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  1. onbike1939

    since we are talking e-bikes

    I wish it was that simple.....yes indeedy.
  2. onbike1939

    since we are talking e-bikes

    Not sure why you think that it should have this problem as it's never happened to me. Here is a link to the company that equipped my bike with e-assist. https://arccinnovations.com/arccbicyclerange.php Wonderful system, but it's just a pity it's so expensive. If you can find the video reviews, then I'm the white-bearded old geezer wearing the lycra.
  3. onbike1939

    since we are talking e-bikes

    I had my Moulton TSR27 converted to e-assist using a very sophisticated (and expensive) system and I have to say I was impressed. This used a Bafang motor in the front hub and worked very well indeed and I believe that the rear mounted version works just as well. Those e-bikes powered through the BB assembly I believe are preferred by off-road enthusiasts but suffer from accelerated wear on all the transmission components given that these are directly powered by a torquey electric motor.
  4. That's great.........do I owe you money for mowing my lawn or are we related in some way? I like to be clear about these things as people tend to take advantage.
  5. I.....I......er...who are you again?
  6. What can I say.....I'm old.... and a misspelling is insignificant compared to the fact that today I remembered to wear trousers. I ask you in all humility.......does the word "Sex" in any way compare to the grandeur of "Hochmagandy" as it rolls off the tongue?
  7. onbike1939

    The end of an Era

    I'm sorry for your loss...but I have to admit to feeling a stab of envy when I hear of someone's Mum being a loving person and having been loved in return. In a way, you have been very fortunate I feel.
  8. I experienced the same problem when I was responsible for finding work-places for youngsters about to leave my school. They were already disadvantaged by having been in residential care following offenses, yet failed to recognise the opportunity they were being given.
  9. I've heard about these Proms and let me tell you I'm dead against them. Apparently, they are traditionally the setting for teens indulging in untrammeled hochmandy so of course, I'm against anything of that nature....yes indeedy.
  10. onbike1939

    Found an advantage to "Open Office"

    Don't you dare doubt my sincerity Sugarpants.........I have to believe this could happen.
  11. onbike1939

    Found an advantage to "Open Office"

    I would be so proud if this happened to me and would notify all of my friends to expect the files. The whole idea of me being able to have an erection would raise my status immeasurably among my group.....dear me yes.
  12. onbike1939

    Whooping Cough

    One of my earliest memories is of watching my younger sister coughing and trying to get a breath over a bowl of boiling water. I listened to my parents agonising over what it would cost to call in the Doctor and whether they could afford it. This was before 1947 when our National Health Service came into being and I have blessed the NHS ever since.
  13. onbike1939

    So what happened turning 60

    I remember it well. Whereas at fifty-nine I knew nothing and was totally ignorant about world affairs, marital problems and the best way to cure athlete's foot.....on my 60th birthday I became all-wise and was immediately qualified to give everyone advice on all sorts of topics to younger people whether they wanted it or not.
  14. onbike1939

    Yesterday at the market

    When living in France I used to wonder what those people were doing carrying baskets while examining the ditches at the side of my road. This happened after every heavy shower and I found later that they were collecting snails to eat. Dangerous to eat them straight away as they had to be kept prisoner and fed lettuce for few days in order to clear their digestive systems of any toxic herbs they may have been eating. Can't say I enjoyed them much.......it was really the garlic and parsley stuffing that was tasty, did enjoy the Frogs' legs though on Fete days.
  15. onbike1939

    Short fuse

    I didn't see your remarks regarding Serena as racist at all and my describing her as "black" hardly warrants that description. I certainly was not seeking to be butt-hurt as you so elegantly put it. What I objected to was the repeated labelling of her as a whore and bitch, which I regard as indicative of an attitude on your part towards women that I find offensive. I make no apologies for being "unfun" or lacking in normality in some way, and your excuse that it's all a bit of good fun between the boys doesn't cut it with me. Perhaps you could find another way to be macho that doesn't involve denigrating women....try spitting and slapping your thigh a lot...might well work.