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  1. Where I stated the Liberals haven't started testing, I meant at airports. They did start, 10 days ago so that is good and it is Federal jurisdiction. I had already made reference to the provinces. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Set a date to start negotiating in your calendar. I have never paid posted price for any cable services. Call them, let them know you are displeased and looking at options and they will fall in line. Like a former boss of mine always said, "only goyem pay full retail."
  3. I never mentioned Trump nor am I a supporter. Trump acted on flights from China. That was the correct decision. Canada never did. That was a bad decision. Trump was slow enforcing social distancing. That was a bad decision. Trudeau acted sooner once it became apparent this was serious. Trump went all-in getting PPE's and ventilators. Good decision. Trudeau gave away our PPE's and was then refused them by the US and China sent us crap that has now been incinerated. Bad decision. On a per capita basis, we slowly gain on the US in both cases and deaths. It is predicted that once unde
  4. https://toronto.ctvnews.ca/toronto-s-trinity-bellwoods-park-gets-physical-distancing-circles-1.4958236
  5. Tam is a director for infectious disease for the WHO. We don't need a scapegoat. We need to hold responsible people accountable for their actions. She was one of 8 at the WHO that withheld information and was lying to the Canadian people on the use of PPE. . I also hold the entire CCP and Justin Trudeau responsible as well. He willfully left Canada exposed knowing the threat it was. The mining industry in Northern Ontario has also been plagued. Not fun.
  6. I have All-Clad too. The rivets don't bother me. The fact that they are nothing special but charge a premium price does though. You can get every bit as good a quality scrounging around shelves at Marshall's. That is what I do. I have picked up some pretty awesome Euro cookware at bargain basement prices there too.
  7. What kind of cookie did I win?
  8. Blue jeans have rivets which speaks well for their stress durability.
  9. Tam was and is a lying whore to the demands China placed on the WHO. That, is documented. This is why there are multiple petitions demanding her termination from the position in Canada. She can carry on representing the WHO which took a big hit today because of the China relation. The WHO mislead all nations by quieting the severity of Covid. Tam received a letter from the CCP mid January confirming the virus was transferring person to person and that it was airborne, not just contact. This is why in January, Justin sent our national emergency supply of PPE to China, leaving a sever
  10. See, that's your thought and a misinterpretation and misrepresentation of what I said. This is China's virus. It is the origin and still a source. This is why TC tracks it and gives daily bulletins to aircrew. It has nothing to do with the face as a number of facial types are represented on flights from Asia. Even white and orange ones. So, please don't paint me a racist for the facts surrounding this virus.
  11. Meh. I think you have been employed too long. You were more fun and less paranoid when you didn't have a pot to piss in.
  12. No, it means "holy shit, are you fucking serious right now?" Next thing stated will be the brilliance of Theresa Tam.
  13. Jesus fuck! Do you know the industry I work in? The passengers are tracked and questioned as to who they have been in contact with if they later develop symptoms. Transport Canada never sees a passenger and they are never at airports. The people asking questions are airline employees, (I have to by law now), CATSA and Customs. You have probably never met a Transport Canada person in your life. They govern the security/ safety aspect of the industry though. Vancouver has not received flights. It was reduced to YYZ and YUL only. That is how Justin looks into the camera and says we have
  14. Yes. more like portholes.
  15. Transport Canada is not in the business of making assumptions. Travellers from MLC are tracked and cases are recorded accordingly. Sorry, you version is not supported by recorded fact. Transport Canada's is. I get notices daily as flight crew as we need to know what to expect and from where. Toronto and Montreal have been receiving flights, Toronto and Montreal have the highest recorded new cases, a high percentage related to travelling public. What you agree with is irrelevant right now. Statistics are showing you as incorrect.
  16. They are just meat bombs anyways. They have yet to touch the controls. I think you resign yourself to that when you join the program.
  17. No turbulence, no radio chatter, no wind noise. It would be easy to sleep. Especially if they flood the capsule with Ambien.
  18. We have been landing 5 flights per day from MLC. The two regions who have done that all through the lockdown have the highest new cases. Straight from Transport Canada.
  19. You have 10 times the population.
  20. Ewe all might not know this but I really do love each and everyone of Ewe, even Wilbur --even though he's Canadian bacon you know. With all the ass looting, virus and all around shitty atmosphere I'm not just worried about the future of my family and I'm worried about everyone's future. The switch finally flipped a few days ago and I feel good in a kilt. I may sound like war but it is just snorts. I don't know how to fix this. I don't know what is going to happen. I practise safe sex and mark the ones that kick. Butt has been my thing much longer before the lock downs, the sensel
  21. One section of our neighbourhood is replacing roofs this year so yes, the typical roofer look. Jeans, boots, no shirt.
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