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  1. jsharr

    Wilbur and Zackny

    My name may or may not be jsharr and I approve of this thread.
  2. jsharr

    Today's crane ops

    Are you building a giant pipe organ?
  3. I thought this was going to be either swipe left or swipe right.
  4. jsharr


    Mess with the ram you gotta deal with the horns
  5. jsharr


    My name may or may not be jsharr and I approve of this post
  6. jsharr


    And yes, I was kidding in that one thread...... maybe, maybe not
  7. jsharr


    my name may or may not be jsharr, and I approve this thread!
  8. I seldom use the word hate, but this is my Mel Brooks style protest thread........
  9. jsharr

    Is your church

    democratic, republican or socialist?
  10. I wonder if that is why the Germans started world war 2?
  11. jsharr

    Yoga in the Park

    If it was me, I did not mean for it to be. Seriously. I know I derail and threadjack all the damn time, but I try not to be mean. Unless @Dottie is involved. It is like he is a bear and my fingers are all pointy sticks.
  12. with mayo? That just seems totally wrong. Then again, I like pretzels and mustard, so there is that.
  13. How do they fell about the French Toast and the French Fries?
  14. jsharr

    Yoga in the Park

    This post made me feel happy!
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