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  1. You know the answer, but it needed to be asked. Maybe you should call MomCheese and let her know what her devil spawn is doing?
  2. jsharr

    Fish are now here

    Am you happy fish at now here?
  3. Is this true? @Shu Fang is the forum voice of reason. I know I can trust him to answer this.
  4. You are always welcome at my house. Remi and Romeo and Rascal are pretty used to having foster puppies around. I will let you get a double dip at Sweet Firefly and Ylva can have a puppy cone.
  5. Maybe he was washing between his toes and saw his little buddy at the same time?
  6. Stars lose tonight and shake hands in Nashville over the weekend.
  7. France is going to have a competition to design the new spire for Notre Dame. Let's all submit our designs as this: discus
  8. jsharr

    Hey Random Guy

    TMAS Took Me A Second.
  9. It is Texas shaped. I do not even know what an ostentate is or what one is shaped like!
  10. Any time you want it to be, as we will all forget what we were talking about.
  11. This is the pot smoker calling the kettle black.
  12. I bet those Amish horse and buggies tear that place up.
  13. and the jsharrodymeter scores this a 2.57
  14. I would never consider doing such a thing.
  15. I am smarter than your average dumb ass Texan that needs to be learned something by uppity Northerners.
  16. Come to Texas and go glamping with me. You really should go see @Parr8hed. His glamper is the bomb diggity and he has a millenial powered fire device and bacon.
  17. Basically. You would have to follow Prairie Creek to Spring Creek, then follow Spring Creek to Pittman Creek and go up Pittman Creek just a bit and you would find the Texas Pool. There is no actual waterway named Canyon Creek in our area.
  18. It would be nice if the Fed could pay for some schooling, housing, mentoring, tutoring since Texas has the highest population of unaccompanied minor immigrants in the Nation. Easy to point fingers, Late, but remember while one finger is pointing at your perceived problem, the other three are pointing back at you. It is not a state by state problem, it is a national crisis.
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