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    A home built all rounder, Dahon folder and a Langster.

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  1. ahsposo


    ^^^ He said *crotch + trump* ...
  2. This thread needs to be a sticky.
  3. Only this thread? Sometimes this BB seems like a locker room at a school for sissies. "Oooh! The new people scare me!" "He's touching me! He's touching me!" "I have found myself oddly attracted to Page the last few days. " etc. etc.
  4. Redecorate the house. Surprise the little lady when she returns. You know, maybe put some moose heads on the living room wall and an automobile transmission on the kitchen table.
  5. DH has killer legs!? That's not a bad way to go. I think...
  6. I have two I will generously donate to his obvious need. One thoughtfully pisses on the floor and the other, rather artistically, pukes routinely on the finer carpets.
  7. I like the aero tuck it takes at about step 7...
  8. Bad news, Maxx but there is hope. One of our family friends presented in the ER one night with what was diagnosed as stage 4 colon cancer. That was around 7 years ago. Today she is a force of nature again. Created and drives a foundation to raise money and awareness to get low income folks screened and treated for colon cancer.
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