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  1. Looks like MS fixed the issue overnight. Mine is working fine this AM.
  2. Apparently Microsoft pushed out an update and gifted users worldwide with invisible text in their emails.
  3. I think Microsoft has a glitch going on today I have the same thing happen on my PC
  4. So I was right with the first guess! Fancy Schmancy houses have fancy schmancy bath tubs!
  5. In a fancy schmancy bath tub!
  6. I seldom use it. Texans like sunburn.
  7. I am, just give me a second. I will be right there.
  8. http://www.gibbleguts.com/wp-content/uploads/viagra-bandit-sm.jpg
  9. I think there is a Viagra thief joke just waiting to pop up in here.
  10. jsharr

    Annie Annie!

    He or she is dumb enough to let Eyebike play with his or her chest, so there is that tell tale sign.
  11. no hardened criminal but have quite a few friends who spent time at the crossbar hilton over the years. We all make mistakes.
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