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  1. I would like to thank all here who have wished me a happy Birthday......now if I were an American chap I daresay I would have stood on a chair, promised all sorts of life-long love and affection and affirmed that you are all in my prayers. In the case of Page I would have promised to have his baby.......but the uncaring bastard has never wished me Happy Birthday. But then I'm not an American....dear me no......I'm a Scotsman, so I'll just say that's very nice of you all and a little voice is telling me that these congratulations were well deserved.
  2. For those who have reached this age......here is Edwin Morgan. At Eighty Push the boat out, compañeros, push the boat out, whatever the sea. Who says we cannot guide ourselves through the boiling reefs, black as they are, the enemy of us all makes sure of it! Mariners, keep good watch always for that last passage of blue water we have heard of and long to reach (no matter if we cannot, no matter!) in our eighty-year-old timbers leaky and patched as they are but sweet well seasoned with the scent of woods long perished, serviceable still in unarrested pungency of salt and blistering sunlight. Out, push it all out into the unknown! Unknown is best, it beckons best, like distant ships in mist, or bells clanging ruthless from stormy buoys.
  3. This is true....I am, but only because I have harvested the organs of healthy eighteen year-old's. I now find that the entirety of my interests centre around big dinners and bowel movements....and that's sad. Many thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday.
  4. You do know that I''m going to punch you in the face.....right?
  5. Looking at the chain-set I now see the bike as older......'50's perhaps. I think you stole this bike....I mean no-one in their right mind would actually buy the thing.
  6. I hate to have to say this....but I haven't missed you at all...not even a little bit. I just knew you'd be back and probably with some photos of some old and dilapidated bike.....and here you are. The Raleigh looks to be '60's going by the forks at least and the rear triangle is definitely not a thing of beauty. I would be prepared to bet that the Cinelli will turn out to be the prettier bike.......I still think it disgraceful that you....an ill-equipped rustic... have access to these vintage machines.
  7. onbike1939


    I'm sad about the whole sorry process which led to P&R being dropped, and am not unconscious of the fact that some opponents of its actual conception, actually participated in the forum...... yet celebrated its demise. These two facts may not be unconnected. A pity.....as I like to think well of people.
  8. I'm not sure about all of this fuss. These people have been endlessly helpful and patient with me and I've forgotten how many refunds these gentlemen have given me. Some are clearly new arrivals to my country given their language difficulties but to my mind that is no reason to think badly of them. They have been unfailingly kind when informing me of the viruses on my computer with not a hint of a suggestion that it may be prudent for me to avoid my favourite porn channels......which I thought was very sensitive of them. I do hope that the opinions expressed here are not from any sort of prejudice......I mean that would be very wrong....dear me yes.
  9. I never mentioned jokes.....I'm talking about long threads showing exclusively scantily dressed women and nothing else. I was so outraged that I made a point of closely monitoring these threads and taking notes. This meant I was hours and hours doing this when I should have been correcting other things on the internet.
  10. I think this is fair comment but can understand why he wouldn't want the hassle. That said I admit to being puzzled by the standards applied in this forum. This for the most part is a pleasant place, where people support each other and share their good and bad experiences......which I applaud. However, at the same time as people are swapping recipes and whatever, there have been threads running which are rampantly sexist. Threads which have objectified women to the point of merely boobs and bums and women have been referred to as "whores". I have not heard one objection from SW about this and not one objection from the women on the forum which I find very strange. When I did object I was told that this was merely joshing by the "good ole boys". This I admit to finding strange.
  11. This.^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  12. Well done the FBI as these criminals have caused a huge amount of heartbreak among the vulnerable and the old by their activity.
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