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  1. Keep on blowing then. They must be running hot.
  2. This weekend also involves a replacement driver for Roman Grosjean of the spectacular fireball crash of last weekend and a replacement at Williams for Russell's normal ride. That means 2 new drivers get their chance at the fast cars.
  3. From the slowest car and last place in the points to the fastest practice times in sessions 1 and 2 George Russell is getting the chance of a lifetime while driving Hamilton's car as a replacement driver this week. Hamilton is out for at least this race with cv19 and Russell has been borrowed from another team to drive the car. It's not disclosed how much Williams got in return for loaning him to Petronas (another Mercedes engine team). The car needed major changes to fit the much taller driver and Russell also has to squeeze on a size smaller shoe because there is simply no room for his no
  4. Next time use the Normal text option.
  5. Hey. IB found Waldo. I like one of his other quote much more: "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson
  6. If I wanted to mow tomorrow it would require the snow blades. Crap.
  7. She's 32. She could easily be a grammy........in West Virginia.
  8. I erased my post here.
  9. I never got a gift from my boss. Usually there was a mass produced card that arrived late. That's not entirely true. I worked for one year as a contract worker for a company that gave each and every one of us a Christmas Turkey. There were only 30 employees though and the company president had a work bench too.
  10. Ladies and gents, place your bets. Are you in more danger from cv19 or from vaccine side effects. You pays your money and you take your chances. That's the wager. At least that's all there is once you strip away all politics.
  11. I like the idea. And I don't feel bad about liking it.
  12. maddmaxx

    Whine Club

    I know. It should be part of the package deal.
  13. maddmaxx

    Whine Club

    Good score. It was low hanging fruit but well intended with a hint of rose boquet.
  14. The last one is Kylie Jenner..........almost a Kardashian.
  15. Damn. The fluorescent pink paint won't be here for more than a week. Then of course I shouldn't paint it indoors because youngest son lives too close to the paint shop. But I might try to sneak it in in small batches. The Hell Fire Graphics have been ordered. I'm excited about this new paint scheme for MMR. One more peek of the original concept. I'm using a more modern C7 body without the flames though.
  16. maddmaxx

    Wine Club

    I thought this might be about RE.
  17. I just worry about the 790 mg of sodium.
  18. Those outside the store barely noticed. Just another day in Texas.
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