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  1. Wilbur

    People suck

    People do suck. I am sure the earth is an inch deeper in just cigarette filters.
  2. Wilbur

    Hong Kong

    Here is Justins big chance to fill Canada with valuable refugees and industry. This is the cause of fear that drove the Vancouver housing boom of 2000.
  3. That looks good but I hope you made MrSue a sandwich!
  4. I am not that much slower on the Cross bike.
  5. I had hot German potato salad for lunch. That was so good but so bad.
  6. Yeah and most of the airlines are really scaling back routes, aircraft and crews. I am thinking travel may be depressed a very long time. Some routes will not reopen. I noticed Aspen, Telluride and Palm Springs had permanent route cancellations by some airlines.
  7. and, does it have a hitch for his shopping cart?
  8. I don't think you are supposed to contemplate the plausibility of Startrek.
  9. Yeah but is he still getting projections in?
  10. Was Evil Kenevil ever injured? First time: Multiple broken fingers, femur, hip, 1 vertebrae, cheek bone. Second time: imbedded glass and hundreds of blackberry thorns. Third time; Internal hemorrhaging including an Aortic tear, road rash but lots of it. Close call.. Fourth time: Torn Achilles Tendon and some vein damage.
  11. Well.. the cross bike can be used for road rides with slicks thrown on it. I don't see myself becoming a huge road cyclist again. It is just too dangerous and I have been hit by cars 4 times. I bought the Lynskey to help a friend out and didn't really need it. It is a little too small as well. (54). I ride two bikes. A specialized Epic and a Tricross. The others are taken down a few tires a year for cleaning and hung back up. One MTB is a 29er and I never liked it. The trails I ride are more technical and it just doesn't work. I am thinking about thinning out woodworking tools as well. I think more than anything, I am feeling a need to lighten the load of "stuff".
  12. And this is just the beginning. https://www.businessinsider.com/boeing-layoffs-coronavirus-pandemic-details-and-background-2020-5?utm_source=notification&utm_medium=referral
  13. I find their hats to be hugely impractical. I am also shocked that Mr. Dressup missed an opportunity.
  14. I haven't hit PF in a long time. Their food is gross anyways.
  15. Yeah, but you are talking to a guy who drinks less than a case all year long.
  16. I think I may sell my road bikes. Maybe a few MTB's as well. That would get me down to a cross bike and an mtb. Get rid of some guitars too. How many do you need after all?
  17. Hey, how do you think I feel? They are talking about handsome men. What about me?
  18. Welcome to Canada. It goes towards our "free" medical system.
  19. http://wilburmexicana.com
  20. I like Sammies progress as a singer. This was 10 years after her Strawberry Wine lead vocal. Somehow, they got Ralph on guitar, Kzoo on bass and Bikeman on drums.
  21. Well, it is the opposite to imate.
  22. Well, here you go then. I stole it from Cheeses secret stash.
  23. I have seen it before. Was she even 16 when they recorded that?
  24. I asked Alexa to play music from the 1940's the other day. It was very enjoyable.
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