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  1. Rotten egg smell?

    My local news team got positively giddy reading this story this morning.
  2. What kind of bullshit moderation is this?

    i missed the thread you're referencing, Wilbur. but I'm sorry if it seemed like we weren't respectful to the tragedy. The loss of life like that is horrible, and the closer it is to home, the easier it is to relate to the possibility that we or our friends and family could be impacted.
  3. It's odd that the circle of trust is outside the circle. Maybe it's an ironic name.
  4. I just went to the Duke Sandwich Company

    I am outraged on your behalf and embarrassed for the so-called sandwich lady. The lack of smile should have been a clue that she was not a real sandwich professional.
  5. Bo the cat.

    Bo knows naps!
  6. Today is also the Perfect Date - not too hot and not too cold
  7. Schoolhouse Rock Rocks

    The death of Schoolhouse Rock composer Bob Dorough reminds me just how wonderful many of these video shorts were. I think my favorite was the Noun video, although Conjunction Junction is pretty good too.
  8. I brought in a variety of cakes and baked goods to the office today. And if you happen to be in the North End of Boston, it's also Prince Spaghetti Day!
  9. Diabetes Update

    Congrats on the significant health improvements!
  10. Sparse Forumites

    You'd think she'd want a lot of helpful advice from us? Goldendesign, glad you survived and are doing well!
  11. You know you are important when..

    You should see the trails on that floor!
  12. I am slightly more dateable now

    I'd say spend time doing the things that you enjoy and spending time with RO and if you meet someone you like, that's great. But I wouldn't worry about trying to date someone.
  13. DH talked to RO on my telephone device on Sunday

    DH is a great role model for RO! RO's smile is so infectious in all the pics and she always seems to be enjoying the world. That's how I see DH too!
  14. The Conservative Squirrel Lawn Service

    I just have goats roaming my yard, Or at least I do in my dreams.
  15. Currently 35F with light snow and fog

    Light snow? You better bring in all the animals!