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  1. MMMM. I am enjoying some, right now!
  2. Okay, now go read the Mayors declaration of emergency curfew on page 2. K falls is not included but this is Minneapolis. Clearly, the curfew states no travel by any means, even foot. The definitions show "Public space" as any space the is privately owned or publicly owned, the the public can access. ie: your front porch. (if you lived in Minneapolis. Some definitions and some laws change with the declaration of an emergency. It does in aviation as well. People should always read these declarations so they know to stay within the laws. I posted a police/ customer event that too
  3. Well it is actually. I don't write them. I only stated what I found. Read on. I also found the Mayors decree which has some info in it. The information is free access nowadays. It just takes a little time to find it.
  4. So, this is the Mayor of Minneapolis issuance of the State of Emergency Curfew declaration. http://minneapolismn.gov/www/groups/public/@mpd/documents/webcontent/wcmsp-224728.pdf?__cf_chl_captcha_tk__=f02d7ee9d19fab725460139d6a1602289276eb65-1590973245-0-Absa4e3isB0IHJPmdleIapXsrBrl4pVCHw3z6fZ1KSYytp4lVkic0RvDpese3fSXr7qX520NPCvOllODTVuI1t3B6ZDc_7zbGFeK_68kIfiPenDBlkGbDr2t9iD5a0dA5Jp8LVfGuJXHAXmiHhBjAT-6a8Yw86ILHIUihLzoKlzxn71N1COiJrPEPUktb5bG1V4IXVnGNhinkYlpA9ZP6fOz9WIN4Ksitj8oxjdRQ-O9x3isa0XiWG0ubQ1a-Td4s-YOrX1Z73CTj2OR_RThD-LlK-NJbdwrhrUAvuhEVBdLgqI0RoBrTFtM3onuFZKfGdlEfiuNPbysMFQCyQtLX
  5. They still have to consider what weapons might be on the porch.
  6. I don't write the laws in your country, I only stated what I found.
  7. I don't know what type of that property that was but if the stoop and attached walkway connect to the public walkway, the law considers it "public space". If the unit was a condominium style, the private property starts at the inside painted walls. So again, the porch is considered public property. Interesting findings when you start reading the laws. There are several types of curfew in the US, all of which give the police different rights and remove yours. Civil disobedience curfews are the most strict.
  8. It was the US CDC that brought it to the attention of the Chinese. So, the US did do better.
  9. There several documents that were submitted and published for internal use. They were published by the Public Health Agency of Canada in a Health Portfolio Situation Report. It spells out the time line of what China was stating and what they were saying counters the documented cases of the disease. It wasn't until the US CDC told China, "We see evidence of human to human transfer" that China admitted they had "supplied incorrect data". I call that a lie and I am not alone in doing so. So from that point in early January, right through to early May, Tam was stating there was no need
  10. Post 3. and almost every post thereafter. Avoiding confrontation with the law has served me well.
  11. Not obeying a curfew is breaking the law.
  12. You should represent them in court. I am convinced.
  13. It was a good movement, until it was wasn't . It was weaponized and that is wrong. It became a tool of radical feminism.
  14. I liked the good old days where back talking a cop might get you a fat lip or a baton in the gut. This type of policing isn't new.
  15. Cops say "get in the house". I get in the house. That is a simple lesson for all.
  16. So do I but if a curfew states you must remain indoors, the porch doesn't meet the expectation of officers. I don't know where or what the laws are there though. Clearly, enforcement wasn't happy with the porch.
  17. Nope. I said "Curfew enforcement." That is all and that is the way it is being carried out.
  18. Didn't say that, nor imply it.
  19. She was shot in the crotch. She should go "me too" on this.
  20. Whoever that was, police or military, has a different thought on it. Maybe the Mayor doesn't understand what a curfew mandate entails. Wouldn't be the first time a politician was wrong. Very strong enforcement anyways.
  21. I don't think tear gas canisters are considered a "shooting". I may be wrong.
  22. She is allowed an opinion but when it is January and you have a letter from Beijing in front of you that says, "we lied. Is is a person to person airborne virus but you keep telling the public not to wear masks until May, that is negligence. It is her job to keep Canadians safe.
  23. I don't know. Not familiar with the lockdown laws wherever that took place. That was definitely curfew enforcement though. Here is what the dictionary says. cur·few /ˈkərˌfyo͞o/ Learn to pronounce noun a regulation requiring people to remain indoors between specified hours, typically at night. "a dusk-to-dawn curfew"
  24. I suppose it is. That is what happened, right? They yelled to get inside. Black clad people didn't move, gas was fired. Like I say, do as law enforcement says.
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