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    2005 Trek 1200, 1992 Trek 8000, 1980s Falcon of England Europa, 1983 Cannondale SR500

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  1. jsharr

    I go to the Dr. today

  2. jsharr

    Cycling question, sorry

    strapping tape would be my first choice, then duct tape or electrical tape.
  3. jsharr

    What will be next

    your wallet or your budget are about to be broken
  4. jsharr


  5. jsharr


    be normal
  6. jsharr


  7. jsharr


  8. jsharr

    Need forum advice AWWC related.

    I ask you, fair forumites, how could anyone confuse the greatness of a Schutt football helmet with the the glorified full face BMX helmet that passes for a lacross helmet?
  9. jsharr

    3 folks I never expected to be on my naughty list

    If I have to stink, I cannot think of better company to stink with.
  10. jsharr

    I go to the Dr. today

    Maybe Trichinosis?
  11. jsharr

    King Dong rules from on high

    His Royal Dongness blessed me with images he took as he looked down on his vast dominions. He uses his great powers to control the weather as he floats benevolently over those that live under his power and might In this image, if you look carefully, you can see the glow off the bottom of his Golden Chariot of Dong as he sends it out over his Kingdong. All bow before him.
  12. jsharr

    Need forum advice AWWC related.

    Screw You @Wilbur!!!!!
  13. jsharr

    Did you ever pay your dealer for..

    Do you start it by yourself, or do you need someone in front cranking the starter handle?
  14. I blame the Kardashians, all of them.