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  1. jsharr


    Send him doggeh pics
  2. jsharr


    No he isn't! Are you some kind of liberal?
  3. jsharr


    I texted with him earlier today. I send him pics of puppies. He called Ginger a girl today. Ginger is a boy dog.
  4. jsharr


    18 million people live in NY. US Population is 330 million. 18 million people die per year of heart disease in the US. If you divide the NY population by the US population you get .054 .054 of the NY population is about 100,000 Divide that by 365 and you get 274. So this is disease is three times more deadly than heart disease so far in NY. Horrible, yes! Tragic? Yes! I just try to keep this in perspective with other causes of death and realize that the world is not coming to an end. My county has had 287 cases out of population of 1.1 million. We have had 4 deaths and over 102 people recover. Try to look at all the numbers, not just the death toll. Look for good numbers. Less than 1.5 percent death rate from Covid 19 in our county and well over 33% recovery rate so far.
  5. That sucks. I can see letting go the new VP, but your oldest tenured employee? Make the ones that built the company suffer and keep the lowest paid workers? Man that sucks.
  6. So she is one of the longest tenured employees and is one of the first to go? Does she make more than the others? Benefits? Sucks that loyalty and time served did not weigh in to this.
  7. how many got laid off of the ones calling?
  8. Nope. I am not a fan of the peach.
  9. I drank 8 oz or so. One and done. My teeth will be fine
  10. Tito's is not that good of vodka. Ordered take out from a local taco joint. Meal came with a gallon of tea. Boys had a pitcher of lemonade made. Added some lemonade to my tea and then decided to add some vodka. It does not suck. Not topshelf, but not gonna toss it out either.
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