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  1. He was too pat to open and too cool to bluff.
  2. Alice doesn’t live here anymore
  3. I think tomorrow will be Thursday
  4. Good Night @AirwickWithCheese
  5. most have a lot of miles on them but not many recently.
  6. the guy from Engerland that used to do the photoshops but quit coming around?
  7. based on the haircut, mostly like @Kzoo
  8. Your Navy blood is showing.
  9. If it was from me, it would have had my name on it, as I am all about getting all the praise. You know this. And it would be one of the mugs with a company logo on it.
  10. Oh, I called that ass an ass for much more than just that. Straw vs camels back sort of thing, don't you see.
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