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  1. Just to cheer you up this gem: The CDC is now reporting 35.4 million tests completed in the US. Many of those tests are repeats for people already tested. Now you can figure out how long it will be before everyone who wants a test can have one. Just clearing the air of false hopes.
  2. When I was young I was violently allergic to poison ivy. Back then medical advice was to take a pill to aid in gaining some immunity. The pill was of course a mild extract of poison ivy as that was the state of medicine back then. The pill itself was a royal pain in the ass to put it mildly. Ralph, I'm sure he'll give you the name of the spray when he gets Round to it.
  3. Weeding is evile. I do the mowing and leave the weeding to womaxx.
  4. Have they actually said that the wiggles damp vibration or are they just covering up for a designers hookers and blow evening?
  5. Kudos for IB. Even blind squirrels find nuts sometimes.
  6. I use that Round here too. It's the only plant that I use that shit on.
  7. After a few trips you will learn whether or not she will fight getting into the stroller or welcome the trip. Cats can be quite clear about making their opinions known.
  8. The Petco add is probably appropriate no?
  9. I'm not a hot food coward, but I prefer flavor to a test of courage. I actually like pickled jalapenos better and I use them liberally (Oops, can I sat that here) on lots of things. On hamburgers. In scrambled eggs. In grilled cheese sandwiches, almost anything you can think of that could use a bit of flavor without burning going down.
  10. Whew. I thought they might find a dead mouse jammed in the fan.
  11. I think she took out most of the seeds but possibly left the webs in. I like spicy food, but straight up jalapenos right out of the oven are a bit much. Like I said though, the last three were tasty.
  12. Womaxx decided to make us a treat, something she knows we like that she doesn't eat, Jalapeno poppers. We all stayed away while she was making the "surprise". The kitchen was a bit too much for all the cowards in my family so I marched in and pulled the sheet out of the oven. Where's the breading? Poppers are supposed to be breaded? I knew this was going to take some fortitude as these were fresh half jalapenos looking like clams on the half shell with a bit of cream cheese, cheddar and bacon bits on top. The boys took two each and I took 5. Well the first one was damn hot. The second started out hotter but by the end it was tolerable. The third, forth and fifth were good but I suspect that my mouth had gone numb by then. I think I'm going to pay for this tomorrow.
  13. maddmaxx

    Falling TVs

    Dressers are sneaky bad. They need retainers because what seems solid just sitting there becomes very top heavy toward the front when drawers are pulled out. Dishwashers ditto
  14. maddmaxx

    Breaking spokes

    Mavic had special warranty deals on several of their rims. For some reason they were prone to cracking and pulling the nipple out of it's hole.
  15. Uh oh. CT's limited reopening may be about to surprise us. It's still too early to tell over a small data base but the last 4 days (data ending June 27) have been 14, 81, 65 and 147 Please let this be some sort of blip.
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