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  1. jsharr


    You wear a helmet while driving your car?
  2. Imagine how wife of @BR46 feels!
  3. I paid 4.32 today and felt lucky. Will we ever see gas under 3.00 again? Or is this the new normal to force us to go electric?
  4. jsharr

    Why I work

    Came home to this
  5. For Ohio State it is all about THE money.
  6. jsharr

    Smalls PSA

    I hope the childrens tears water the crabgrass in your yard.
  7. Are you looking for a knife fight?
  8. jsharr

    Small PSA

    maybe you need to cut down your trips to Popeye's and KFC?
  9. jsharr

    Small PSA

  10. jsharr

    Small PSA

    I believe the word you were going for is schmutz.
  11. jsharr

    Crab sperm

    I have never been a big fan of crab, so this does not affect me, but it must suck for the people who make their living off of the crab
  12. Or you can request a pin by writing to them and they will mail one to you.
  13. I may go get poutine for lunch.
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