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  1. 2 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

    No.  Last year I did it.  This year I let someone else do it.

    then you should post a before and after picture of your wallet instead.

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  2. My paternal grandfather was born in Indian Territory.  His parents ran a boarding house that catered to cowboys driving cattle on the Chisholm Trail.  He was a steam locomotive repairman until he got crushed in a train car coupler.
    Like others.  He watched us go from horseback to steam, to gas, to jets, to rockets to the moon and beyond.  Watched the birth of so many things.  I to do not think another generation will ever see such visible change.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, 2Far said:

    Closing up shop @ 2:30.

    In other news: Tell me you're working from home without telling me you're working from home.

    Boss: "We have a MS Teams meeting about the new software at noon today"

    Episode 7 Working From Home GIF by The Simpsons

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