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  1. Were you clothed at the start and finish of said texts?
  2. Just over a year ago, I did the Madonna del Ghisallo climb out of Bellagio as well. That was a highlight.
  3. Did that. Very enjoyable climb.
  4. No, in floor heat keeps the place toasty and feet warm.
  5. Big hugs and thanks for the update, Aire. Nothing keeps a good airman down!
  6. Nope. Sharpened some knives, made a passport wallet for my future SIL, cooking dinner and bread.
  7. Anniversary day. Wining and dining Martha. Cheese would be jealous.
  8. No injuries is the best part!
  9. I caught that a few days ago. He can actually be a funny guy. His joke delivery reminds me of Bob Hope.
  10. During an airline day from hell I had checked into a flight that then cancelled. My boss chartered an aircraft to get us from Philly to Toronto. I went to the baggage desk and told her why I needed my bag back and she just said "Daint-no-way". I lost it. "Get me a supervisor, preferably one that has command of the English language!" He showed up with my bag in less than a minute. Der is a way.
  11. I bet you proctologist appreciated the appropriately placed "ASS H LE" tattoo though.
  12. Yes, you have to train and check to the highest demonstrated crosswind for the type. Normally, that is about 25 knots. A demonstrated crosswind is not a limit so we routinely fly in conditions that exceed that. That is when it becomes feel. The highest wind I have landed in was 98 knots at Sandspit but it was right on the nose. The highest crosswind was 57 knots at Resolute Bay on a permafrost runway. So, as late said, you are maneuvering in a moving mass and transitioning to a fixed mass. The crab is required to maintain position over the ground. Sometimes we straighten the aircraft with rudder to save tire wear, sometimes you are better off just planting it with the crab. How bad do you want to get on the ground?
  13. Buy this guy a drink, he needed one..
  14. That is a quantifiable reason to walk out. No exercise for you.
  15. Cool! Happy anniversary to you both!
  16. I view it as a sure sign of mental instability. But, that is just my opinion.
  17. For some reason, I have developed a distaste for cooked peppers. I do love rice noodles. especially fresh, and scallions though.
  18. I wonder if Greta will be there?
  19. Wait, hell is cold? Hmm, maybe it won't be so bad.
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