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Community Answers

  1. I thought that was only if it was up for more than four hours not down for more than four hours
  2. the common street thugs have cut out the mob middleman.
  3. jsharr

    Covid poll

    I got the covid and the covid vaccine and boosters. Only had it once that I know of and symptos were mild.
  4. Maybe those Sunshine Sloth people could help out?
  5. If you are on FB, we started a "forum messenger" group. We added who we knew.
  6. You are a Bills fans. Suffering should seem common place to you.
  7. jsharr


    I like you. Perhaps like is too strong of a term. I tolerate you!
  8. We can feed them some baby food?
  9. jsharr


    If you win, or if Wheels "claims" you won, I will smooch you on the lips next time I see you!
  10. Luckily no one on your team looks like his girlfriend.
  11. jsharr


    Okay, I will torment you and haunt your dreams. better?
  12. There was some fun stuff. Big Dom getting in a fight with Greenlaw. Mahomes getting rocked while still on the field and still trying to gain yards and the Packers penalized for a late hit. That was bullshit. San Francisco is without a doubt the best team in the NFL right now. Hopefully they left the Eagles so beat up that Dallas can eek out the win this week.
  13. jsharr


    I will kiss you square on the lips if you make RG the winner. I will leave you in peace if you make me the winner.,
  14. Maybe it was a hostile attack by an organic gardening forum?
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