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  1. Kirby

    I gave up

    You are smart to listen to your body and not create any unnecessary stress by trying to make some artificial deadline. This is a temporary setback, but you need to take the time necessary to recover.
  2. It's supposed to rain heavily today, and break the heat wave of the last few days, so yay!
  3. Kirby


    The recipes on that blog almost make me want to cook! And they're usually healthy too.
  4. Kirby

    It's Not Too Late

    Ice cream doesn't become any less ice creamy because you put it in a sandwich.
  5. Hope it helps, but at a minimum, it should be nice and relaxing. Enjoy.
  6. You still have time to celebrate National Ice Cream Day! I recommend ice cream sandwiches - good for celebrations or panic. Of course if you read this on Monday, you can have a belated celebration.
  7. Kirby


  8. Kirby


    Here are some recipes from Love and Lemons: https://www.loveandlemons.com/?s=ricotta&submit=
  9. Kirby

    Crock pot dinner

    How industrious for a Sunday in summer!
  10. Kirby

    Hot hot hot

    65 days until the first day of Autumn! 21 days to August 10th
  11. It's hard to know how I'd feel at the time, and I can respect the decision a person makes. I do think having someone who depends on you or a purpose you feel strongly is an important factor. And I once again am impressed by the people here at SW.
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