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  1. ..and it doesn't improve after reassignment.
  2. But you are a white male.
  3. Wilbur


    Why did you post a 25 year old photo? Happy Birthday Wo46.
  4. I have people who inspire me to cook and I took the day off as well!
  5. I didn't see a question addressing the responsibilities of the privileged class of the 50's.
  6. I am guessing it was Louis Armstrong.
  7. It is an SJW hot button quiz, nothing more. It ends up defining poutrage by the SJW standards and what they claim is privilege. There are a lot of underprivileged whose issues were not addressed in the quiz. Probably because they don't fit the current pigeon holed topics. It was pretty easy to determine where it was headed by question 1. Not a fan of the quiz or the ideology it represents. Still, I had a low score so, for a white, straight, male, boomer who is easily a top 5% wage earner, I question the examination of privilege standards.
  8. Mine are all work related.. When I flew in the armed forces I would brief a passenger, " If we need to get out, I will call Eject, eject, eject. If you say 'what?', you are going to be talking to yourself." Or my current one in corporate flying, "If we need to evacuate on the ground and you want to be second off the plane, just grab ahold of my belt".
  9. I make my own. 12 ounce English bridle leather, saddle stitched solid brass buckles.
  10. Is this your way of telling us you have huge stones?
  11. His kids are grown and doctoring. They speak some Mandarin because of grandparents but otherwise have little interest in their historic culture. Once you are far enough removed, it really doesn't matter. I read and speak 4 languages and none are my family lineage (Scottish Gaelic).
  12. He feels they have immigrated and need to learn the languages of Canada. He won't have their language forced on him in an English/French country. I guess that is his protest.
  13. A Chinese Canadian friend of mine has similar issues in his Richmond neighbourhood. The Mainland Chinese immigrants are always yelling at him and calling him names because he doesn't speak Mandarin and has a white wife. He does speak Mandarin, he just refuses to.
  14. Only for passengers. "Sit the fuck down. Shut the fuck up. "
  15. AS a white dude, I have been discriminated and harassed by Chinese in China, Arabs in several countries, Blacks in Congo and Indians in Bangalore. We westerners only think of privilege as a white thing because we are the largest group. Go somewhere else and you will find it quite the opposite.
  16. I have never been kicked out of a bar that was open. Plenty that were closed. I have been kicked in to a bar. We were on the patio and my FO got a little obnoxious so they asked us to leave the patio and go inside. In all fairness, he had just found out he had ALS and was drowning his sorrows.
  17. More like boulder than stone. Yes I do for my EU pilot license.
  18. I am a white, heterosexual, Chrisian male. All privileges have been removed. BTW, I scored 36.
  19. Wilbur

    Private jet

    ... and they are off!
  20. Wilbur

    Private jet

    Yes, same parent company. They build components for the European Space Agency, Airbus, Military aircraft like the Mirage, Dassault systems and Dassault Falcon Aircraft. Very high quality stuff. They were the first corporate aircraft manufacturer to incorporate fly-by-wire. Taken straight from the Mirage fighter line.
  21. Wilbur

    Grub hub

    My daughters both use Uber Eats. My brother has opened a cyber restaurant in Vancouver specifically for Uber Eats. It is not dine in and does not have a store front. Just a commercial kitchen that produces the food from 8 restaurants for Uber Eats delivery.
  22. Wilbur

    Private jet

    Not me. Too small but a nice airplane. Dassault builds a beautiful aircraft. Here, we can all watch her progress. https://flightaware.com/live/flight/N222JE
  23. Me too! Probably by sailboat though. jdc2000 is correct, the north gets warm.
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