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  1. Chicago, Bay City Rollers, Atlanta Rythm Section, New York Dolls,
  2. It was excellent
  3. I will have homemade sour cream and chicken enchiladas with green chiles
  4. Damned refreshing after mowing the yard
  5. That should be every weekend for Allen. He also needs a hound dog namedBelvedere so he can rock, take a sip of mint julep and then yell loudly “Belvedere come here boy!” “Come Here I say!”
  6. Please tell me you’re in a cane rocking chair wearing a seersucker suit a straw bowler a string tie and sipping a mint julep julep
  7. It would’ve been great if she said I’m sorry only my husband gets to polish my hubs
  8. @Razors Edge was not involved in the wreck.
  9. And you just took it in for an oil change, right?
  10. I would hold off on this sort of thing until Monday AM!
  11. Do ya'll ever get tired of me being right all the damn time?! Yeah, me neither!
  12. Yeah, your song and the associated story was so much more betterer than mine.
  13. Congrats. I probably would have gone with Yeah, I've been high and I've been low And I don't know where to go I'm living on the never, never, never This time it's gonna be forever Birth, school, work, death Birth, school, work, death
  14. jsharr

    New Oogs

    someone lucky. They do house visits and screenings before approving an adoption.
  15. Snowy egrets are much smaller than great egrets. 18-22 inches. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/news/how-to-identify-white-herons-excerpt-from-better-birding-book/
  16. Definitely not your smelly vibrator. Let me think on that and get back to you.
  17. It says BLENDTEC right on the front, so Yes, it is a Vitamix.... sheesh.
  18. I am thinking with just a bit of work you could convert a dildo to slot onto that juicer base.
  19. How much does that work out to per use?
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