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  1. jsharr


    I would do it for sure. These things can take days to show up. If you are sore now, it could get worse. Sorry to say it, but you have to play the game by their rules. so go get checked out. Maybe Doctor Mickin can do a virtual appt. for you?
  2. Do you have a dehydrator?
  3. It is a scouting tradition for troop meetings to end with an inspirational story from a leader. At this weekends event, I was asked if I had any good Scoutmaster minutes as they were looking for ideas. I had one rolling around in my mind and explained it to the leader of the event and not only did he like it, he asked if I would present it at the camp fire that evening. It went something like this. Recently I was honored to be able to serve on an Eagle Scout project where the prospective Eagle Scout was building a fenced in storage area at his church for the use of the church and the
  4. Wow, talk about multi talented. I would never have associated Shel Silverstein with Buck Owens, Emmy Lou, Johnny Cash or country music. Thanks for sharing. Any day you learn something is a good day.
  5. jsharr


    Prayers for healing for Einstein, knowledge and insight for his caregiving team and peace, comfort and strength for you all.
  6. Let's play finish the acronym! B__ __ __
  7. Brandon burned him and chopped him into tiny bits first
  8. Brandon dropped off some Ethiopian yesterday.
  9. Those bastards killed Kenny!
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