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  1. maddmaxx

    Life expectancy of a laptop?

    You will like it so much more than Windows 97
  2. maddmaxx

    Happy Daytona Day

    It must be a cold day. Usually they wear less.
  3. maddmaxx

    Happy Daytona Day

    61st Daytona 500 is today. I've seen at least part of every one. Early on that consisted of 1 or 2 15 min segments in black and white on ABC's wide world of sports. Some were viewed in a teletheater setting watching on the giant screen. I've been to the speedway on numerous occasions along with the associated museum. I've gone around the track in excess of 150 miles per hour average (lap 2) and there's a right rear tire from a Rusty Wallace race car in my workshop waiting to be turned into some sort of coffee table. But I've never been there for the actual race. Like the super bowl this race dominates the entire area surrounding it. When I was in Orlando on or about the weekend of the race, parking lots at hotels would be full of tractor trailers with spare race cars and parts that didn't fit into the speedway. I flew out one Friday on the weekend of the race and the airport was full of people coming into Orlando from all over the country. There are better places to be for races during the NASCAR season, but the hype and spectacle make this one special.
  4. maddmaxx

    If anyone needs a colonoscopy

    Just think how much weight you've lost. OK, sorry. You will get stronger after this is over.
  5. maddmaxx

    Dr forum come in please...

    Everyone does.
  6. maddmaxx

    uncontrolled classroom behaviour

    Maybe after the student is expelled the parents should have to make a security deposit before they are let back in.
  7. maddmaxx

    Happy Daytona Day

    Actually, for a track like Daytona, probably the best seat in the house is on TV. At the track, it's so big that you tend to miss things because you are looking somewhere else or because the action is a mile away behind a tower or building. Nascar, the business, has brought technology to the track. You can rent a tablet like display that is linked to everything going on during the race. You can watch from inside a car or listen to the drivers, all while being at the live race. IMO the best part of actually going to the track is not the race, but all the surrounding stuff that's going on.
  8. maddmaxx

    Happy Daytona Day

    Monsters. Those wimmenz are just monsters.
  9. maddmaxx

    If a cow doesn't give milk?

    Is it a milk dud or is it an udder failure?
  10. maddmaxx

    If a cow doesn't give milk?

    Unlike the west coast, it's morning here. The first cup of coffee is already finished. I think I'm going down to the secret lab to begin cleaning my bike in preparation for the arrival of spring.
  11. maddmaxx

    Guess Where I Was?

  12. maddmaxx

    Dr forum come in please...

    How has your diet changed the last few days due to your illness. Lots more liquids? Comfort food? There's a pretty long trip between the front door and the back door and some changes make that trip an adventure.
  13. At least the appliances are included.
  14. maddmaxx

    FAA rules concerning Drones

    I've had RC planes I've built in the past that weigh less than 30 grams. My current favorite sport FPV drone weighs 52 grams and is a bit larger than the previous generation of tiny whoops that came in at 25 grams. https://www.amainhobbies.com/blade-inductrix-fpv-bnf-ultra-micro-electric-quadcopter-drone-blh9680/p699038 Of course you don't take serious pictures with this. These are for indoor fun with goggles on. If your flush with money this is the brushless version https://www.amainhobbies.com/blade-inductrix-fpv-bl-bnf-ultra-micro-brushless-electric-quadcopter-drone-blh8850/p800166 These require a Spektrum transmitter that's not part of the advertised package.
  15. maddmaxx

    FAA rules concerning Drones

    The FAA has changed one of it's drone laws. A pilots registration number for all RC flying craft above the 250 gram weight limit must now be displayed in a well maintained form on the outside of the craft. Previously an exemption was made to allow it to be written on an easily accessible surface inside the vehicle. This is the result of feedback from law enforcement agencies to the FAA.
  16. maddmaxx

    trying to muster up enthusiasm

    Be careful that they don't retire you early by eliminating your job.
  17. maddmaxx

    Tax season is annoying

    You pay for their services. I believe you can rip a strip off their asses.
  18. maddmaxx

    trying to muster up enthusiasm

    I gave up on those when I discovered that they were simply a way for management to use my words to not justify a raise.
  19. maddmaxx

    Tax season is annoying

    I was under the impression that tax documents were required from sources on or before Jan31. I'd get on the phone to kick some ass.
  20. maddmaxx

    Where to eat in Vegas?

    Similar to my trip to Malaysia departing JFK at 0100 (o dark thirty). Nothing outside of security and inside everything was closed or closing as we got in. Next three meals were on the plane. Yep, nothing open in the early dawn hours in Taiwan.......next meal on the plane.
  21. maddmaxx

    FAA rules concerning Drones

    Any RC pilot flying a craft in excess of 250 grams is required to obtain a registration number from the FAA. That number is for the pilot and applies to any and all RC craft he owns. It is similar but not the same as the tail number on a full sized aircraft although those are different for each aircraft. The number is so that the FAA knows who to contact in case of a problem. When I got mine the fee was $5 but as an early adopter they refunded mine. Of course, someone flying over the crowd at a football game is probably not going to prominently display a registration number..........ok, that just keeps honest people honest and adds multiple other charges on to someone who does something stupid enough to get caught. Commercial pilots need a different license only obtained after mandatory attendance to a school concerning rules regulations and other need to know stuff for professionals.
  22. maddmaxx


    Has joined the A-Main Hobbies and Bicycle business. That's the email waiting for me this morning. I assume that means that Nashbar was purchased by A-Main from the dying Performance business. I am previously familiar with A-Main from my dealings with the Hobby Industry as they are a very large online store for RC products. They also have a brick and mortar store front in California along with one of the nicer RC racetracks in the country. Their prices were very good and their service was excellent. A couple of years ago I became aware that they had a bicycle division. If their level of service in the bike business matches their RC business this could be a good thing for the former Nashbar.
  23. maddmaxx

    FAA rules concerning Drones

    I think the cameras are mostly all 4G now on a quality drone. Many simply carry one of the Hero models. Most important is some good realtime video back to your receiver so that you know what you are aiming at. Now if you get into serious photography beyond that level you will probably need some sort of industrial level drone with more than 4 motors. When a 4 motor drone loses an engine it loses it's ability to fly right and crashes along with expensive camera equipment. Film studios usually use at least 8 motors with expensive cameras so that the loss of control is minimized and the drone can be soft landed immediately. Also, the first time you sell a picture you change your status and license from amateur to professional and now you have to go to school to fly your drone and pay a larger fee.
  24. maddmaxx

    The world has changed.

    The government deposited my Federal tax refund in my bank account in just 1 week from the time I filed it? This is unprecedented. WTF has happened?
  25. maddmaxx

    FAA rules concerning Drones

    No. I solved the problem a different way. I no longer fly anything that weighs more than 250 grams. If I did I might contact you for my numbers as I do have a registration. A lot of people simply don't however. That will make having an accident and damaging something bring on some secondary charges when you are caught. Then you have to explain to the court that you damaged your neighbors car while illegally operating a drone. Uh oh.