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    Yep. Here it goes on managers special when the sell by date is close. This package was labeled tomorrow. I generally cook sausage that look like brats till they boil and start spitting juice out of the casing.
  2. maddmaxx


    Tomorrow maybe. Today was jalapeno burgers for lunch and home made chicken pot pie ala womax. That's a chicken pot pie filling made her way served over puff pastry. First I'm going to try one link grilled on a hot dog roll........basic taste test. That will determine what to do with the rest.
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    Today on a lark I purchased a package of Margaritaville Cuban Mojo style sausage links. Who am I kidding, they were on a managers special $1.05 for 5 links, get um out of here. At that price I'll try almost anything. Now I need to figure out to do with a sausage link that has a bitolyme along with ghost pepper extract and soy sauce in it. I have no idea what they will taste like or how hot they will be. Game on.
  6. maddmaxx

    Sticker shock

    At least it's not gin.
  7. Part of this store's success is the death of a dozen or more other hobby stores. So much of the stock in this store was bought at pennies on the dollar from other places that it's a great place to go to find things no longer made. The store also buys collections. It's not unusual to hear that our "specialists" have acquired about $6000 dollars of NOS (New old stock) from a private estate sale. That happens a lot in the train, plastic model and dicast parts of the stock list.
  8. Having worked in a hobby shoppe I can tell you that it's not as popular as it used to be. The train club that runs the layout up above is dying.......literally dying of old age because there are no incoming young members..........oh sure, when grandma comes and buys some Lionel trains for christmas they get played with for a few days and then put away. The kids just don't get into building the buildings and the scenery. When they do they want the pre assembled pre painted stuff. Hands on customers are older. Middle aged RC flyers don't build kits anymore. They buy pre assembled foam airplanes, charge them up and go crash. The store runs free classes for kids in model building with a bunch of free stuff to work with. Numbers are always weak. The youngest crowd in the hobby, not toy, part of the store are the gamers and some of them are accomplished figure painters. But you would consider most of them nerds and weird kids. They arrive in costume sometimes. One place that is always good for hobby shops is any area around a military base. There be young men with money and time. RC cars have come and gone again. I suspect that they became too good and thus too expensive. We had a huge racing club in the area when you could buy a full on kit to race competitively for a hundred. Today a competitive touring car is a $400 chassis plus almost as much again in motor, electronic throttle and radio.
  9. I do like toast. I do feel like you do though when I get a hard bread like a French baguette.
  10. I've had so many cats over the decades I've been around that I can tell you I've never gotten used to losing one. Stories like this bring a little tear to my eyes. All three of mine are 11 and Athena is beginning to slow down a bit and sleep more............always on top of me damnit. Sorry Smudge. My advice, grieve for a while and then go find a loving kitten to be your next friend.
  11. Communism is a political theory. Socialism is an economic theory......parallel:.........Democracy is a political theory. Capitalism is an economic theory. Communism failed because not all are created equal and those who can game the system to get theirs at the expense of others. Democracy on the other hand.............seems to be similar.
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  15. maddmaxx

    NAILED IT!!!

    This must be a large dealership to have 55 chevy's in stock.
  16. That's great then because so many hobby shops are gone that they are becoming rare. IMO it's too bad that kids would rather hang on their phones than use their hands. Skills lost.
  17. maddmaxx

    NAILED IT!!!

    I was once told by the manager of an auto dealership that they don't want salespeople who know a lot about cars. They want salespeople who can sell up and avoid talking too much about the car. "You'd look so good in that car. It matches your eyes so well".
  18. My local Michaels don't seem to sell rockets anymore. First the hobby business is crashing as the young simply don't do that. Second there may be some liability that some retail outlets just don't want to take with regard to rockets.
  19. Call them. They might send you some. There's a wallorockets in there somewhere.
  20. I believe they lost more than one charger as well as some parked cars on the street that were not the property of the movie company. It was the era of the action hero Steve McQueen who did this, The Great Escape with his motorcycle chase scene and the racing Movie LeMans. All were movie breakthroughs of a sort.
  21. Bullet is a classic that leads the genre.
  22. I know the place. I went there often while I was on my contract job in Orlando. I once stopped on my way to the airport to purchase an RC car control system. To make it smaller I left the box in the store and put the controller into my carry on bag/briefcase. When I hit the x-ray machine at the airport that bag and my cue stick case caused everything to stop. After seeing what the stuff was the supervisor asked if I had a couple of minutes for him to show his staff so they would know what they were looking at in the future. I was early so we put the stuff on a table while everyone came over to compare the pics to the real thing. Word must have gotten out because when I finally boarded my plane some smart ass flight attendant guy said "Oh, you must have been the guy who tried to bring heavy sticks onto a plane" and asked if he could stash my cue stick case in the overhead. Between Colonial Photo and Hobby and the RC shop in Casselberry I managed to stay busy for the year I was there.
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