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  1. At least Maxx's house is dry now. I'm still waiting for the sub floor to go down later this week. The guys to rebuild the cabinets will be here Friday to check out the job. After that only the floor tile to be laid.
  2. I've been there, but on the other side of the wire. Guantanamo Naval Base. I don't know if travel is on or off this week. That would require a political answer.
  3. Key West......and yes they have Southwest Airlines service
  4. Almost everything is visible at the moment. Some is piled over here and some other is in the pile over there.
  5. Fortunately my oldest went with hair coloring instead of ink or piercings. It probably had something to do with his teaching job in Japan. The kids liked it but the other teachers were a bit put off by it. Orange, purple and green at various times.
  6. It's just a high falutin term made up by some business critter to make a committee meeting seem more important than it is. Important people steer a company, they don't make plans.
  7. Looks like access to the roof from the doorway.
  8. I cannot blame you. I lived in a hotel for almost a year in Orlando. I agree that it gets tiring to eat out so I took up cooking for myself. In the Residence Inn I had a full kitchen so I would go out every day or every other day to the stores to get whatever I decided was going to be on the menu. My only problem was keeping the fridge stock low because I would leave the room every other weekend to fly home. That meant that I couldn't stock spices and stuff beyond very small quantities.
  9. http://www.bmy.com.cn/2015new/bmyweb/ The home page for the museum. It loads very slowly as it's picture intensive and behaves like dial up. This is the english language version.
  10. maddmaxx

    More laser fun

    Now that is some good stuff. If I was still working I'd post these pics at work where the laser inside your engraver/cutter you are using was probably made.
  11. 2 plane trips in the same week??????? Lucky devil. Yes, I love to fly and unlike almost 100% of the population I like airports. They are a fantastic place to watch people and their interactions with others and with events. You can for example sit in the departure lounge in Orlando and observe people going to different destinations. They tend to fall into a structure depending on where they are from or going to, believe it or not. Some of the best dressed professional looking business women are going to Chicago for example. Some of the strangest looking are going to New England. These are statistical estimates so don't jump the shark if not everyone fits that observation.
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