as a training video.
  8. YT must have suggested it because I watched @Zephyr's video of Megan.
  9. She asked for the best way. I gave it to her.
  10. This. Gros Morne is stunning. George Street can be fun too.
  11. I have spent the last 35 years travelling all over Europe. Didn't cost a penny.
  12. Wilbur


    You called?
  13. Trainwrecks always gather a crowd.
  14. Is Tudor still Rolex light?
  15. Sell it! Watch trends change. Soon, we will be back to smaller, sleeker.
  16. I would take a Rolex. IT would be a good alternate boat anchor.
  17. Not even close. Montreal is completely torn up. Even St. Catherines is nearly unworkable. This is what happens when 40 years of infrastructure spending goes to mob bosses. It really is not a pleasant place to spend time at the moment. Maybe in 3 years when the road infrastructure has been improved.
  18. Why is she wearing the gloves she just handled her dog with?
  19. Not many Canadians want to pay for their security. Pam Anderson pays for her own, they can do the same.
  20. They will eventually divorce. I think it is best this way.
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