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  1. Depends who is using the term. But in most cases, I'd pick cute.
  2. I've never gotten a gift from my boss, so I wouldn't be offended if I didn't get one. But I also don't consider a donation to charity as a gift to me, unless I've designated the charity and asked for donations instead of gifts (which some friends and I have done). If I had gotten a gift in prior years, I might feel a little disappointed to not get one this year, but I'd also never expect a boss to come out of pocket for gifts to coworkers. If you want to stop the gift giving because it's gotten out of hand and is becoming burdensome, you'll never have a better chance than this yea
  3. Do they have power banks? Your region won't need them as much for weather related power outages, but they're always good for people who use their phone a lot. Or some sort of bag like a duffel or backpack. People can always use those.
  4. I was going to ask what channel or streaming service it's on.
  5. I don't consider not knowing them as "failing"
  6. Garth Brooks actually came out of one of his mini-retirements to record a song that's a tribute to Chris
  7. For all of his rightly earned recognition for his accomplishments both in rodeo and music, his name really became known to a lot of people when his name was included in a Garth Brooks hit about a rodeo rider, Much Too Young to Feel This Damn Old
  8. Will have to work part of the weekend. My nephew is in town this weekend, and since I won't likely see him at Christmas, I may try to visit my sister's to see him, but it's a pretty quick trip for him, so it may not work out. Otherwise I'll catch up on some Christmas related chores, do some shopping and nap.
  9. I didn't do the interactive test, but I don't fall into any priority classes, so I'll be pretty low. I'll take it when it's available, but I won't qualify to get it until pretty late in the process.
  10. Yes. They say they prefer bank transfer, but you can use a credit card too.
  11. Busy day, but I was going to say they have a lot in common since they both travel the US in a bus!
  12. Kirby

    Laundry day

    If you do laundry now, what will you do Saturday night?
  13. I was hoping it was a tractor. The van is nice, though, but it needs streamers.
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