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  1. Hope it stays at that stage. My grandmother is so far gone now with alzheimer's there isn't much that she gets excited about. Her life is not fun, not even remember most of the family that's around her every day taking care of her. Alzheimer's gets ugly.
  2. kingtermite


    Anyone here give it?
  3. kingtermite


    I used to use one. Hated the damn thing and seldom used it even though I was "supposed" to. I don't need it anymore, thankfully.
  4. That's @Indy. He's a closet kale smoothie fan.
  5. I don't hear a tune. There's just some silly words that I don't recognize.
  6. Let me interpret what Kzoo said.
  7. Does that come from Mr. "Snow" who you claimed gave you 6 inches a few weeks ago?
  8. So she was probably running AWAY.
  9. It's a BAIT and SWITCH. You think you are getting an amp, but end up with a pricey little mini fridge.
  10. Because I can't keep up with all these wankers who change their name more often than they change underwear.
  11. Better 'Dust Control' than 'Pest Control'. Those words make me skeered.
  12. You know....tormenting my subjects and whatnot.
  13. I've been listening to Al DiMeola on Spotify for the last hour on some new Sennheiser headphones I got today.
  14. Get checked for diabetes. Cold feet is often due to poor circulation which is common in diabetics (believe me *I* know).
  15. Good thing you're close enough to the grocery store that you can walk.
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