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  1. That's the amazing thing about race motors over the years. There's always someone who finds a way to make just a little bit more. TK is right. Some is science and some is art.
  2. Are you sure. There's still time to get a waffle iron.
  3. Unless you super or turbo charge, the path to more horsepower is to boost the air flow. Either make the holes bigger or move the air faster. You can always adjust the fuel ratio..............except in nitro motors where the fuel makes its own oxygen and it's possible to feed so much that the engine hydrolocks during compression goes boom. Well there's just a bit more than that. You can also direct the air to the optimum place in the combustion chamber for a good burn. 1. work the air passages in the manifold and head to smooth them and direct the air better. 2. work the val
  4. If you're going to Columbus GA in the near future you should look up the Slutty Vegan food truck. https://www.facebook.com/WBRCnews/posts/10164806769800293
  5. Bigger valves? Multi angle seats?
  6. I don't get the spoiling. I was surprised you were getting a raise.
  7. Maybe Kirby's wild sister could hire on as the IT department to set your office straight.
  8. Everyday people post things on the internet that would get them punched in the face if said in person.
  9. I knew you guys would have fun with this thread. So far today it's been the rage on the internet.
  10. That's how they got the coil wire on my yard tractor. Peanut oil was what the Deere people told me. Keep dryer sheets and mothballs around your stuff if you have mice.
  11. Do or do not. There is no try.
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