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  1. The meds can only do so much. They are there to assist, not cure.
  2. a visit from the later day santas since today is Jan 25?
  3. Actually what we learned in Roswell is that aliens don't have navigation equipment on their ships. They do it entirely within their heads. This points out the reason that alien ships usually have all male crews. Nobody, not even aliens, want's to visit the wife's conversation of "your lost again" "No I'm not. I know exactly where I am".
  4. There are backups, as well as considerable research for more backups and robust systems resistant to jamming, but they are predominately developed for the military and would add a significant price tag to civilian systems. Jerry mentioned that we used to use inertial systems. Today there are hybrid systems going into service in the military that use both at the same time.
  5. maddmaxx

    Good morning

    Good morning. Rains are coming in later today. We will pick up oldest son from cousins house where he stayed last night. He's probably pretty jet lagged after 29 hours travel.
  6. maddmaxx

    Thick or thin

    I like it more on the thick side but not so thick it chews like jerky. I do not like it crisp because that's too often burnt. No flavors, just bacon. I also like my bacon diced in lots of foods.
  7. Have you been to Wuhan in the last 2 weeks? No? Move along. Medical checks at Dulles Airport are getting serious.
  8. Too easy. Give the lad some exercise.
  9. This doesn't take a lot of work, but a minimum of effort will the answer find you. Google might be your friend if you really don't know.
  10. Sorry, I mistakenly read that as Crap mask.
  11. maddmaxx

    New rule.

    We could do better with a rule limiting each poster Jshar to one parody per day. Of course there will be exceptions such as razor who hasn't really posted one yet.
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