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    Gus update Now that we have your attention it's time to update you on Gorgeous Gus!! (BTW-he's yawning!) This once pitiful sad boy found abandon an RV park has made a lot of progress in a few short weeks. He's been neutered and vaccinated. He's learned to walk on a leash, get in and out of the car, go on walks, sit for treats, cuddle, etc!! He's made two new canine friends who have helped show him the ropes of how to be a loved spoiled pooch! Stay tuned for more pupdates on Gus! Unfortunately, Gus is heartworm positive. He'll be undergoing treatment in 3 to 4 weeks then will be ready for adoption.
  2. I like figure out which one is our favorite n00b
  3. to me it appears you went streaking and a flahute was attracted to your glutes and wants to do butt stuff with you.
  4. why not? as long as all three genders are represented
  5. how are we supposed to know what goes on in that sick n00b head of yours?
  6. I have heard that Rodney Dangerfield kept himself and a good portion of the cast and crew coked up the entire time.
  7. jsharr

    Northern lights

    Do they even make a plane with a sidecar?
  8. I know he says turd and double turds https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080487/characters/nm0055328
  9. Crop dusting? That can be dangerous around open flames
  10. firm or squishy? corn or no corn? smooth or lumpy? floating or sinking? dark brown, tan or green?
  11. Poo can take so many shapes and textures. I have a plethora of questions.
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