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    Corn dogs

    We have a cutter from some kit purchased years ago. Cut the onion and slather on the batter before deep frying. The large onion that i bought had a rotten center so we used some smaller ones that didn't cut very well. Frankly we did better with small sliced cut off and battered and fried. We've done better. edit: There's a powder to shake onto the onions after they are battered and fried.
  2. maddmaxx

    Corn dogs

    Nope. With just the four of us I only bought a half watermelon at the lgs.
  3. maddmaxx

    Corn dogs

    Bloomin onions, apple fritters and a watermelon and blueberry fruit salad. Staying home for the holiday isn't all that bad.
  4. maddmaxx


    I watched it today. If you get a chance you want to be in the room where it's happening.
  5. maddmaxx

    Flag poles

    I quit the American Legion when they went nuts over the flag code. I pointed out to the flag wearing olympic athletes that they didn't complain about while they were bad mouthing flag jersey wearing cyclists.
  6. maddmaxx

    What if

    We? You got a mouse in your pocket?
  7. Hit the read more button.
  8. All things carry the danger of excess.
  9. Having a 4th person living here I think our spending is slightly up. We are saving on many things such as gasoline but spending more on food. Amazon likes us however.
  10. Do any of those restaurants have take out curbside service. That became quite the thing here due to the virus. Some very fine restaurants are staying alive by offering this service. We try to help our favorites keep going.
  11. Red, you are great. You would probably be a big fan of Loreena McKennitt who adds voice to harp and several other instruments. She specializes in wistful music.
  12. I had a salad. I have lost 5 lbs in just over a week. Another week and I'll be good again. Take that Covid 10
  13. I could ask Mistress Wanda if she's in need of an apprentice?
  14. When got to Pratt and Whitney's test cells, we were still required to shock test the core memory modules during routine maintenance. It was done with one of those auto punch devices that machinists use to mark a piece of sheet metal or what people recommend you use to break out of an automobile window. We caused far more failures then we fixed. We stopped doing that after a while. These were Cyber 17 computers with 32K of core memory. and they were about the size of two dining room tables. We used carbon tet in bug sprayers to clean teletypes. I'm sometimes surprised that I'm still alive.
  15. Hash House a go go. Next time you are in one of the cities that has one, go for breakfast. and then take the rest home for dinner and breakfast tomorrow and lunch tomorrow It's unfortunate but mine at the Mohegan Sun Casino still hasn't opened. Even when it does I'm not going into the casino to eat.
  16. You probably didn't work with computers back when we had things like 80 mb platter drives. When one of those flying heads crashed there was noise, smoke and even vacuum cleaner use to get all the crap into the trash bag. Then usually it was necessary to change all 11 heads due to contamination. The flying clearances were so small that a particle of cigarette smoke would crash a head. The computer room had to be cleaned at all times.
  17. The update that hit me over the last couple of days did in fact change my startup page, lock me into a "what's new" page. My computer was very slow at times when it seems to have been hijacked to down load an update that I didn't know was coming. It took several power off reboots to get the startup to run correctly. I'm a Chrome browser user and I don't think Microsoft likes me.
  18. maddmaxx

    Da Groundhog

    Good title.
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