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  1. Drink sweet tea with lemon then.
  2. Son, iced tea goes with just about every darn thing.
  3. jsharr

    Top of my Cue

    My pork butt is not gonna pull itself.
  4. jsharr

    If I get bored

    COTA is 4 hours from us.
  5. yeah, but even at a young age, his posterior proclivity showed, as he preferred to call it "Butt Stuff in the Barnyard"
  6. jsharr

    If I get bored

    We could go to cowboy bar, listen to some western swing, or Texas red dirt. We do have some distilleries close, so could do that as well. Not sure about motorcycle racing, but I have some friends who ride, so I could ask
  7. jsharr

    If I get bored

    Six Flags over Texas? BBQ crawl Craft Beer Crawl Go sailing maybe Go to the range and shoot guns Go to Richardson Bike Mart Go eat some good Mexican food Fort Worth Stockyards Mesquite Rodeo Go see the Rangers, or Stars, or Mavericks or Cowboys play. Something is always in season Go camping with the Scouts
  8. Not if you set up your tent 5 minutes before dark. On Friday, it is pretty much an accepted fact that tents will be set up in the dark.
  9. The icon for this should be a razor blade
  10. jsharr


    He will be fine. The majority of these poor critters have heart worm or ticks or mange or something.
  11. jsharr


    I agree. Go adopt Gus.
  12. jsharr


    adopt him then, you moran.
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