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  1. A buddy of mine dresses up and celebrates Krampusnacht. He will be in the park by our place Dec. 5th. You should come over.
  2. Dear God that would be a waste of bourbon.
  3. I thought of you this weekend when one of my bourbon swilling buddies posted a picture at midnight yell at Texas A&M saying he is not supposed to be awake that late. I asked him if they made caffienated bourbon. So do they? If not, why not?
  4. Okay. BTW, we only had 6 dutch oven cobblers on saturday night. Any thing from chocolate cherry to lemon peach. The turkey sliders with bacon gravy won the dinner contest.
  5. ignore everything.
  6. Thank you. That will be $8.27 at the second window
  7. This piece of art stands at the corner of Custer and the George Bush tollway. I have named it “would you like fries with that?” I think they are going to build the First Church of McDonald’s there.
  8. Richardson does not allow any big box retail. There is not a Target, Walmart etc. within the Richardson city limits. You would have to buy that at a boutique here.
  9. Who suggested this horrible name? Creme of Earl Grey?
  10. I think Mosey owes the SSC a coin actually. https://www.opinel.com/en/opinel-et-moi/news/why-do-we-give-somebody-coin-when-they-give-us-knife-gift
  11. Okay, I just laughed out loud!
  12. so I can make an exception and say you are not a dolt, but does that make it so?
  13. a sloop carries one headsail. A cutter carries two or more. I can call my Chrsyler 300 a sports car, but that does not make it one.
  14. Any boat with more than one head stay, or capable of carrying a headsail and a stay sail in front of the mast is not a sloop. I cannot make out the detail on the boats in the back or the boat to windward, so I cannot speak on every boat in that picture, but of the ones I can see, they are all cutters.
  15. i am not sure that there is a single sloop in that picture.
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