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Community Answers

  1. maddmaxx

    Deja vu

    Find out where the oven heat vent is. The white stoves I've had have all discolored there from the heat over time.
  2. There has to be a parody score in here somewhere.
  3. Reading about all the delayed deliveries from FEDEX. They seem to have become worse than the post office.....................almost. Another delivery was here in town a couple of days ago and seems to have been left on the truck which delivered it to somewhere in Maine where they are attempting to find out what to do with it by shuttling it from post office to post office. I remember when the post office used to work well.
  4. in life where the first cup of coffee in the morning is to hold till the hands and fingers start to work properly.
  5. No medical advice from me. Best wishes for a recovery.
  6. Howdy. How many points do you need to make supersonic?
  7. You're using boil in a bag anyway so what difference?
  8. maddmaxx

    I'm cheap

    Is great price anywhere near $180? I'll bet not.
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