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  1. There's an awful lot of strolling and chatting, but I'm not seeing any dancing.
  2. People are starting to gather! Lots of strolling aroung Main Street, but no dancing yet.
  3. Congratulations! I was sort of hoping they had made t-shirts to commemorate the day.
  4. Kirby

    New Oogs

    I could tell they were fabulous just by looking at those pictures! What sweet faces!!!
  5. Please take care of yourself and keep us posted.
  6. My next door neighbor told me he's very glad there is a mask mandate. He's had a bunch of surgeries on his teeth and they won;'t be fixed completely for some time, so the mask helps him feel less self-conscious.
  7. Yikes! So sorry to hear this. I hope you heal quickly and glad that there was a good person nearby to take care of the bike and make the call.
  8. I can't help you. Philly Cheesesteak hamburgers were the special at the gas station on Monday. Today they only have: Special 1- Chicken Salad Ranchero: Chicken Tenders, Chicken Salad, Mixed Greens, Tomato, Melted Cheddar, Ranch & Buffalo Sauce $6.99tx Special 2- Ranchero Wrap: Chicken Tenders, Melted Cheddar, Mixed Greens, Tomato, Ranch & Hot Sauce $6.99tx Special 3- Buffalo Chicken Panini: Sliced Buffalo Chicken, Pepper Jack, Bacon & Buffalo Sauce $8.99tx Salisbury Steak $7.99tx Chicken Cordon Bleu $7.99tx BBQ Pork Ribs $7.99tx Shrimp Penne a la
  9. Kirby

    Solo Vacation

    Hope the results come out ok!
  10. There is another one tonight at 8L30 MST, and Saturday at 9.! The parade is tomorrow at 9:30 AM MST
  11. Poor kitty must have been so scared. I hope it gets reunited with its person, although the person will likely need to find alternate shelter for some time.
  12. I work at home for now, and don't go a lot of places at the moment, so it's not that big of a question. NY hasn't changed its regulations yet, and I' expect most stores will still require it since they have no idea who is vaccinated and who isn't. I'll wear one because I don't want to make the life of some poor grocery clerk charged with monitoring the situation any harder than it has to be.
  13. I missed it! I'll have to dance in the street outside my house to make up for it!
  14. Kirby

    Solo vacation

    How about Michigan lake towns?
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