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  1. I had hummus and pretzel chips and a sparkling water. Heading home to grill steaks and shrimp.
  2. jsharr

    Vegan be damned

    Is that like Donk's version of Netflix and chill?
  3. Anyone got her number? asking for a friend
  4. jsharr

    Smart As Kids

    sure, he did this for Airwick for a party in the she shed.
  5. jsharr

    Smart As Kids

    when is your next chess fishing tournament?
  6. jsharr

    Smart As Kids

    I subcontract all my avatar work out to Pbot. He used to print cake frosting pics for WalMart.
  7. jsharr

    Vegan be damned

    You just do coffee?
  8. jsharr

    In too deep?

    this has never been a problem for me. digging with a spoon as it were.
  9. He went to med school in Vegas. We call him the one armed bandit.
  10. He had his annual physical and he got bad news.
  11. You should probably avoid all the stage coach stops in between Dallas and San Fran as well.
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