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Community Answers

  1. I think they think it reflects on them. I worked for one employer that thought our Armani uniforms looked shabby. His wife had Yves St. Laurent personally design and supply uniforms for us.
  2. No, but you don't know that until you get them in a simulator. I guess if you can't be bothered to dress the part, you don't get the part as you aren't considered a serious applicant.
  3. They checked your IQ and lost interest.
  4. I get a physical every six months with ECG for aviation. I have one physical per year with my GP. Complete blood work up annually.
  5. Canada has pretty strict laws on the use of sherpa hides.
  6. If only we had a wheel builder to ask. @Rattlecan
  7. Not really. Most corporate pilots don't wear uniforms. They do have dress standards though.
  8. Look for someone who was in the market when you last were. Then get client references.
  9. Depends on the job. In my world, no suit and tie = no job.
  10. They could also have gotten the world champion colours in the right order but whatever!
  11. Over my back yard this morning.
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