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  1. Wouldn't you rather have a 50% chance than a potentially fatal disease?
  2. leftovers. Pizza, pork roast, crab rangoon, salad, develed eggs There will be interesting dreams tonight
  3. The pics gone but the entry and title remain. Thanks for trying. I was just experimenting on what might happen if a better picture turned up.
  4. Public notice: Shootingstar will be back in a couple of days.
  5. He looks a bit happier. I have one who gets quite a case of that at times. Eventually he sits in the box and screams like he's being killed and..........voila, there it is.
  6. I don't see any way to delete or change.
  7. The deck is ready. Membership is limited however.
  8. We shopped on Tuesday. Unlikely we will go back more often than once a week. The small market has become the place of choice even though the prices are significantly higher. Pizza was delivered last night. I did sneak out for curbside delivery at a local hardware store this morning but I never got out of the car. A herd of masked men loaded the stuff into the back of the car.
  9. In 1964 physics was much smaller..........so was history. For that matter so was I
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