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  1. I have an leather overcoat. Looks very Gestapo so I never wear it.
  2. I did get a stabbing pain in my back..
  3. Wilbur


    Ok, a year and a half later I will give you my advice.. Your average person can't do these easily. Best to shorten up the TRX and use it to bear some of the weight while you are building strength.
  4. May you enjoy that damn good life as long as it lasts!
  5. No tickey, no laundry. Why not throw a buck or two at it?
  6. That isn't a manhole. It is a bicycle trap. Look at the bait just to the right of it.
  7. Once upon a time there were two bicycle mechanics..
  8. Wilbur


    Turkey, quinoa and black bean wrap.. (yay, I am doing so good on my diet!) ..and a Mars bar.
  9. In order of preference. 2,3,1,4
  10. Is that any way to speak about your Cheesie mule?
  11. Wilbur

    New peeps

    Puppet? No! Refugee? Yes.
  12. 65 Galaxie 500 67 Camaro 68 Cuda 70 Cuda 72 Porche 914 72 Skylark <--------------got married 82 Chevette 84 Volvo <--------------had kids 94 Caravan 96 Windstar 02 Jetta 04 Jetta 06 Rav4 06 Jeep Liberty 12 Toyota FJ
  13. I was just looking for nice place to land when this place appeared. Besides, jsharr is here.
  14. Now, Orville would get banned. Thanks for the welcome y'all.
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