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  1. What's the expectancy of a running back or quarterback playing for an entire NFL season without injury or time off these days. Have high school basketball injuries skyrocketed in your area?
  2. Is it possible for us to get so good that the sport suffers? I'll start this as I am currently watching the Monaco F1 practice. Every year advancements in the cars make them faster. This year there are suddenly complaints that they are too fast to continue racing at Monaco. They are faster, more aerodynamic, have larger tires, much larger power plants and are heavier because of all of this. They may be a bit wider as well. Monaco was a great track when the cars looked like the Lotus that Jackie Stewart drove decades ago. I have to ask what makes great racing? Do fans want to see the ultimate in speed or good racing? NASCAR has over the years reduced the top speeds whenever they got too fast by downsizing engines, limiting the car design. They have even talked about downsizing tires or reducing the banking at the ultra speedways like Daytona. Are football players so oversized and trained these days that they become a hazard to themselves and others? Are women basketball players so fast and strong that it's becoming common to see blown out knees? I've watched several of my hobbies (sports) price themselves out of normal existence with technological advances. Even my RC drag racing is headed in that direction as there are now $250 special batteries and $250 dollar electronic throttles that are necessary if you want any chance at winning in the street outlaw class (1.6 seconds at 80+ mph in 132 feet) One of those cars now runs on the north side of $2000 for a season of racing. When I was still a soccer referee I began to see more injuries among youth soccer players as they pushed harder for speed and skill at younger ages. They had to if there was going to be any chance of advancing to higher levels. Survival of the fittest and all that.
  3. Free at the register for those of you who have a Stop and Shop grocery and available online for those who don't. This month's issue is the summer special and has more really good recipes than usual. There are variations on hot dogs, burgers and root beer can chicken as well as a whole bunch of red white and blue deserts for the summer holidays.
  4. Fear is the mind killer. It's also the primary reason that kids are still able to buy guns and kill. Read the article I posted on England. Fewer guns mean fewer gun deaths. That's reality not what might happen. I have to leave this thread now.
  5. I finally got around to checking my Jiff. The jar was half empty so I've cleared it from things I'm afraid of.
  6. Have you ever been in a situation where you were afraid for your life and your firearm came to your rescue? Has your home ever been invaded? Has your car ever been hijacked by evil doers? The list is long, but the chances of it happening to you among the 3 1/2 million people in this country are so very small that the danger of giving up your guns is insignificant, especially if those evil people bent on your demise don't have them either. This is the myth of fear propagated by those whose business is selling firearms. Abject fear is a great marketing tool.
  7. We just had a quick rain shower blow through here. It was just enough to cancel my test and tune plans for this morning.
  8. I refuse to be afraid of the "bad people" I wouldn't want it to turn into England here and have constant murders of the good people every day.
  9. maddmaxx

    IOS 15.5

    Just loaded itself onto my phone today. Wasn't it just a while ago we were discussing 15.0?
  10. This is the usual rhetoric used in place of common sense. England completely changed their gun access laws in 1996 after the Dunblane massacre and today it is very difficult to obtain one, even illegally there. The entry price for an illegal hand gun is on the high side of 4000 and climbing as they slowly disappear from availability. Because of this mass shootings are almost impossible. The concept that you can kill as fast or as often with a knife is just a convenient excuse for doing nothing. The U.K. has a problem with radicalization, but not shootings. The difference lies in gun access. (nbcnews.com)
  11. Much better since cataract surgery. I was born with eyeballs that were too long (oval) and for most of my life my good eye was a very near sighted 20/400. That changed after the surgery and the "good" lasted a few weeks before my retinas began to come apart. Overall I see reasonably well without my glasses today albeit a bit of double vision that makes reading difficult. I still wear glasses but that is to correct some mild deficiencies and as reading glasses but they do not cure all the problems. I believe my reading prescription is around 2.5 but I also wear at least another 2.5 in magnifiers to do any work in the secret lab. Strangely I was the go to guy for electronics micro surgery in my working years, using about 10x in my microscope work station without any glasses. I had a good Bosche and Lombe stereo microscope with adjustable lenses for each eye in addition to the main lens. I do need a lot of light to see details well. I'm getting to the point where I dislike driving at night and am probably getting close to being prohibited from doing so.
  12. Need I say it? This is the holy grail weekend of auto racing for the fans. Monaco, Indy, ARCA and NASCAR with a host of sub races such as the Porsche Cup races on the internet. Additionally, the outlaws have rented a pavilion at a state beach park for a birthday party tomorrow that will require at least half a day's attendance. The weekend has a lot of rain in the forecast however. Ugh.
  13. Texas just weakened their gun laws. I'm not sure, but it seems that gun violence just got worse. The criminals may not care, but this shooter wasn't a criminal till the actual event. Of course you can claim that he was then a criminal. Sort of a circular argument as are most of the memes about why we don't have too many guns. I have some very specific firearms laws that would help. Mandatory life in prison for any crime committed with a fire arm. 20 years in jail for getting caught with an illegal firearm. 25 years in jail for selling an illegal firearm. I believe that would have an effect...........even on criminals.
  14. The more that kids get killed the louder the conversation about it being something other than guns gets. Again. Countries with fewer guns have fewer gun deaths. It's difficult to outshout that. I have little problem with qualified people owning a breach loading shotgun or perhaps a bolt action hunting rifle. But one per person is enough. Hand guns and semiautomatic weapons .................... nope. Mandatory life in prison for using one in a crime. Lesser sentences for having one illegally.
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