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  1. maddmaxx


    I'm next. I'll see you guys in a few hours.
  2. Just the 4 of us. That's my plan anyway, always subject to change if womaxx wills it.
  3. Who knew that the prized Canadian possession was a snowbird.
  4. maddmaxx


    And found again. Out for delivery between 6:30 and 8:00 am. On the GPS tracker already. Headed this way at about 65 mph. Probably not a drone delivery though as it's following the interstate system.
  5. Sounds like a good purchase for Californians.
  6. Newsom told a press conference on Wednesday that the most populous state in the United States was committing to a “firm goal” to phase out the sale of new patrol vehicles by 2035 and was encouraging other states to take similar action.
  7. Brandon rides over with a cup when he smells food cooking.
  8. Garlic Tomato Basil Chicken. https://cafedelites.com/garlic-tomato-basil-chicken/ The only change womaxx made was to cut the chicken into small pieces so as to put it on top of pasta.
  9. You would like it there he says with a sardonic smile.
  10. You have to carry the dead beats just like the hospital has to charge for the freebies.
  11. maddmaxx


    Good. Glad you went. Sometimes things go swimmingly well and other times something strange happens. It's always a good idea to see medical professionals when even a mild concussion might have been possible. When I had mine, the ER folks were very interested the the skull photos and my neck. When the dizzys began a couple of days later I toughed it out and I now realize that was a very big mistake. I should have gone back. That lasted for several weeks before I could drive.
  12. Near cousins to Sicilians who are pretty good people.
  13. Maybe it simply wasn't true. We've already seen that there's lots of money in massaged data.
  14. 200,000 plus. Just sayn.
  15. No. I have a secret compartment in the overhead light bin that houses new masks and the old one's go into the door cup holders. Lightly used masks that I might put on at a drive in window as a courtesy are in the center console cup holder for reuse. If I have virus on the inside of my mask to worry about I'd be dead by now. On the other hand, if I have virus on the inside of my mask others should be happy that I'm wearing it. Not rocket science.
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