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  1. I'd worry more about what kinds of drugs they would make the monkey take.
  2. Mmmm. I have to think on that a bit. It might be nice to be a sweater sometimes. Angora is good for some occasions.
  3. Up, breakfasted and contemplating what to do quietly so as not to wake the rest of the family.
  4. It seems that my vacations are based around my son's desires to get married.
  5. It doesn't. It mats down and rots. Around here shorter is good in the fall. It helps your leaves to be someone else's problem. On the other hand, I have to change my tractors oil and that may not happen for a while.
  6. maddmaxx

    Eff me

    Home owning is the process of moving from one disaster to another.
  7. As I got around to reading this at about 4:30 after scanning the morning news and having breakfast I'm wondering what all the fuss is about. Cheer up. It could be worse. You could be getting up at 3. Ralph and I can tell you about that.
  8. Similar here so after turning down travel jobs ended up working nights at P&W for a few years and still became an absent dad. Bummer.
  9. Double crap. The mitigation survey was here early this evening. They are going to have to rip up my kitchen as the sub floor is showing 100% water penetration about half way across the room. Some kitchen cabinets will have to come out, don't know how many till the water is all tracked down. The leak was worse than I thought but it was hiding the water. They may start as early as tomorrow. IMO this part is good with the insurance company according to my policy. Fortunately they do all the "opening up" so the next stage of fixing the pipe will be a relatively easy task for a plumber. Then I will need a contractor to put the kitchen back together. There's going to be a lot of take out and grill cooking well into October. I'm bummed and popping antacid tabs.
  10. maddmaxx

    Eff me

    Look for green grass.
  11. And here you thought you were building muscle at the gym. Heal quickly. Sorry for the misfortune.
  12. It's exotic. One want's to know what sort of misadventure was involved such as another man's wife.
  13. When have you known me to be serious. That was not "unable to see it" but rather the idiom "cant see it", one of the milder navy sayings. It actually looks pretty nice.
  14. maddmaxx

    Eff me

    Plumbing trouble? Welcome to the freaking club. Serve Pro will be here in just a bit (at dinner time no doubt) to analyze the situation for water damage mitigation (mold, wood damage etc.) At least the insurance company is on that mucho quick. As to the actual pipe repair........I'm not so sure as they may reject it as "old" and "regular repair". as if one can check on pipes inside a wall void.
  15. Can't see it. They've got to do better than a ratty run down place in the middle of nowhere than that.
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