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    It looks better on a steel frame, especially if your are having a custom steel frame made. The Swallow pictured is a titanium frame and a smaller saddle so weight isn't an issue.
  2. I need two helpers to put my pants on.
  3. Wilbur


    I would say you want a contractor that can maintain a meeting schedule but isn't able to start a project right away due to being busy.
  4. Wilbur


    It is a limited edition but I paid 400 for mine. That seems really extreme.
  5. Wilbur


    I was thinking about throwing mine on Ebay. I think I will follow this one. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/165142778222?hash=item267346d16e:g:fGkAAOSwoeJhcpvI
  6. With or without a side of gout?
  7. Or that Wilbur really is your nemesis!
  8. Maybe when she said "they" she was being PC?
  9. Yes, tacchino is very Italian.
  10. Lasagna is for people who can't cook Italian. Pot scrapings with noodles and cheese.
  11. We have turkey quite often and even use it in lasagna but I would take a turkey dinner over lasagna any day.
  12. I minimize but don't avoid. I enjoy a nice scotch at the end of the day so I won't be giving that up.
  13. No, I just wash and sanitize my hands a lot.
  14. Wilbur


    De-politicize the response to it, including the reaction to the effect on the population. Avoid pointing the fingers of blame and make a global attempt to develop treatment then vaccines. Then accept the facts of the severity and prepare the public to expect the worst while making global efforts to stem the effect while treatments gradually improve outcomes. Locking down helped the medical systems cope but it seems more than anything as though it created significant psychological issues bordering on mass paranoia. Not to mention the longer term effects on the nations finances. The political objectives have been stated by many government and business heads so we will see how that plays out.
  15. Wilbur


    Yeah, it was just a comment on the wrong approaches taken so far.
  16. Wilbur

    Get Back

    I am surprised they got so much done having Yoko staring everyone down.
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