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  1. This has to be done through @jsharr. He designs and assigns all avatars.
  2. Hippies need a good beating. That will teach them!
  3. I am off today. How do I celebrate? Do I pick just one president to celebrate or many? I just heard Bloomberg puts ice in his beer. I will not celebrate his potential.
  4. Decrease the surface population. Sure fix.
  5. My kids are the same. That's ok, more for me.
  6. Wilbur

    Attire at work

    My current attire is dress slacks and a golf shirt. That is how my employer rolls.
  7. "Insensitive" was well recieved in Europe, USA and Australia. People may not recognize the name but they will her music.
  8. My parents had one for 3 years. It had rust perforation on the body so Toyota took the car back. Last Toyota they would ever own.
  9. Wilbur


    It was a great sitcom. It took me a while to warm up to Frasier but he eventually became a favourite.
  10. A guy I worked with years ago said "You know you are old when you find the mother more attractive than the daughter". I just hope he wasn't talking about his..
  11. Makes sense.. Your humour, Santa Clause, Easter Bunny..
  12. They get less professional the higher up the RCMP ladder..
  13. Don't drink it in the morning! Sheesh!
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