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  1. Johnny Weir...

    Johnny knows his over the top personality gets attention and has resulted in a lot of tv work and appearances. His tv personality is consistent with his larger than life personality in real life. But when he's in a smaller group or talking one to one, he's incredibly kind and treats everyone like they're an old friend. He grew up in a not wealthy family in a small town in Pennsylvania, and his early years weren't always easy. I'm glad he's in a situation where he can be himself and enjoy things, although I do think he's much better on his own than with Tara.
  2. Millennials Part II

    I had a conversation with a woman last week who said she just had to tell her 20 year old son where to put the stamps on an envelope.
  3. I was on line at the sandwich section of the cafeteria. This made me eager with anticipation. The first person on the line ordered an absurdly complicated sandwich which required a lot of customization and time to make (and trips by the sandwich maker to at least two other parts of the cafeteria for special items). This made me a little annoyed. Then the next person ordered American Cheese on white bread with mayo. That struck me as the saddest lunch I'd ever seen. The sandwich guy tried to liven it up by suggesting tomatoes, or grilled veggies or a tasty side dish of potato salad, but she wanted none of that. That made me a little confused, and still sad. The sandwich guy asked if she wanted it grilled, but no, just cold and plain. This made me perplexed. Then I realized she was probably very happy with her sad little lunch and was looking forward to a tasty meal. That made me feel a little happy. The End.
  4. Unwillingly handing over certain info

    My favorite story was when a friend was getting a security clearance many years ago because he was getting a high level job at the federal govt. I even had the FBI interview me as part of the process. He also needed to get fingerprinted, so he went to the local police station. There was a sweet older lady working at the desk and he explained why he needed them. He offered to show her ID, but she responded that wasn't necessary because someone working in such an important job wouldn't lie about his identity. Suddenly the security clearance didn't seem so secure.
  5. This story had everything! Demonstrations of paternal love, tension, drama and a satisfying ending.
  6. What am I missing in this logic?

    The Canadian women's hockey team certainly didn't stink. It's always nicer to win, but that was an incredibly close game that could have gone either way. At least in skating, the skaters can qualify for envelope funding based on results, but it's not nearly enough to cover the cost of their training. The money comes from sponsors, tv revenue and contributions, but with the decreasing popularity of the sport in the US, the amount available for skaters has also decreased.
  7. I'm getting compliments at work on my phsyique

    Nice to see your hard work is paying off!
  8. Margaret gave me soup

    Does Margaret have any cheese?
  9. Cheese..the real thing

    Nobody should be without Cheese!
  10. Something I Never Said!

    I am. Children should have streamers!!! So should adults for that matter. And frogs. Especially frogs.
  11. Duke this morning

    How does he feel about the alpaca? We don't hear enough about the alpaca!
  12. Something I Never Said!

    They should make them required equipment so everyone would be impacted
  13. Duke this morning

    Love those pics!
  14. Something I Never Said!

    Those bikes need streamers!