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  1. jsharr

    i found banana

    He looks a bit intoxicated.
  2. jsharr

    For the electric acoustic guitar experts...

    I hear the secret is to get one that goes to 11.
  3. jsharr

    Tech gurus to the white courtesy iPhone - new iPhone SE?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 active. Got it in 2015. It does all the stuff I need a phone to do. It is tough. I can drop it in water. I can drop it on the floor. I like it. I do not love it. It has charging port issues so I have to charge it on a pad. If that feature ever fails, I will no longer like it.
  4. This involves math doesn't it? When I tried to compute mine it came out blue
  5. jsharr

    I am a happy camper

    I am fine with this, but you will need to fly Wade out there to test drive with you as he is the square peg you must fit into the round hole.
  6. jsharr

    I am a happy camper

    Not a single Taurus in stock....
  7. ade and I went to a local CarMax today. I told the salesperson my criteria. $20k max price. 2015 or newer. 30K miles or less. VW Passat, Chevy Impala, Nissan Pathinder and GMC Terrain on the short list Did not love any of the cars on my list but we ended up test driving a low mileage 2015 Ford Taurus SEL that was loaded. Ticked all the boxes and was very roomy. The touch screen left me confused, but I can learn to deal with it. Right now the Taurus is top of my list followed by the Impala. They only had one on the lot and it was sold, so I need to search one out to drive. It fit all the boxes but I liked the overall look of the Ford better. Found one online that has the same features, a few more miles and 4k less. As soon as Geico hands me a check, I may go buy it.
  8. jsharr

    I am a happy camper

    The woman that ran the stop sign is,with Geico. I use State Farm
  9. jsharr

    I am a happy camper

    Yes and no. Going to go drive a few full sized sedans. Chevy Impala is top of the list
  10. jsharr

    Good morning!

    Boss started blowing up my phone at 6:30. Thought I had not sent a wire to our data feed provider. I sent it a day early so he missed it and he was looking at the balance in our holding account, not our operating account. The fact that he is in Doha, Qatar and is probably jet lagged and has been in meetings and entertaining probably had something to do with it as well. I am glad you slept in a bed and showered and all that. God Speed and safe travels.
  11. jsharr

    Heavens to murgatroyd!

    Jumping Jehosaphats, you are right!
  12. jsharr

    I am a happy camper

    Seconded I am going to get an Aztek with the tent option you dolt I am thinking N + 1 may apply to cars as well and this will allow me to pay cash for an older used car for Wade who turns 17 soon.
  13. jsharr

    The Story of How I (Almost) Saved the Day

    But think how good a frog would be at jump starting!!!!!