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  1. jsharr

    Bite me

    No. I wish I was though. Oh how I wish I was.
  2. jsharr

    Bite me

    And the circle is complete
  3. jsharr

    Muscle Gramps

    Longjohn's hours at the Y are paying off!!!
  4. jsharr

    Wayback Wednesday

    It is all relative.
  5. jsharr

    Wayback Wednesday

    22 years is way back , you dolt.
  6. jsharr

    Wayback Wednesday

    I was sponge worthy back in the day.
  7. jsharr

    Romeo bit me

    I am not wearing her cup, just her underwear.
  8. jsharr

    Wayback Wednesday

    I am on the beach in the background, drinking something in a coconut with a paper umbrella in it.
  9. jsharr

    Bite me

    I am not anyone. So there is that.
  10. jsharr

    My happy place

    There is no snow, why do you have snow shoes on it?
  11. jsharr

    Romeo bit me

    I stopped petting him 20190625_182404.mp4
  12. jsharr

    Wayback Wednesday

    You are talking to Martha aren't you? That is just mean.
  13. We always check the "specials / closeouts "area at our LGS. Frequently get 50% or more off meat. I look for specials. One thing I do not do is use brick and mortar store as a "fitting room" and then buy online. If I go to a store to see an item, I will buy it from that store. I have asked for price matching before and I will use coupons, esp. at places like Bed Bath and Beyond, as think they model their pricing based off everyone using coupons.
  14. Call the mechanics and tell them to be really thorough on that jet inspection.
  15. A lifelong friend who now lives in England was going through his old photos and found this.
  16. You are welcome. it was the VERY least I could do...
  17. She could have lost a bet and has to wear that.
  18. giphy. searched donkey kong. You do not think I put any effort into the things I post do you?
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