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  1. onbike1939

    E-bike laws

    Yep.......like mine which was a Moulton I had converted and used a small Bosch battery with a range of around 26 miles.
  2. onbike1939

    The ebb and flow of body weight.

    Not at all....not at all. Children seem to sense that I'm an absolute delight as a person and tend to smile and go all shy while I just chuckle and look really lovable. In times past and after I retired, I taught at a Primary school I would invite all the young mothers to sit on my knee and tell me their Christmas wishes........good times.
  3. onbike1939

    E-bike laws

    Stop being reasonable and quoting the difference between e-assist and other categories.....it's irritating to those who want to ignore the difference and condemn the lot. E-assist bikes usually cut-out below or at 20mph and one has to pedal if one wants to go faster. Those e-bikes outwith this category and those that need no pedalling, in my opinion, should be banned from non-motorized cycle paths.
  4. onbike1939

    The ebb and flow of body weight.

    I just want to reassure you slimmers that I continue to enjoy my nightly G&T and my weekly carry-out from my excellent Chinese establishment. At my advanced age, it's my policy to eat or drink anything that might give me pleasure and to hell with the consequences.....I mean what's the worst thing that could happen? When all other pleasures of the flesh are denied you.....then this is what you're left with... which sucks really but that's life. As far as exercise is concerned, I concentrate all my energy in sitting very still and growing my beard which is now snowy white and abundant making me look like an irascible Santa Claus. The overall result when I'm out and tottering around with my stick....means that heavily pregnant woman get up and offer me their seat.
  5. onbike1939

    The ebb and flow of body weight.

    Great job! There have to be many who like the idea of seeing less of you......not me of course....dear me no. Have you completely lost that cuddly look which the ladies found so devastating?
  6. onbike1939

    Slightly unaware of his role and impact

    I do enjoy it when you talk of your husband in such a caring way. When a friend of mine was getting married for the fourth time (such courage and he in his seventies) I wrote this in celebration of the event. A Modest Wish I do not wish you unbroken unhappiness for that would offend the Gods yet good will still demands a voice so let it ask for this..... may you find completeness in your sharing so that in giving up some part of you each to the other and gladly given both become much more than before In this endeavour there is much quiet courage... hearts exchanged in trust so absolute may bruise easily yet it is done...proof that still the human spirit rises indomitable....undefeated....and demanding of respect.
  7. onbike1939

    Free public transport for all

    Well, of course, health care in France is not free, most of it is paid by Government financed insurance companies (70%) paid by taxes, and 30% by the patient. Those who cannot afford to pay even this portion, or have long-term conditions pay nothing. There is a word for health schemes such as this which provide citizens with this security.....and the word is "civilised". You are right about the deteriorating position of the middle classes in the USA however. In the fifties, it was possible for the wives to stay at home while the husband worked. Not only that but they could afford to own a house and a car and send their kids to college....all on one wage. Compare that to today when some people are required to have two jobs merely to survive.
  8. onbike1939

    Free public transport for all

    I do.....and I also remember that they were imposed upon Scotland first because there was no Tory support in Scotland. The French are much more ready to take to the streets in protest and have a long history of anti-authoritarianism.......blame the French revolution.
  9. onbike1939

    Free public transport for all

    The riots in France are caused by the Government giving the rich massive tax-breaks while grinding down the ordinary citizens who are struggling. The French, unlike the British and the Yanks who will just moan and whinge, will take to the streets and make their voices heard.
  10. onbike1939


    Come on now.......show some charity here. The man is ancient....almost a dotard, and it's bad form to criticise him, however gently. Do as I do......and just humour him, always keeping in mind that you too may find yourself in his position......though in your case it will probably be drink or drugs that are responsible. responsible.
  11. onbike1939


    And no wonder. Dogs are the embodiment of all the qualities we hold dear....loyalty, unselfish love, non-judgmental affection, in fact... all the qualities which we humans have bred into dogs for over 100,000 years. When people query my attachment to dogs and why in some cases I prefer them to some humans.....the above is what I tell them.
  12. onbike1939

    can you avoid shingles

    I was under the impression that the life of a slate roof is around thirty years before needing attention. How does this compare to that of a metal roof? Here, houses with slate roofs cost more than those roofed with other materials.
  13. onbike1939

    Free public transport for all

    In Scotland people over sixty-five travel free on buses and even on train services in my region. I use "free" advisedly as of course this is paid for through public taxes. Many of the bus routes are maintained only because of their use by the over 65's so this is seen as a good thing. There was a time where I went everywhere I could by bike and I resorted to using my car when I couldn't manage this, but now I'm using the bus more often. If this sounds a bit smug it's because I am.
  14. onbike1939

    Do you eat much fast food?

    I really wish they would, as I love that kind of food. However, there is a small Thai "street food" place in St Andrews which is only a short distance away which is really good. As far as food is concerned I just love variety, and that does include haggis... Smartypants.
  15. onbike1939

    Do you eat much fast food?

    I have a Chinese takeaway perhaps one a week, but as I don't eat very much these days this sometimes makes two meals. Living alone I tend to tire of cooking for one, so it makes a nice change and it's very easy as the place is just a step or two away. I'm at the age where I've stopped thinking about what's good for me and now I eat what I feel like eating.....such thinking is just a bore and I can't for the life of me understand why all men don't wear trousers with elasticated waistbands.