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  1. I suppose it has to be done. SW Forum gets a 100%
  2. Are race fairings painted inside and out or are they just a gellcoat on the inside? And as I am part done with the first 250RG, how we doin.
  3. It's with my rotary phone. I have no idea where my rotary phone is.
  4. 1, the same number as the detergent pods I use. I haven't fallen into the marketing trap of using more than that. By the way, dryer sheets are bad for the good wicking material of bike jerseys.
  5. I carry my phone so they can find the body if I don't come home from a ride. Other than that no.
  6. I won't pay that much to go myself. Why the hell would I pay for a poor bot representation.
  7. And I am personally aware of this due to the curtailment of my racing career some decades ago for budgetary reasons. No sponsors could find room in their budgets for me.
  8. Sorry. Those members most qualified to write about brothels reopening are currently unavailable. Please leave a message after the bleep.
  9. Scam Insurance Underwriters. The name is sort of off putting, but the discount was unbearably difficult to resist.
  10. Younger folks were more or less protected back during the stay at home days and perhaps the death total reflects that as the virus found it's way into older enclaves. Now that the case load is much younger it's possible that we will begin to see more young deaths.
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