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  1. Wilbur

    I am sweaty

    Our bedroom was 92 degrees yesterday. Top floor, west facing, big windows. RH was 73%.
  2. Wilbur

    I have AC.

    I almost bought an 1800's house here. It was a grist mill and the turbine in the foundation had been closed to the river and made into a funky bundt pan shaped indoor pool. I just didn't like the fact that most of the 5 acres floods every year. The 2 foot thick stone walls were very appealing.
  3. Wilbur

    I have AC.

    He will however, give me a $4000 credit if I upgrade the HVAC system within one year. I will have to crunch the numbers on that offer.
  4. Wilbur

    Space X lunch

    I think you left the meter in empathy mode.
  5. Wilbur

    I have AC.

    ..and cooler weather.. ..and a $2800 repair bill.
  6. I know absolutely nothing about the US unemployment benefits so I can't offer advice. I will wish you the best though and hope for better times, soon.
  7. I have not seen any video on this but I have a simple suggestion for everyone. 1. Don't be an instigator with cops and don't escalate the situation. 2. Do exactly as a cop tells you to do. 3. Don't resist in any way, verbally or physically. 4. Don't lip off to the cops. 5. Save the fight for the judge because you will lose every time in the streets.
  8. Wilbur

    Foodie question

    Yeah, pretty much, this. I use a dehydrator every fall to make a batch of onions for just such occasions.
  9. I don't like wearing headbands but they do work. I had one of their dew rags that worked well and was comfortable under a helmet.
  10. I have a few Halo headbands I wear on occasion. It has to be really hot though.
  11. No Hank Williams in the top 10? No.
  12. Same. People rave about the stuff and I fail to see the attraction. It is better than a McChicken sandwich for what that is worth.
  13. You sir, are a bad influence.
  14. Maybe I will trade you for the forum.
  15. Wilbur

    Hong Kong

    This is why I said they need to be recognized as an independent nation by others, including ours.
  16. Wilbur

    Hong Kong

    That is a good thing! It is time the entire world recognized Taiwan as a free and independent state.
  17. Damn weather! Launch abort started.
  18. I have honestly, never had a sloppy Joe.
  19. I only have equities in one gold mine and it is way up.
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