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  1. Oh, I forgot as well.... Jane.
  2. It is a global problem, requiring global solutions. One survivor country won't happen.
  3. We call them First Nations here.
  4. Stuffed peppers, grilled chicken, julienned zucchini, cabbage, carrot sautéed.
  5. My wife gave up driving for health reasons. I keep on top of it for my extended trips.
  6. 48 cabbage rolls 5 bags of GF perogies corn peas 10-1lb packs of ground turkey 4- 1 lb packs of ground beef/veal/pork 12 ribeye steaks 15 sides of Pacific Salmon 5 packages of Halibut 2 cooked meat loaf. about 30 large meatballs a whole turkey 1 standing rib roast 1 spiral ham 6 individual packs of lasagna 5- 3 lb bags of rice ice cream sandwiches.
  7. Actually, we are not. There are only 3 countries in the world, Canada could not defend itself against. The US, China and Russia. If either Russia or China were to invade, the US would defend the territory for their own gain (resources and distance). Canada would have no say in that. You do know your first line of defence from Russia is Canada, right? This is why we share this thing called NORAD. Like I say, the only nation we have to worry about is the US. When you get a renegade nationalist POTUS, it makes for nervous times. So, we don't depend on the US at all. You can't afford to lose Canada.
  8. When I was flying Air Ambulance 30 years ago, it was 8 times per day in Vancouver alone.
  9. I don't care to die cycling either.
  10. No, not at all. The problem with the US is that it has been a military leader too long. Just like any power, it corrupts the thoughts and actions. Canada is 1/10 the size of the US. We don't have a large military because the US is our only potential enemy. That potential is starting to prove out. Nowhere, have I stated or hinted that military action would be in order. That is the typical American fallback position. Any war, if any, will be in the form of trade and resources. You need us onside every bit as much as we need you. It is that simple. When the supply chain breaks, everyone loses. The orange one will catch on. BTW Indy, Trump has declared himself a wartime president. So, blame him when people respond with the word "war". Depriving another nation of agreed upon resources through supply chain choking, it is considered an act of war.
  11. WRONG. Any corporation operating in Canada is subject to Canadian law first. Not the entire company, just the Canadian based operations. The taxes are looked after in the Canada/US tax treaty.
  12. They don't have US citizenship or green cards. Revenue Canada could make it a really bad idea for them to continue work in the US. I see Trumps actions as an act of war. His action will have repercussions. In war, you can do anything you like to prohibit the cross border workers.
  13. Come on up! I will tell you where to cross and what to say.
  14. We are having to bring 700 people in Ontario out of retirement as staff become ill. There is no shortage of work here for them.
  15. 3M is a multi national country. They don't manufacture masks in Canada but they do a lot of other medical equipment that is not produced in the US. Until now, the two nations have been codependant and rely on one another to optimize supply chain. DJT changed the rules. He doesn't get this. The raw materials they use for those masks comes from Canada. See a problem here?
  16. Start by recalling the 3000 nurses that drive from Windsor to Detroit for their shifts every day. That way, our retired medical folks can stay that way. All the ventilators in the world won't do a damn thing for your without qualified staff to run them. I think this is a real dick move by DT. Lets see what happens.
  17. Probably Bike Forums. Go visit him there.
  18. You can always trust your enemy to be your enemy but you can't trust your allies to be your allies.
  19. I am a fan of nationalism to a point. Depriving nations of life saving equipment is no different than any other kind of genocide. That was ill conceived and will bite the US if it is let stand.
  20. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/hamilton/covid-joseph-brant-blt-construction-pandemic-unit-1.5518090 Apparently the whole new wing of the hospital isn't enough space. They have built a 93 bed tent for CV-19 patient overflow. I do not want to die in a parking lot.
  21. I am familiar with the basics of them all but don't know them all.
  22. How do you know you don't already or have already had it?
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