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  1. Not in this life maybe, but never say never.
  2. Is he trying to get us to reply to old no reply posts for a reason? Is @Redfacedwalrus forcing him to pad his post count is some sort of click bait ponzi scheme?
  3. If ever a thread deserved no responses, this is it.
  4. 6 5/8 actually! Don't sell yourself short.
  5. what part of " jsharr is an attention whore" do you not understand?
  6. jsharr

    I am sad

    that I had to comment on so many of my own threads to get back in SW's good graces. You all need to step up your games and comment when I post.
  7. Yep, they have not moved at all as far as I know. I will ask her.
  8. Make them say no. Give them a really large number of dollars for a really reduced number of hours and the proviso that you are coming back to train someone, not take on a full time job.
  9. For the same reason that Myles Garrett cannot give etiquette lessons with a sledge hammer. NFL stands for No Fun League.
  10. jsharr

    MC Eschers dog

    It was funny when I posted it, that is all I remember.
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