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  1. Not everyone would agree with that.
  2. I should be jellyous of this competition, but I am not. I wonder why @Kzoo has not scored this?
  3. I fgiured they would wear those woven hoodie things from Mexico. We call them Bajas here.
  4. I have a hoodless hoodie. I call it a "sweatshirt"
  5. They said they do not have one, but if I bring the wheel in, they can order. Told them you would drop it by tomorrow.
  6. TIN!!! sorry, that is a jar, never mind.
  7. that leaves a LOT of room for interpretation. Covered by what?
  8. Ask friends who live near you or live in your new city. Word of mouth is your friend here.
  9. congrats. You have to be running short on clean pants by now, unless you have done laundry or been to the dry cleaners.
  10. where did you jam it, he asks knowingly.....
  11. Checking with Richardson Bike Mart for you.
  12. My son called me yesterday from our parking garage. He and two friends had come up here to take some old electronics to be recycled and to take some records to our storage faciltiy and to take some old furniture to donate. They were taking the furniture and he called looking for his keys. I asked him where the furniture was. In the back of his Tahoe. How did you get into your Tahoe? Yep, his keys were in the back of his Tahoe. RG is right.
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