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  1. For Wilbur....and others....aerobatics

    Power to weight ratio's, total weight in polar mass moments, control surfaces the size of normal wings. It's flight and it follows the same aeronautical rules but the results are extreme to say the least. I've never been any good at this form of flight. My contest years were spent with engineless sailplanes that flew like trucks compared to these. The multi engine drone/plane as a wave of the future is mostly the product of computers, motion sensors/stability systems and a host of newer technologies. For full sized aircraft I assume that the limiting technology will be the speed of throttle response each of the engines can maintain. At the present time Harriers an Ospreys are very challenging to fly as the pilot can never fall behind the curve without disaster.
  2. Tripod?

    That's a hell of a good tripod. My budget leans more toward the Amazon Basics one shown on the same page. On the bike I carry a monopod (extendable single leg stick with camera mount) because it fits into the equipment bag and still stabilizes the camera when I need it.
  3. File this in the "Yeah, right" category

    It sort of takes you away doesn't it?
  4. For Wilbur....and others....aerobatics

    Ask a Harrier pilot. Or an Osprey pilot. The world of flight evolves constantly. I see a future where aircraft combine some of the elements of winged flight and multi engined drone flight. The RC world already has some of that. Here is an E-Flight Convergence. It is both a tri motor drone and when the engines rotate into the horizontal It's a winged aircraft.
  5. Not as pretty as the aerobatic pilot you brought us and as for aerodynamics..........well, it's an engine with control surfaces. It is impressive though eh?
  6. Caption me

    From the mouths of babes.
  7. How did I get so popular, today?

    You know right? There's rumors of dead batteries............................
  8. How did I get so popular, today?

    Not always, but a touch of bad is very good.
  9. How did I get so popular, today?

    On one hand we have an A listed cheerleader, prom queen with a football team captain boyfriend. On the other hand we have a bruised and cut up tough broad with a good sense of humor hiding behind the evil mask of a full face helmet. oh wait. This is a bicycle forum. That setup isn't going to go far is it.
  10. I see no bunny

    No bunny in sight here this year. Raccoons, skunks, fox, owls and the occasional coyote are regulars however.
  11. A poem I wrote for Dirtyhip..

    I think that tramp moniker is not right for DH. I think she is her own person and that's difficult for some to put into cubbyholes.
  12. Quote of the Day: Dale Carnegie

    All one can say to IB about today's quote is practice practice practice.
  13. I see no bunny

  14. Did they respond to someone of his ilk.
  15. So there I was..

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, a space ship piloted by "Pigs in Space" appeared and used it's force rays and probes to stabilize the zeppelin. I developed a craving for take out Swedish Meatballs.