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  1. Gordon Lightfoot? Yeah?

    I like Lightfoot. Womaxx and I used to pull out one of his albums for the trip between Albany and Rochester just to get into the spririt of the area. I still find the Wreck to be one of the saddest good songs ever.
  2. Browser security.

    Yes but defender won't run in Chrome OS. The chromebook is not windows but Chrome OS, similar to Chrome for windows but exclusive to chromebooks.
  3. Browser security.

    That was my lead in to it won't work in a chromebook
  4. Did I? I found it in a consignment shop dusty and dirty for $10. It's a fake though. Wut? did you expect something else?
  5. Gordon Lightfoot? Yeah?

    So how much did you pay dad to come see one of your gigs?
  6. Browser security.

    Interesting. I use the desktop for more serious work and to store my music and occasional trips to more benign places like this. I use the chromebook for shopping, internet exploring and for visiting more risky places. Chromebooks seem to be pretty secure because of the inability to load a program. I run very few apps so the list is very short and easily checked. I don't think windows defender is going to run on the Chromebook.
  7. Told to attend meeting --in addition to more

    I wonder where they teach "meeting" technology to managers. 1. Managers delegate responsibility and therefor periodically have meetings to find out what the delegees have been doing. 2. They in turn have subdivided some of their tasks and delegated responsibility to others so they have meetings to find out what those people are doing. However just to be safe if a question is asked that they can't answer quickly they have their delegees also come to the meeting where they have to inform management. 3. Because the 2nd level delegees are now busy attending meetings to both tell their supervisors what they are doing and meetings to backstop the supervisor on tough questions they are forced to deligate responsibility to another level farther down and then they have to schedule and attend meetings to find out what that level is doing..........................You can see where this is going right? Eventually everyone in the company is attending meetings and they are all well informed on the work that they are not getting done. You're going to need an MBA to understand this.
  8. Your condition is chronic

    I'm not so sure about the chemo thing. Womaxx finished hers two years ago and is still going strong, albeit with a slightly diminished memory and some lingering neuropathy. I'm positive her choice would be for the chemo if she had it to do over again. During her treatments we met many people who had been receiving chemo for years. Some looked pretty bad and others were so normal you might not know they were in a chemo program so I guess it's a little from column a and a little from column b when it comes time to make a choice.
  9. My fiance/boyfriend of four years broke up with me.

    I believe that RFW thinks of us as adults she can get advice from. She is a computer geek after all and may not be able to boil water without building a laser. <quickly shuts down computer to prevent fire from spreading>
  10. 2018-04-20 Birthdays

    Where is Rumble_Strip. Have a happy birthday.
  11. There! I fixed it!

  12. There! I fixed it!

    Mine didn't close but it did change affiliations (now an Ace Hardware). They had large buckets of old branded hardware for sale to prepare for the new brand. I scored a tall kitchen sink faucet set for $15 back then and finally installed it last year. Yowza. That reminds me to go there today and get another jug of Simple Green which I use for removing the chrome plating from plastic parts. It's the only bio degradable stuff I know that will do that and much safer to use than oven cleaner. And a propane refill in my spare tank wouldn't hurt. I miss the old wooden floored hardware stores though with that unique smell of machine oil and Orangeburg pipe and other neat stuff. Remember the lead packing material to pound into flanged pipe?
  13. Zombie

    I thought this was about some of the threads here.
  14. Yay it’s Friday

    Frozen peas.