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  1. Yes and they joust while on lunch break. The Queen makes them with her oppressive thumbs.
  2. ​I am Canadian. Southern Man gets blamed for everything.
  3. I had to double check to see that I wasn't on BF. I thought this was a peaceful community but it has taken a definite turn south this week.
  4. ​I know you are envious we actually have freedom. I feel for you.
  5. ​Sort of like the exchange kt and I had:
  6. The Queen has kind thumbs.
  7. ​No... He was a lefty. Those guys are always crying for equality.
  8. Cozy Powell was excellent. Old school fundamentals.
  9. As a pornophobe, I deny you this.
  10. ​I think that missing space was to throw you off. It appears to be working.
  11. Jimi Hendrix is well down my list of greatest guitarists. Not even top 10.
  12. ​Answer: Yes, lest some hypersensitive twit label you a "________phobe".
  13. ​I know. I thought all of your opinions were rubbish but there is hope.
  14. I thought gender was just X's and Y's.
  15. ​Being snubbed for so long, I would have declined. They have done well without Rolling Stones blessing so I expect there is little to gain.
  16. ​No thanks. The heffers will place too much strain on our healthcare.
  17. ​I don't know if he was even the best of the Beatles. I always heard it said tongue in cheek.
  18. Stay safe Texicans!! We will understand if you are offline for a bit but please check in when things settle down.
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