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  1. maddmaxx

    Four hrs and counting in the ER

    All procedures complete or more waiting?
  2. maddmaxx

    My top 5 states

    Oh, those states. Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida.
  3. maddmaxx

    My top 5 states

    Click bait But here goes. Depression, Frustration, Anger, Helplessness and Apathy.
  4. maddmaxx

    Broadband is out.

    him and not the customer service number. Never has better advice been given.
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  6. maddmaxx

    Young parent(s) then & now

    Mine was 19 when I married her as well. She was 25 however when our first of two was born. We simply couldn't afford to have children earlier. First we needed a house.
  7. maddmaxx

    Mars Is A Lot Like Montana

    Unlike Florida where there is early summer, summer, late summer and next summer.
  8. maddmaxx

    I think I would lose any fight I got in now

    I pretty much gave up on fighting after surviving one where the rules were winner survives. It dawned on me that what most people call fights are really shoving matches. Real fights have much more serious consequences.
  9. maddmaxx

    2019-02-22 Birthdays

    Happy birthday.
  10. maddmaxx

    Another reason not to outsource jobs

    Never before has a lost soul captured the attention of the world like this.
  11. maddmaxx

    Broadband is out.

    What used to be a treat now seems necessary for life. During power outages or failures of my broad band equipment I feel cut off from the world. I usually keep a couple of books loaded onto a kindle so I can read to keep my mind active but I too am an addict of the internet,
  12. We are getting that on monday although it will probably begin on Sunday. This has been a winter of extremes.
  13. maddmaxx

    How do you get your news?

    I just finished taking a survey on one of my news sites concerning how I wanted to get my news, specifically my "news alerts". I told them that I didn't want "news alerts". During the survey I found that I'm probably a bit old fashoned prefering to find my own news by reading it rather than by video from sites that look a bit more like newspapers than top 10 utube collections. When I find an interesting bit of news I usually go looking for more articles on the subject that help clear up where, what, when and why the original story happened. Do you get your news this way? Do you prefer videos or in depth articles? What do you use for news sources and follow up stories?
  14. maddmaxx

    What is the purpose of the blues?

    I doubt we could make it not happen.
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