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  1. But really, it may be the case..
  2. Wilbur

    I have concluded

    It's like this..
  3. Jsharr practiced on y'all before perfecting his technique for mine.
  4. Now, stop thinking like a hornet and put yer stinger away!
  5. This is why man should live in cold climates.
  6. And no, I am not making you a belt to match your boots!
  7. Somewhere between normal wasps and Murder Wasps. Jeebus they are huge this year.
  8. Wilbur

    Damn you Ralph!

    31 c indoors right now. Humidex will hit near 40 today.
  9. Wilbur

    Damn you Ralph!

    Not here. It is mandatory stuff unless you really like humidity.
  10. Wilbur

    Damn you Ralph!

    New AC shows up Thursday.
  11. Wilbur

    Gran Pup

    Buy the poor girl some Lululemon's.
  12. I have been all over Montana and I don't remember ever seeing that much green. Very pretty and great shots of the Agcat!
  13. They are what you call them. There is no rhyme nor reason.
  14. I suspect socio-economic reasons. Mexican Indians are very heavy as well.
  15. For me, they pack and travel well, especially in Europe where irons are not always available. But, Italy in summer out for dinner when long pants are required, they are horrible.
  16. Maybe that is why the salt lamp beside my bed is disappearing? Not you...me!
  17. Same. If you are going to eat salt, at least use the most nutrient rich salts. It tastes much better as well.
  18. Not good if you are predisposed to kidney disease.
  19. If I wear jeans, that is what I wear as well. The lycra does make them hot in warm, humid weather though.
  20. I wear Eddies as well but find them a little bulky.
  21. You would be surprised. Most is word of mouth and moderate income folks. I don't advertise or do Etsy. People don't mind paying for high quality handmade items, especially if they can be customized or personalized.
  22. I have honestly, never really thought about being judged by my work life. I did 3 years in Edmonton while the family was in Toronto and got home for 4-5 days per month. I also have more than 8 years worth of hotel stays and some extended tours that lasted 6 months. It isn't easy. You just have to make sure you are available to the family while not with them. Communication is key. What did friends or neighbours think? Je me give a shit pas!
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