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  1. Kirby


    How sad And also what a tragic reminder how important each day is.
  2. I had relatives that were adopted and even though the adoptive parents seemed great, I think it's natural to be curious. Adolescence is hard for almost everyone, adopted or not, and it's natural for kids to try to find "their place". Even if you love the adopted parents, many kids still want to think that their birth parents didn't abandon them. I'm sure it's hard for your cousin and natural to feel like your being rejected somehow, but I think it's more about the kid trying to deal with their own emotions than a rejection of the adopted parents.
  3. Kirby

    China issues

    Based on our experience cleaning out 3 houses/apartments, not a lot of people want fine china any more. My sister has our grandmother's set, and complains every time sh ehas to get it down from the top shelves for a special event. Nobody wanted my aunt's, and nobody was too eager for my Mom's.. My niece and nephew had no interest, but my nephew's fiancee seemed interested when they got engaged. She may have only been saying that to please her future mother in law, but that was good enough for us. I recall reading an article in the Times about how hard it is to sell pianos now as so ma
  4. I don't think she is, but if she is, she's definitely like Glinda, the Good Witch of the North.
  5. Have you tried them with pineapple?
  6. Somebody thought we were smart!!! Cue to the orchestra playing "One Moment in Time"
  7. I know no usch thing. I could imagine pineapple on a hot dog being not awful, but I eat them so rarely, I'm not going to risk messing up one of the ones I have.
  8. Kirby


    59 days to autumn!!
  9. Good luck, keep us posted.
  10. If there isn't one day that works for people, could we pick a couple days and add the totals? Each person picks one day within a specified period as "their" day so there's no double counting. It could spread the fun as we see the total grow during the period. One day would be best, but schedules can be difficult. Just an idea if we can't find a day that works.
  11. One advantage to growing up in my neighborhood is that even my "struggling" times seemed pretty swanky by comparison.
  12. I probably would have turned it down because I'd worry that even if the gift was sincere and with no strings, something might come up that would complicate the plans or cause him to cancel due to some emergency. I"d worry that somehow the plans would get messed up at the last minute and then I'd have to make alternate arrangements. I wouldn't want to be responsible for something that would play such an integral role in the plans. But I think he was probably sincere and there wasn't an ulterior motive to the offer.
  13. I've never been a big fan of "fancy" restaurants. I tend to be happier at a more casual restaurant with a $20 -$25 per person range. But my Mom really used to enjoy celebrating special events such as birthdays at a "nice" restaurant. I think it was probably more of a treat for her because she did most of the cooking at the house (Including planning all the meals). Plus when we were younger, there really wasn't money for fancy restaurants, So if she wanted to go to a 'nice" restaurant, I was fine with whatever it cost. She'd enjoy casual restaurants too, but liked a "treat".
  14. I don't discount questions you may have in other areas, but I can honestly say that I have made some real friends here, including a number that I've met in person. People that have expanded my view of the world and exposed me to different careers, locations and lives. I've also gotten support here during a variety of difficult times including the passing of both my parents. Plus there are plenty of times the forum has kep me laughing when I'm stressed or bored at work. In the grand scheme of the world, this may not matter, but it certainly has made a difference and matters to me. And
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