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  1. Yeah, and that's why you end up with a lawsuit like the roundup one going through. People ignored the science in favor of pseudo science. Then you have all the "Organic" crap now which is basically going completely backwards as it forces you to use the worst farming practices in order to accomplish it. So you are going max tillage to control weeds and such, leading to higher ground erosion, more pollution to waterways due to run off and extreme long term damage to the field do the loss of top soil. The entire world is fucked because to many people believe in nonsensical crap and ignore what real science says. And for the GMO crowd, almost all the food you eat, even nonGMO would not exists if not for GMO. We've just gotten to the point where we don't have to rely on cross pollination to do it which takes decades, but cross pollination is still GMO. The world is full of a bunch of fucking idiots, and I'm about done and ready to check out of it. Peace, I'm out.
  2. Yeap, just buy the cheapest and move on. No need worrying about it stupid stuff.
  3. What the hell. Don Panoz died too. :( https://jalopnik.com/innovative-race-car-constructor-and-motorsport-pioneer-1828981965
  4. Exactly, try adding two kids to the mix and a weekend and I'm worn out.
  5. I can see that, it's a lot of work to live like that and there is something to be said for just sitting around home, kicking back and doing nothing. One of these days I'll get to do that again. Moving sucks, but the list of things to do are slowly getting knocked off.
  6. But I liked Gym and it was an easy A. I'll have to go with Spanish. Took it because I made the mistake of listening to a freaking guidance concealer who said by the time I graduate college's will require at least one year of a foreign language. That was in the 90s and they still don't require it now. Also I've learned doing lots of international business, everyone freaking speaks English that has any power to actually do anything for you.
  7. A family showering on 20 gallons of water means dumping tanks and refilling often, though trailer comes in handy for hauling water, but it's a pain in the ass if the place has a decent bath house. Now if we at least have water hookup, yeah, we use the shower in the camper.
  8. Yes, along with going to the shower, beach, getting firewood, what ever.
  9. We keep one in our camper, comes in handy.
  10. That's why my wife is looking at an Armada. She works from home now, so not to worried about the gas mileage hit since she doesn't drive much.
  11. No, but my uncle has, lost them all at the first knuckle from the finger nail in a sickle blade mower I believe.
  12. And if you want to really know how ludicrous the car market is. The Jeep Wrangler is one of the top selling vehicles out there right now. A vehicle that is actually horrible to drive on the road compared to most and that is where most of them will always live. People want big vehicles they think are cool, not something that is actually fun to drive and comfortable.
  13. Honda has said they are struggling as the Accord isn't selling well.
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