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  1. I thought it was a porcupine, but I didn't know they climbed trees. I don't think I've ever seen one in real life.
  2. Wonderful pictures. Thank you for posting them. I love the scenes with the geese on the ground and in the air. So atmospheric! What is the animal in the three in the 5th picture?
  3. Casement window, I hear they're a good thing
  4. No, but I have an amazon fire stick on a tv.
  5. Kirby

    In a fire

    That would be a good choice too. I have some pictures that family and friends painted that I would have to lose.
  6. Probably for a figure skating event, but I'm not sure what the last one was. Maybe Worlds in London?
  7. Kirby

    In a fire

    Most of the pictures are scanned - a project that I started when we were cleaning out my parents house. If I thought about it, probably a jewelry box that contains a few pieces that have sentimental value - a necklace from my grandmother and a pin that my Dad got my Mom.
  8. Kirby

    Naming your goat

    Goaty. I'm no more original with goats than I am with boats.
  9. Reminds me of summers up in the Catskills
  10. Kirby

    Waffle sunday

    Does Paulie like waffles?
  11. Kirby

    Naming your boat

    Boaty, I'm not very original.
  12. Like sheep_herder, I don't add any salt, but I get a bunch through prepared foods. I used to love a salt bagel, but I find that too salty now (but still love salty pretzels).
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