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  1. With enough power you can make anything fast.
  2. Too many variables. Are these the people who "fixed" your truck's transmission? Will multiple visits add to the total?
  3. This has a completely different meaning to a nuclear navy sailor.
  4. At the school they are all just office professionals. And the custodians are maintenance engineers. That would make RG a Freelance Sperm Donor or Razor a Pornography Historian.
  5. Aaaaannnnnnd good news. Pressures are down even more. I'm good to go for 6 months. I wish they had told me that they were going to dilate my eyes for the retinal pictures though. The drive home was fun. Fortunately it was all highway and if you can't see then it's best if all the cars are travelling in the same direction.
  6. I worry when they stop. Tell her good luck from me.
  7. Certainly the people who buy pearl white Lexus SUV's with the optional brush guard don't drive like that.
  8. With luck this will be the last of the "special" visits for glaucoma. It seems that it is in remission......no better, but no longer getting worse at an alarming rate. If this visit demonstrates that again it will be the last one and I will revert to normal vision check ups. Once that has been put on the shelf I can revert to worrying about my shoulder pains. Note: I'm still going blind but it's not happening this year.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. For some reason we seem to be going up more slowly than the reports say. I haven't purchased any gasoline in the last couple of weeks however so perhaps there will be sticker shock when I do. IMO the excuses (refinery maintenance and shortages of ethynol) are simply excuses because they can. This is simply part of the gouging cycle.........lower prices till people go back to buying larger vehicles and then rake in the profits till they stop. Rinse and repeat.
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