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  1. Above the knee. At the knee or below the knee. Fashion choices everywhere.
  2. Just 2 here, one gas grill and one gas griddle. The other one doesn't count as it's being turned into a planter.
  3. Modern engines with variable ignition timing, variable fuel injector timing and variable valve timing can do almost anything with gas from crap to great. The result shows up as power levels and maybe even a gear change to ease the load. Back in the day when I had high compression engines in street cars I had to run extremely rich for around town conditions (remember non variable carbs) getting about 6 miles per gallon and maybe a thousand miles on a set of plugs. I wonder what a modern engine control system could do with that 440 cubic inch monster motor.
  4. A new to me online add for $30 a pair underware.
  5. maddmaxx


    Keep stopping in. We love your input here.
  6. and my personal favorite that we should have here..............
  7. I got the vaccines and I wear the mask. Do your fucking party too. Everything else is just an excuse for the "you gotta live" folks.
  8. 30" which explains the strange bikes for a 6" tall man.
  9. There had better be a permit for this birthday party............. And it better be a great one. Fire extinguishers around the cake are optional.
  10. BS. Every time you "let it go through the community" and infect another a chance for a new mutation occurs. Eventually we will find a mutation that is much worse. This let it go attitude is a large part of the problem with not doing enough to contain it now.
  11. The challenges IMO are entirely controlled by our motivation to do it.
  12. It's not sad. If they all lived and made it to the water we could probably walk across the ocean.
  13. We, as humans, don't seem willing to do what it takes to bring this to an end. Covid has moved to somewhere around page 9 in the news and the human race seems more interested in what the fall television lineup will look like. We aren't even interested in the war anymore.
  14. For a while when I was working for a calibration company one of my jobs was to calibrate the Hypots used to test insulation in devices such as transformers. Some of these devices look like baby van de graaffs and generate 50,000 or so volts. Unlike the spark machines though they also have enough current capability to hurt you. On job had me doing such a calibration in an old mill building in Vermont. The unit was inside a safety cage down in the sub basement in a small room at the bottom of a spiral stair case. The lighting was dim and it was the sort of place where you expect to hear water dripping.............or not the sort of place that makes one comfortable fooling around with that much voltage. At max power I could hear the ionization sizzle from my connecting wires as their insulation neared breakdown. At that moment, down there in the dark, alone with canned lightning the only thing that came to mind was the movie Ghost, where the black shadows came up into the world of the living.
  15. I don't understand why everyone is surprised.
  16. I had two slices of an everything pizza with anchovies. That was the special holiday meal this year.
  17. But we are closer to next January 1st than last January 1st.
  18. Cut the red wire But first isolate and cut the blue wire.
  19. Covid is real. The mask is political. The world has gone crazy and records are being set in the travel industry at silly fuel prices. Party on.
  20. I hope the body doesn't surface.
  21. Happy birthday. Have a great weekend.
  22. I don't see much to celebrate this year.
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