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  1. I write poetry in order to properly understand what I'm feeling...as well as hoping that I can communicate these feelings to others. I find growing old difficult. The visit This time when she came I asked her to give me a hug... a thing I've never done before... but I needed to hold her again as I did so long ago..... when I would scoop her up.. and breathe her in and know that in this moment nothing in the world could mean more than this wriggling bundle. But now I am old and certainty is a stranger to me days pass without me knowing their name... I doubt....everything and so I asked... though this was hard for me knowing she would mark this well and see the why of it.... this need to hold her close..to be certain of this one thing.
  2. Today, I spent most of my time on the internet posting really stinging reviews of those firms making penile enlargement devices. I just can't see them recovering from this as I didn't hold back at all. By the way Dottles....you may think that you're really smart making all these recommendations and sending me those booklets. Things that go around will come around.........I don't know what this means but suspect it's bad news for you Mr. Smartypants.
  3. I made meatloaf yesterday and it was delicious. Given that this is a crisis situation and that "Loose lips sink ships" I have to make sure this doesn't get around. I don't want armed mobs breaking in here......I'm an old person and vulnerable.
  4. I've no idea what's in my fridge but I know my medical stores are fine and that I have a good amount of Gin and Tonic. The Tonic contains quinine, and I need this to deal with my cramps.......not that it works...... but the Gin helps with the disappointment.
  5. Alas...no. I can no longer ride a bike and at the moment this one stands in the middle of my living room as I'm too idle to move it.
  6. I'm determined to keep up what little fitness I have left and yesterday did a whole twenty minutes on my exercise bike. It was really hard....but my computer registered 132 miles when I was finished. While this might seem a wee bit high....keep in mind that the thing is brand new so it's unlikely to be wrong.
  7. You really shouldn't make light of these things. Remembering to wear pants is a major issue for me these days.
  8. Something tells me that you aren't taking this seriously.
  9. Naw.....anything that means human contact is good. Think yourself lucky that you don't live in France.....I had a big hairy bloke run across four lanes of traffic just to kiss me on both cheeks.
  10. I beg you all that you shouldn't be too judgemental. As long as when they catch it they use prayer and not the medical services.... everything will be dinky boo.
  11. I'm not saying that this is a bad idea.....but I do worry about the pigeons.
  12. It's not that I want to do it.......it's just that I see it as a public duty.
  13. Today I jigged around the kitchen while listening to JJ Cale and making a meat loaf. I'm puzzled as to why the Government doesn't make this compulsory during this crisis. Now it's back to the Laptop.....I'd love a day off but there are too many people making mistakes on the internet.
  14. You just had to mention that Dottles....right? I mean...I already knew that sensitivity was not your thing....but really? Things happen when you get old....right? One day you are a silver tongued rascal with stunning good looks and an air of sophistication about you...... and the next you're sidling out the room wearing a guilty expression... and a nasty stain which is widening on the front of your trousers. Life is not at all fair.
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