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  1. I would really love to see what led to these final moments though. I am not disagreeing with you. I just want to know how it got to the point a life was taken. You are right, someone should have said something.
  2. I did some reading of various papers last night and watched a few YT videos. The interviewees I saw kept saying the want justice but they all want to skip the justice part and go straight to prison or death for all involved. So, they don't want justice, they want retribution. Every stat I have ever seen on the matter shows more white lives lost to the police, than blacks on an annualized basis. Clearly, white lives don't matter as much. I had a discussion about WW2 with a German friend of mine and I will always remember a line he used. It applies to this situation. "How long must the sons pay for the sins of their fathers?" There have been and there are some great leaders in the black community but they end up being shunned. You have to want to pull yourself out of the gutter.
  3. She did just security fence the DH compound as well.
  4. Yeah but with those hotties, tomorrows crowd might be huge!
  5. I planted trumpet vine on my new jail fence. I have cracked the code.
  6. Civil unrest is not good. This is no longer about the death of one man. Maybe, never was. I think the pandemic panic and psychological effects of the lockdown are further reaching than anyone thought. Combined with the current polarization of the American public and an election year, the perfect storm has arrived. Sad days, for sure. I am rethinking the drive and may just fly home out of Boston. The last thing I want is to become involved in mob violence and rioting.
  7. The story of the Canadair Challenger aircraft. This was in development before I started flying and it is still a current production aircraft. The engines have changed, the entry door has, the fuel system has, as have avionics but everything else is the same. Canadair was sold to Bombardier many years ago as well. The interesting part for me were working conditions, engineering, plywood mock up for fitting parts, sales techniques etc. Interesting throwback to "the good old days".
  8. Yeah, cast iron is pretty wonderful to cook on.
  9. After 6 months of listening to him practice for hours before a show and every concert, I had no doubt. He was obsessed with perfecting his craft.
  10. I always thought Allen Ludden seemed genuinely nice. He and Betty White were probably a funny couple.
  11. Aren't you glad I force you to learn things?
  12. OK, now I hate you. Your husband isn't THAT special.
  13. What a lovely wife you are.
  14. Umm.. no photos?
  15. She was probably a Doukhobor axe murderer.
  16. That is where Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah shot Roxanne. Yours truly flew them all over there.
  17. I have to agree. The only thing good that ever came out of OK was redfacedwalrus. I did meet and talk to Charleton Heston there though. That was pretty cool.
  18. Yep. Probably the population distribution. Seattle area and Spokane and Vancouver Wa. hold most of the population of the state. BC has greater distribution when you consider Victoria, Naniamo, Vancouver, Prince George, Ft St John, the Okanagan valley Osoyoos to Kamloops.
  19. Where I stated the Liberals haven't started testing, I meant at airports. They did start, 10 days ago so that is good and it is Federal jurisdiction. I had already made reference to the provinces. Sorry for the confusion.
  20. Set a date to start negotiating in your calendar. I have never paid posted price for any cable services. Call them, let them know you are displeased and looking at options and they will fall in line. Like a former boss of mine always said, "only goyem pay full retail."
  21. I never mentioned Trump nor am I a supporter. Trump acted on flights from China. That was the correct decision. Canada never did. That was a bad decision. Trump was slow enforcing social distancing. That was a bad decision. Trudeau acted sooner once it became apparent this was serious. Trump went all-in getting PPE's and ventilators. Good decision. Trudeau gave away our PPE's and was then refused them by the US and China sent us crap that has now been incinerated. Bad decision. On a per capita basis, we slowly gain on the US in both cases and deaths. It is predicted that once under control, we will match the US per capita. Trump was slow in testing. Parts of Canada were slow in testing. Ontario still isn't up to speed. The Liberals in Canada have not commenced testing. Well, they started 10 days ago. Bad decision. Don't let your Trump hate fuzzy the facts. We are not light years ahead of the US and we are catching up. So, Justin supporting Tam and refusing to act on the CCP, yes, he is far worse.
  22. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/toronto-s-trinity-bellwoods-park-gets-physical-distancing-circles-1.4958236
  23. Tam is a director for infectious disease for the WHO. We don't need a scapegoat. We need to hold responsible people accountable for their actions. She was one of 8 at the WHO that withheld information and was lying to the Canadian people on the use of PPE. . I also hold the entire CCP and Justin Trudeau responsible as well. He willfully left Canada exposed knowing the threat it was. The mining industry in Northern Ontario has also been plagued. Not fun.
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