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  1. Merry Christmas to you all! Stay safe, stay healthy.
  2. Sam passed away. Our friend is in need of a hug if you keep in touch with him.
  3. Guys, I am taking a break from online "entertainment", that is all. As I said, this is going to get worse before it gets better. If you haven't noticed, the world is increasingly divisive, especially with the addition C-19 and racial tension. The number of race baiting and racist posts as well as those accusing racism have increased substantially here and I find that inexcuseable. While the race based tragedies of hundreds of years ago determined negative outcomes, I disagree wholeheartedly on the affects today. Today's problems are the culture within whom they affect more than anything
  4. Well, it is a good time for a forum break. I don't expect the negativity and p&r to improve much until after the fall. I will check back in after the election. Be safe!
  5. I will be staying on the Jersey side when we start going back. Better class of people.
  6. The sentiment of the sign is common amongst a lot of Americans too.
  7. No, he is an American. I guess that doesn't mean he isn't a Russkie mole though.. Spies in space!
  8. It took me 7 days of negotiating to buy a rug in Yerevan. We did get to a mutually acceptable price though. Both the buyer and seller had fun.
  9. Clearly they have set out to show a different look for a private vs government space company. There is a lot of style in the capsule that was more aesthetic than function.
  10. I don't blame them. As a former pub owner I can assure you, mens rooms are much cleaner.
  11. We aren't that different.
  12. They wouldn't be the first..
  13. I don't presume they are right. I presume if I do what they tell me to do, I will live to fight another day.
  14. That can be effective. It takes a pro like me to be fully effective though.
  15. That will be National Guard movement.
  16. I agree. I have been accused of kissing cops asses because of it but shit doesn't happen if you just do what the cops instruct.
  17. Chris, as a cop did you need special authority to use less-lethal weapons to control a crowd?
  18. I would look for that in the US Department of Justice website, Maybe the Inspector General states it but for crowd control, the less-lethal weapons are listed. I don't know that they need special authority to use approved weapons. Probably just guidelines. I would look but I am going to bed. I have to work in the morning.
  19. I hope she travels to her Moms safely.
  20. MMMM. I am enjoying some, right now!
  21. Okay, now go read the Mayors declaration of emergency curfew on page 2. K falls is not included but this is Minneapolis. Clearly, the curfew states no travel by any means, even foot. The definitions show "Public space" as any space the is privately owned or publicly owned, the the public can access. ie: your front porch. (if you lived in Minneapolis. Some definitions and some laws change with the declaration of an emergency. It does in aviation as well. People should always read these declarations so they know to stay within the laws. I posted a police/ customer event that too
  22. Well it is actually. I don't write them. I only stated what I found. Read on. I also found the Mayors decree which has some info in it. The information is free access nowadays. It just takes a little time to find it.
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