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  1. The Flying Toilet!

    Regular or low flow?
  2. Been a busy day

    I know, right!
  3. Been a busy day

    Did he die?

    They don't. He is on the chess team. Where did you get a silly idea about football?
  5. My boss didn’t let me quit.. :(

    He is the guy over there on the couch in the corner

    The mighty Wilson Rams are 4 and 0. They won 38 to 6 tonight. Mama is proud of her baby boy. Number 75 played most of the first and second halves. Was in on three or four tackles. Near the end of the game they started pulling players and mixing up who was in the line just to give the other team a bit of a chance. Their opponent tonight was also undefeated. This leaves the 7th Grade B team as the only undefeated team and probably one or two more victories away from being the city champs.
  7. So, who watched the Pats game yesterday?

    That was his corrected call after if was revealed that there was a lack of tater tots. Also, a langostino is a squat lobster.
  8. Instead of sex robots...

    When trying new foods, I always tell my kids "You won't know if you like it till you try it..." Words to live by Zephyr
  9. so, I'm contemplating running for POTBC

    As soon as he is done mowing the yard, I can convert him back to a parodybot, sure.
  10. Instead of sex robots...

  11. Instead of sex robots...

    It damn sure wasn't the farmers daughter. Maybe the farmer's wife? That whole wifely duty thing has to get old after a decade or so on the farm.
  12. So, who watched the Pats game yesterday?

    I watched it. I saw the fumble TD touchback play. The Jets got robbed. Also, The Cowboys still suck. Last year was just an abberation to give Jerry Jones hope and to keep the suckage going for years to come* *until Jerry kicks the bucket and his family sells the team to a rich owner that will hire a GM and a coach instead of a cadre of yes men.
  13. It’s summer in Australia

    You need this year round in Texas