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  1. I think NY is one of the few states that doesn't allow insurance companies to charge more for health or age in medigap insurance.
  2. Kirby

    Oscar Winner!

    Oh my, those eyes. Yay, Oscar and keep it up!
  3. Kirby


    She was in an accident yesterday and we just want to see how she's doing today.
  4. What AARP has to say, but it may be worth checking with your HR department or other experts since I can't tel what the date is on the article https://www.aarp.org/health/medicare-qa-tool/do-i-enroll-in-medicare-age-65-even-if-still-working/
  5. I'm going to have a mug of tea to celebrate! But enjoy to anyone who wants to celebrate with some tasty coffee.
  6. Keeping the refrigerators seems odd if people want them. A relatively small item compared to the price. Also cheaping out on the buyer's agents fee.
  7. Kirby

    Should I Go?

    it's hard for me to relate because I really like both my sisters, but simply having the same genetics is no reason to put up with people who treat you badly. I can understand overlooking some faults in relatives, I actually think that's a necessary quality. But that doesn't mean you should tolerate people not treating you well.
  8. When I was working at the office, I'd stop and get my mail each day on my way home. But it wasn't until I was working from home that I saw how much of an anticipated activity it was each day.
  9. I don't think their chances at the Tour de France or Giro are very good, but no spoilers here.
  10. I live on a cul de sac that has about 8 condo units in the cul de sac. The mailboxes for all the units are at the entrance to the cul de sac. Every day the mail gets delivered sometime between 2 and 3. As soon as the mail truck leaves, a number of the residents come racing out of their units to get their mail. One of them acts very casual and goes for her walk at that time, but she never starts her walk until after the mail arrives and she always stops at the mail box. She can pretend she's just exercising, but I know shes part of the Running of the Retirees. I've learned a lot since I
  11. Kirby


    That's stinky.
  12. The pictures create different moods, but they're both wonderful. Thanks for posting them.
  13. I'll probably spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her husband. My other sister may come as well One or more of her kids may join for Christmas, but I don't expect it will be a "big" gathering. Petite, could you make just a turkey breast ? Not good if you like the dark meat, but easier than a full turkey.
  14. Jack is adorable! Give him a treat and don't play any games with his treats!!!!
  15. My cat wants a word with you.
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