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  1. It's a secondary charge in most cases. Have an accident and injure someone and they will check to see if your phone was in use at the time. Most traffic laws today have become a joke. We are too many to be policed so they just take action when they have to.
  2. The younger asshole drivers are still driving WRXs but the older ones have moved on to Audis and Beemers.
  3. Yes. You aren't a Commie if your Canadian.
  4. Breaking news is news about things getting broken isn't it?
  5. Several observations are the same as the above.Traffic flow is a little lighter but increasing. Speeds are way up. Cruising at a mere 75 on a 65 highway relegates one to the far right lane where you can routinely watch some passing you at 145or 20 over. If you get too slow they will pass you at that speed on the shoulder, especially after an on ramp where they have committed to getting in front of as many cars as possible before merging. Right turn on red if clear after a stop has become right turn on red no slowdown required and very little attention to whether or not anyone is coming on the main road. Stop signs are a yield at 20 or more and yield signs are non existent for all the good they do. Cell phone use is way up judging by the erratic driving else day drinking has become normal. Driver skills seem to be down, possibly by lack of practice last year or maybe just because nobody give a shit anymore about skills. Ins and outs along with right turn only signs or no right turn on red are totally optional.
  6. Storing hot things in a cold place. I'll have to ponder on that for a while.
  7. Quality. Over half the people who call me from a cell phone have awful sounding phones.
  8. Does anyone think I should do an online review for Frontier? Also, I've discovered that Amazon reviews your reviews prior to publication and removes any that are too critical.
  9. This seems to be a good example of a first world problem. I've fallen behind I guess because my faucets are just ordinary faucets.
  10. When that happens I give an honest review of the situation. "Company known for slow shipping and rapid requests for reviews".
  11. maddmaxx

    Junk Drawer

    You two crack me up.
  12. Living on a ship is not what it's cracked up to be. I know these things. Just having an office on one and not having to sleep there most days is bad enough. But then, Royal Caribbean doesn't use as much grey paint as I was used to.
  13. I'm afraid that cruise ships are a petri dish of disease whether it be covid or legonaies or just plain food poisining. Fortunately womaxx cannot stand being inside a small room like a cabin on a cruise ship.
  14. maddmaxx

    Junk Drawer

    You're correct. They weren't drawers filled with junk. They were empty. My bad.
  15. For good reviews I require good compensation.
  16. Eggs, bacon, shredded cheese, onions, peppers in quesadilla form. Smells good.
  17. My family will be able to open a point of sale for condiment packages after the apocalypse
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