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  1. Did they get rid of the ladybug tattoo as well?
  2. https://www.lipstickalley.com/threads/british-couple-that-won-the-uglymanwithpret-ty-woman-contest-weds.748558/
  3. jsharr

    Found the leak.

    @Dottie found his too! You guys should try to get a package repair deal.
  4. Thunder Road Born to Run The River Bandlands Racing in the Street
  5. Early Bruce Springsteen is some awesome stuff. His lyrics could stand as poetry.
  6. While they are at it, see if they can remove that shitty lady bug tattoo. Looks like a kindergarten kid drew it.
  7. jsharr


    S&M perhaps?
  8. I blame Thomas Cook. I hear they started it.
  9. Well at least one of them is Blessed, so there is that. Amen.
  10. jsharr


    Hell hath no fury like a woman an Airwick scorned.
  11. jsharr

    Men, are idiots.

    I thought maybe he had started a new career as an FA....
  12. Depends on the road and the time of day. That area right there is dangerous as is the SW corner of downtown dallas and lots of highways converge there.
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