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    Stating fact is not sassing sir.  Airwick Quentin Mansfield IV was born in Sans Souci, SC in 1834 and ran off the join the army in 1844 at the age of 10.  He saw his first action in the Mexican-American War in the Battle of Cerro Gordo in 1847.  He was nicked on the head by a piece of Mexican pinata shrapnel.  It is believed by many to be the cause of his late life mule head disease onset.  He also picked up a taste for senoritas, tequila and mole during this time.  It was not uncommon to find AQ, as his stable mates called him, curled up with a semi clad mole covered senorita and a few dozen empty tequila bottles on a Sunday morning.
    During the Civil War, he worked behind the lines as a Union spy, pulling a wagon full of whores that followed the army of General Lee.  His dispatches were crucial in the defeat of Lee at Gettysburg.  However the years of tequila, senoritas and pulling a wagon of whores had worn out AQ's knees and he was retired to Willets Point to help the Engineers Corps advance the art of submarine warfare.  Here his mule head disease flared up, and on June 6, 1881, AQ died while being treated for his affliction.
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    The only way to really clean it is with fire.
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    Wow, they are good!
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    This guy?

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    Tandem kayaks suck. Did not expect 7 hours on the water. Poor job of communication by camp staff and poor preparation on my part.
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