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  1. Guys, I am taking a break from online "entertainment", that is all.   As I said, this is going to get worse before it gets better. If you haven't noticed, the world is increasingly divisive, especially with the addition C-19 and racial tension.   The number of race baiting and racist posts as well as those accusing racism have increased substantially here and I find that inexcuseable.   While the race based tragedies of hundreds of years ago determined negative outcomes, I disagree wholeheartedly on the affects today.  Today's problems are the culture within whom they affect more than anything else.  There is very little systemic effect beyond the public school system. 

    For Shootingstar: Yes, the Chinese were treated poorly in Canada during the construction of the national railway, but those Chinese, were also very mercenary.  They were not brought across on slave ships, they paid to get here to do the job they were hired for and paid a Chinese agent who never had the workers best interests at heart.  They volunteered for the more dangerous jobs for pay bonuses.   About (because there is no record) 600 perished during construction of the railway.  The same estimate for Chinese Canadians killed in WW2.  The war where 70,000 Euro-Canadians perished.  So, the victimization of the Chinese plight is wrong, but it sticks because it is anti-white in an ever increasingly anti-white world.  Fortunately, I don't suffer white guilt.  I do have empathy for legitimate causes. Racism against Chinese isn't one of those.  It is no more an issue for Chinese than anyone else.  To cling to this today as an example of racism is classic victim mentality.  Much the same as hatred for those who have greater wealth.   At this time, the Chinese community is the most privileged in Canada by all measures.  The only victims are those that bestow it upon themselves.  So SS, I do not hate the Chinese or "the face like yours" which is very racist of you btw.  I despise the CCP and the current government of Canada's lack of resolve to punish their many misdeeds.  If you wish to attack racists, go take on the governments there who place placards all over stating "No Blacks" and "No Africans".   Those are racists. 

    While I am there, I do enjoy politics and discussing politics, but I enjoy discussion, not fighting and name calling.  I have seen comments previously about my perhaps not liking the politics of others.  That is just a copout and a very weak and disingenuous position.  I fully appreciate the politics of both sides and share beliefs from both.  The problem with online political talk is the escalation to "radicalism" and disrespect that takes place in nearly every discussion.  Cycling forums seem to attract liberal participants and that is very apparent in political discussion.  What I complained of in P&R here, was the circle-jerk swarm the leftists took part in.  Where a differing opinion was voiced, the classic liberal labels for the right ensued, including all the hot buttons of the day like racist, homophobe, xenophobe etc.  You know them all.  Hillary used them all during her "deplorable" campaign.  One poster here uses them very eloquently, So, in race terms, the liberals in this group during a swarm are the whites, calling the conservatives, n166ers.  There is no difference at all.  The sentiment, intent, and ratio are the same.  This is why politics had to go to keep this a viable discussion group.  Yes, you can point fingers at me and others who suggested it go, but it was the behaviour that made it apparent. 

    "All lives matter" is only racist because of bias.  In itself, it is not a racist comment.  Every and all lives do matter and none is more important than another.  That goes for age discrimination as well.  The oldest (fucking boomers) on this forum are no less valuable than the youngest.   If your feelings are that blacks are marginalized by other races or systemically, you will find it to be a racist remark.  If you don't buy into systemic racism nor look at specific events, you will not find it a racist remark.  Where blacks fail in the US is in a horrible public school system, family unit and much of their current culture.  It isn't because the man is keeping them down.  Break the victim mentality. 

    The statistics do not support systemic racism within the policing ranks.  There are bad individuals, like the Dallas cops that suffocated Tony Timpa.  Perhaps it is systemic racism that you don't recognize his name.  Perhaps the media itself is guilty of it. So, while black lives do matter, so does every other life.  Perhaps "Lives matter" would be less offensive.

    If you think reparation to the black community is in order, then sell your house and car and other toys and donate the funds directly.  Lead by example, not by the example of your desire to give my things away.  At least that will lend credibility to your commitment to the cause and perhaps sway others. 

    Now, I hope that answers the questions.  I am not angry, not mad, not stomping feet and taking my toys.  I am just not liking the direction of the forum and see it as getting much worse before it gets better.   Prove me wrong.  

    Enjoy your summer, I will see you in the late fall.  Yes, after the elections. 


    Oh, and DH.  My comment on the bean shot to the groin was meant as a joke in a hostile room.  FWIW, my mother is a feminist and has been all my life.  She was never radicalized but she would not allow things she found demeaning, like Barbie's, in the house.  She would see the humour in my comment on "Me Too" and she also despises what the movement became.  Again, it is the degree in which we buy into current agendas and the hijacking of good intents.  

    Cheers all. 




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  2. Well, it is a good time for a forum break.  I don't expect the negativity and p&r to improve much until after the fall.  I will check back in after the election.  Be safe! 

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  3. 26 minutes ago, The_Karen_Cooper_Incident said:

    With Covid and the riots, will NYC ever open up again?  Will most businesses leave?

    RG, you can move in with us if you need too.  I'm serious.  We might still get rioted on but you can sleep with Ylva.


    I will be staying on the Jersey side when we start going back.  Better class of people. :) 

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  4. 1 minute ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

    Well, that was hockey. It shows you have priorities aligned.

    The sentiment of the sign is common amongst a lot of Americans too. :) 

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  5. 32 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

    Dude in the middle has a NASA patch! Is he a Russkie mole?!?!?!?!?

    No, he is an American.  :)   I guess that doesn't mean he isn't a Russkie mole though..  Spies in space!  

