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  1. We are common folk and need more budget friendly solutions.
  2. Boat heater will cost 7.5x as much as a cabin heater.
  3. She said she did not want it cost an arm and a leg. Maybe this instead
  4. jsharr

    Skateboard man

    Hey @wilbur want to come grind on my coping?
  5. jsharr


    I hope you enjoyed the donuts.
  6. jsharr


    Still a bit too high.
  7. jsharr

    Hey jasharr

    I saw that on the book of faces. I was glamping all weekend feeding 800 people at a scout camp. Wade and Ryan came out Saturday to fish at camp and then on Sunday went to some tackle shop in Krum and then fished. Wade caught a 1 pound bass that he said weighed three pounds.
  8. No snow in Dallas, but currently raining and there is a cold front blowing in. Going to go from 60's today to 20s tonight.
  9. Yes and we only started with a few loaves and a couple of chicken fried steaks and somehow all the crowd was fed..... The day was a blur. Up at 5:30 to cook breakfast. Staffed registration and got people to campsites until 10 am. Got lunch ready and served to around 800 in one serving, many ate outside. Cleaned the mess hall, wiped down all the tables and chairs and then got ready to serve dinner, chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, garlic bread and salad. Then had to clean the mess hall again for breakfast the next day, which was muffins, cereal, yogurt and milk. Then had to clean the kitchen and mess hall again and then go start checking campsites to make sure the scouts cleaned up after themselves, which of course they did, as they are scouts.
  10. We fed 800 people three meals. Dinner was two 400 person seatings.
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