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  1. maddmaxx


    Ohhhhhhh. That is my downfall at christmas.
  2. maddmaxx


    $100 at a Krispy Kream..........................no wonder you need stents.
  3. I haven't seen RC cola since living in the south. That's not quite right. It made a brief appearance in the stores up here but now it seems to be gone. That was standard lunch truck food when I lived in VA, a liverwurst and onion sandwich with an RC cola.
  4. Happy Birthday to all and to all a good night. It's a conspirathy I tell you.
  5. Every time I look at you I don't understand Why you let the things you did Get so out of hand You'd have managed better If you'd had it planned Now why'd you choose such a backward time And such a strange land? If you'd come today You could have reached a whole nation Israel in 4 BC Had no mass communication
  6. Might it help if you rubbed it on your ................................. Oh K, could you come here for a minute?
  7. of womaxx's coke collection obsession. Now that the kitchen is done she is putting the shrine back together. This sort of thing is mild Because eventually you look in the other direction at this. I didn't bother taking pics of all the light switch covers and outlet covers.............yep coke.
  8. It's possible but Chuck may have to toughen up a bit.
  9. Crap. Just stay with your daughter then.
  10. Stray? Loose dog in the neighborhood? Stay with your daughter, but try to get a police investigation going. Best wishes for your daughter.
  11. I loved that shit man. I was a red cross trained lifeguard before I went into the service. I was out of my clothes and shoes in a blink and spent my time swimming around helping other guys and trying to pull the guys with the poles into the pool. Thankfully there were no serious swimmers like seals in the instructor corps. They were a bit pissed. Fire fighting school was intense. They teach you how to put out oil fires with water. You actually get to go into rooms that are on fire while a second hose team sprays fog on you from their position behind you so you don't catch fire. These were fun times.
  12. I'm surprised the rocks didn't get out of the way when they found out DH was coming.
  13. With the exception of the butchered corner cabinet (which could stay there for a long time without any problems of it's usefulness because the problems are all appearance and workmanship) I'm pleased. It's not an expensive kitchen. We painted the cabinets black several years ago and it's an easy color to touch up. Compared to the dingy cream/tan flooring that was there before the destruction the new floor makes the room pop. It's not an expensive floor and I doubt it will last 30+ years like the old one did. (but then neither will I)
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