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  1. About every ten years..

    Perhaps it's a bit too country for many but it's a form of ballad with a story.
  2. Today's Broadway hit

    Is it ok if I admit that I like showtunes?
  3. Google Charlie Rose, right now!

    It's good that this ongoing situation is now in the public eye. I'm afraid however that it might get out of hand. (bad pun not intended)
  4. Along the same lines as the above story, teachers, at least at the high school where womaxx works, have to be extremely careful around female students as improper claims as a form of revenge are unfortunately not beyond the grasp of some high school students.
  5. I came back for the holiday

    She is very impressed so far with the limited time we've had it. The biggest problem is getting many of her existing recipes transferred from paper onto the kindle. Fortunately, if the original is still online, Paprika has the ability to automatically download it via it's own search engine. The app can go to a site as directed and when you find a recipe.....hit the save button. Paprika is not free however. It cost $5 to load it onto the device and register. Paprika also allows one to edit the recipe and to scale it up or down. Disclaimer. I am an unpaid shill. I like it when I cook as I don't have to balance a book or sheets of paper near the stove in the way when I'm using recipes that I don't remember.
  6. So whatcha reading?

    Was that the longest sentence ever written?
  7. The Victoria Secrets runway show in Shanghai was appropriately lewd.
  8. I came back for the holiday

    But the lifestyle of the rich and piggish is worth it eh?
  9. Today's Broadway hit

    I take it your turntable repairs went well.
  10. So whatcha reading?

    A prequel series to the Honor Harrington SF series about her ancestors and the discovery of Tree Cats on Sphinx. "A beautiful friendship" David Weber
  11. I came back for the holiday

    I'm ok. The eye drops beat the hell out of me. The first batch (beta blockers) put my heart into arrhythmia and I almost ended up in the ER. The replacement drops, after some careful consideration that I never should have had the first ones, simply kick my ass. I feel very weak and tired in the morning after I take them. Night time not so bad because I can simply go to sleep. I may be starting to get used to them as I have been able to take a 2 mile hike each of the last two afternoons. I hope like hell that I don't have to do these for the rest of my life. It seems that they pile on top of my normal blood pressure controls.
  12. I came back for the holiday

    Dead robot day.
  13. Do you feel different?

    Shi de, xiexie.
  14. I came back for the holiday

    I'm back for now. I will not go back into P&R. I do not want to be bothered with political posts in the Cafe. While I was gone I discovered this, which is the biggest reason I came back. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00I4I92C2/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 What a wonderful device for the kitchen. Womaxx has hundreds of recipes on paper stored in binders or unfortunately running around loose. This mount with a Kindle Fire 8 and an app called paprika puts those recipes at her fingertip on command in the kitchen. Don't pay any attention to the two additional mounting pockets as it comes with two already. The stand also stands up on a counter so depending on how your kitchen is organized you have choices. Ours is mounted to the side of a cabinet near the stove but not over it enough to get hot. Paprika is a wonderful app for recipe storage.