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  1. And we agreed with you.
  2. If you can, spit. Then watch the spit and dig opposite of the way it goes.
  3. Tyler has to fight for his ingredients. I do not like to even talk about it.
  4. It nearly kilt me when he walked in wearing it.
  5. I hope you paired it with a modest blouse and some sensible shoes.
  6. Ike is far superior. Admit it
  7. Buggy10 was one of my socks. Do want me to add it here? I am a bit afraid to, as I am not sure I will be able to become me again over here and may be stuck as buggy.
  8. Yes. Usually Levis jeans, but today I am wearing some Wranglers.
  9. I believe you are a few hours outside the allowable parody window. Please try again tomorrow.
  10. I do not think I have an instagram or a snap chat. I think I have a Pinterest.
  11. diuretics make you pee, not pooh. But coffee has been known to prime that pump as well, so there is that.
  12. coffee is a diuretic to most, so I feel you should disagree.
  13. I am cheap. I wear things until they no longer are wearable. Cuffs and collars were thread bare. Have added half a dozen work shirts to my wardrobe in the last month as well as two pairs of pants. Now I need a few more casual shirts and really need to think about business formal. Need to get at least one new suit soon. Also some black boots. Maybe I should start a gofundme?
  14. It is legal to go topless in these states: Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/topless-women-win-big-colorado-city-drops-ban-n1056701
  15. Normally wear a T shirt with our corporate logo on Monday and Friday, but I have been slowly replacing old worn out dress or business casual shirts and I wore a new one each day this week. Tuesday was a blue pinstriped oxford cloth button down. Wednesday was a gray striped shirt I got for Christmas from my boys. Yesterday was an Amazon Basics plaid pattern button front shirt in a red and blue check pattern and today is a lilac striped button down. Now I need to go through the closet and retire a few old tired shirts.
  16. I am not an Asian chick, but I walk around topless all the time. You have been warned.
  17. jsharr

    Started TP Today

    This is fact and cannot be disputed.
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