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  1. Thanks. I had forgotten that.
  2. Yep. I'm off to be inspired by Garfield.
  3. Happy Birthday FY. Where did you go?
  4. Top down drive through town in a borrowed convertible.
  5. Is the speed guaranteed to the router or to any random computer on the local net?
  6. I wore bell bottoms day in and day out. I'm not sure I bothered to own anything else.
  7. Since you seem not to believe me BMBM
  8. How many people divices on the wifi? What channel is the router on? How many other wifi users in your area with other routers?
  9. maddmaxx

    Big Bird

    13 turkeys this morning including one that stands on top of the table to defend her corn.
  10. Comic bot is much more inspirational than IB
  11. ^^I can easily believe that. One of my mini adventures yesterday was attempting to get to a right exit ramp. I had a gap in traffic. I used a turn signal. I had an asshole using the shoulder of the road attempting to block my access by driving up from behind. I waved at him and drove into the hole with a "go ahead and hit me with your expensive Audi" attitude. After his horn honk I ignored him. Perhaps I could adjust to Boston drivers after all.
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