  6. Clearly they have set out to show a different look for a private vs government space company.  There is a lot of style in the capsule that was more aesthetic than function.  

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  7. 19 hours ago, Parr8hed said:

    This happens at too many facilities I work in.  Mostly, if not all female workers.  There are usually two bathrooms.  Male and Female.  

    All too many times I go into the men's room and someone dropped some serious ass in there.  If I am the only male working then the women are going in the men's room strictly to make a poo.  

    I won't tolerate these women stinking up my men's rooms.  

    I don't blame them.  As a former pub owner I can assure you, mens rooms are much cleaner. 

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  8. 9 hours ago, shootingstar said:

    It's hard to believe just less than 40 kms. from Vancouver BC Canada, it's different world. Totally different, Dottles.

     It's not say there is no racism...there's enough documented in history and looking now, at who dominates the senior management teams in Canadian major companies, large public sector organizations of who holds power and makes decisions...  but CAnadian majority gun culture/thinking is quite different because of the federal laws here.  

    Let us know Dottles...there are Canadians..very close...just..on the other side of International Peace Park.  In looking at the Seattle photos, it looks sad.  We've visited some of those areas.

    We aren't that different.


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  9. 14 hours ago, Randomguy said:

    Because you can't presume that what cops do is always right and always must be obeyed.  They aren't always right and often give illegal orders.  

    I don't presume they are right.  I presume if I do what they tell me to do, I will live to fight another day. 

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  10. 13 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

    However I do agree the optics of the non lethal balls fired on a family seemingly standing on the porch is troubling to me.  I really wish they had just gone in their house as ordered.

    I agree. I have been accused of kissing cops asses because of it but shit doesn't happen if you just do what the cops instruct. 

  11. 3 minutes ago, ChrisL said:

    This is the sad point.  Police brutality is a thing, no doubt.  They have killed unlawfully.m, no question. 

    But I’m watching an unlawful gathering where the protestors are throwing rocks & explosives at police.  The police surge to disperse the crowd. 3 guys refuse to disperse, cops tell them to leave, they don’t, cops shove one dude to get him moving.  Dude does a flop that would make a soccer player proud while his two accomplices video.  Buddy drags his friend off like he’s been shot as his legs clearly don’t work now.   Helo follows them around the block and the guy that gets dragged off runs away with his buddies.  But damn we got good video, All Cops Are Bad right! 

    This is what bothers me with the video.  After days of rioting a bunch of cops comes down your street. Get in your house! Disobey order. Get in your house!  Disobey order. Get in your house! Disobey order.  OMG did you see what the police did to us!?!!   Good thing we got it on video!!! Outrage! ACAB!!!


    Chris, as a cop did you need special authority to use less-lethal weapons to control a crowd? 

  12. 52 minutes ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

    Show me the section where it allows law enforcement to fire on you for a non-violent violation.
    I’ve posted the penalty for violating curfew, it up to 90 days in jail and $1000 fine. 

    I would look for that in the US Department of Justice website, Maybe the Inspector General states it but for crowd control, the less-lethal weapons are listed.  I don't know that they need special authority to use approved weapons.  Probably just guidelines.   I would look but I am going to bed.  I have to work in the morning. 

  13. 5 minutes ago, BuffJim said:

    My daughter is freaking out because the Kohl’s right behind her apartment is boarded up and cops are all over the place. She also saw an Antifa announcement that tonight is attack the suburbs night. Could be phony, but she’s nervous. She’s going to sleep over at her Mom’s. Apparently she is well armed. The Walmart in my neighborhood is closed and barricaded. 
    She said this is gonna get better soon, isn’t it? I said you haven’t been reading your Bible lately. 

    I hope she travels to her Moms safely. 

  14. 56 minutes ago, Dirtyhip said:

    My porch is public property?

    Then why do I pay taxes on it?  Why do I hold the deed for it?  It is not public property.  I can ask people to leave it.  I can fence it in.

    Okay, now go read the Mayors declaration of emergency curfew on page 2.  K falls is not included but this is Minneapolis.   Clearly, the curfew states no travel by any means, even foot.  The definitions show "Public space" as any space the is privately owned or publicly owned, the the public can access.  ie: your front porch. (if you lived in Minneapolis. :)  

    Some definitions and some laws change with the declaration of an emergency.  It does in aviation as well.  People should always read these declarations so they know to stay within the laws.   I posted a police/ customer event that took place in New Brunswick.  The driver of a car was told by police to move the vehicle.  He wasn't cooperative and argued that it is a free country.  Canada is a free country but we have laws and those laws change when an emergency is declared.  The driver was wrong in not moving because the officer told him to.  The emergency laws clearly state that disobeying a police officer during the declared emergency is a violation of the law.  

  15. 11 minutes ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

    That’s not how laws in the US work. 

    Well it is actually.  I don't write them.  I only stated what I found.  Read on.  I also found the Mayors decree which has some info in it. 

    The information is free access nowadays.  It just takes a little time to find it.   

  16. So, this is the Mayor of Minneapolis issuance of the State of Emergency Curfew declaration.

    Interesting read. 
    Shortform, no one must travel on any form of transit including by foot.  Public means any place whether private or public the public can access.  ie: your front porch. What I thought was questionable is pretty black and white.  Read the document.  It isn't long.   Now, do the police or military have the right to deter with weapon?  I assume but I am not going looking for it.  Did they have to use force?  Maybe not but you heard the order to fire after several demands to go inside. 
  17. 2 minutes ago, Further said:

    I thought she was going to throw something so I shot her back first ?

    They still have to consider what weapons might be on the porch. 

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