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  1. I know, but it was so effective. I remember at about 8 years of age my neighbour and I decided to scare drivers by stepping on to the road like we didn't see them coming. (Stupid idea). He did it three time and each resulted in screeching tires, a few curse words and they drove off. I did it once and the same screeching of tires but the guy stopped, got out, grabbed me by my shirt and slapped my face. Then he threatened the "lets go tell your Dad" but that was just a scare tactic. Long story short, stupid can be fixed.
  2. What?? This is a fun place! You hang in there RR. Don't disappoint the pig! Now tell me.. What story do you want to know?
  3. Oh, I am this..♂ And I like this..♀ Not to be confused with this this.⚥
  4. Just scratch my back until you smell bacon.
  5. In my day, either an injury or a good beating from peers taught common sense.
  6. You mean, like a hazing?
  7. Check Montana That... is some serious schralpin.
  8. I happen to side with the judge as I don't believe a hijab is worn for religious purposes. It is just an item of modesty in their attire.
  9. Did you overdo the bran flakes and under do the frosted flakes today?
  10. "Video not available in your area" Sometimes I hate the CRTC.
  11. Apparently a Quebec judge has a problem with heads too.. Quebec judge wouldn't hear case of woman wearing hijab
  12. That is quite a hobby. Don't get him hooked on tattoo's! Best wishes for your Dad's recovery.
  13. I will be doing the same maxx. Cycling will be time on the trainer.
  14. I am blaming cereal city boy. AirwickWithCheese brings this place to life.
  15. They only took my nail clippers and toothpaste and I was good to go!
  16. Are you getting scared again Kzoo?
  17. They are a friendly bunch here maxx. ever dotman17.
  18. Soup for breakfast on a cold day is awesome!
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