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  1. Kirby


    Glad the procedure went well and thanks for posting an update. Sleep well tonight (if you can) - at least the tv won't be on all night.
  2. Kirby


  3. Yes ( gee, I should have just posted this before)
  4. Since most of my grandparents are Irish, I guess I'd say Ireland, but I've never been there I guess I can't really say if I'd like it or not. Of the places I've actually visited, I guess I'd say Canada because I've been there the most. Plus I could visit our Canadian forum members Plus it's not too hot.
  5. When my niece and nephew got their first real job, we helped them set up a Roth IRA and invested the money We invested the money in a target date fund because it had a lower minimum requirement. Once they got enough in there, I suggested they switch to a broad equity index fund since they're at least 30 years from retirement. We thought having the accounts set up would make it easier for them to contribute on their own in the future.
  6. I've been planning for an early retirement to be prepared if I suddenly lost my job. As a single person, there is no other income to rely on if either something happens to me and I can't work or if I lost my job. In terms of wanting to retire, I'm conflicted. I would love to have the time and freedom to do some things it's hard to schedule when I'm working. I would also like to avoid the stress often associated with working. But on the other hand, I'm a worrier and planner, and even if all the financial calculators tell me I'm fine, the idea of not having any more paychecks coming in
  7. Kirby


    Saw you were the last post in the thread and I was hoping for a good update. Sorry to hear all the complications and hope you are able to get the procedure done today. But Clark is right in that it's a good thing not to be the highest priority for surgery. Keeping good thoughts and hoping for good news.
  8. I hadn't thought of him in ages, but your thread prompted me to look up his info. He was a real leader in sports broadcasting and had an impressive career off camera as well, including a stint as CEO of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Minnesota. RIP
  9. I already have a plot, and we've been discussing getting the headstones put up so all they have to do is fill in the date. My parents did that, and it was nice not to have to make another decision after they passed. Plus, that way they got to pick exactly what they wanted for the tombstone.
  10. My Mom always thought the seasons should line up with what is commonly called the meteorological seasons. December isn't autumn and September shouldn't be summer.
  11. I need to have mine done as well Thanks for the reminder.
  12. Remind me to come back and post my response later.
  13. I haven't dealt with these issues so far, but I hope the numbness ends soon. it sounds like a part of the healing process, but be sure to talk to your doctors if you're concerned.
  14. I'm not sure where, but probably a trip somewhere. I've taken plenty of trips when working, but it will be nice not to have to worry about clearing my schedule before I go, or spend time on my vacation looking at emails, or worry about the trip going too fast and having to return to work when it's over.
  15. They're stealing an hour of my sleep!!!!!
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