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    2005 Trek 1200, 1992 Trek 8000, 1980s Falcon of England Europa, 1983 Cannondale SR500

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  1. Wade and I spent the morning with his Scout Troop placing flags on the graves of fallen American soldiers. The US flag is for a Texan that died in the Spanish American war, the flag in the background is a memorial to a Confederate soldier who died while on furlough
  2. My what a big swing arm you have!!!!
  3. Have some friends doing Carry the Load in Dallas this weekend. One of them sent me this pic. That is my grandfather whose helmet I posted the picture of recently.
  4. I will keep your family and friends in my prayers
  5. move
  6. This forum would be cadillacking if Airwick would come back
  7. Do any of you use this word to describe when you are doing really really well? Or is it just me?
  8. GFD
  9. I am the forum butthole, ass kiss and shit heel.
  10. or pancakes
  11. wrong end, butt close.
  12. I want to write a virus that displays this every time an apple fan boi posts about no apple viruses.
  13. @Wilbur? crickets?
  14. That must have been a big bull.