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  1. Kirby

    June Photos

  2. Kirby

    So I just deactivated my S&H green stamps club account...

    Trading stamps remind me of my wonderful blue clock that was obtained with month's of shopping at stores we didn't normally use just so I could have the clock of my dreams!
  3. Kirby

    Manic Monday

    Zachariah - Are you in Japan for vacation or work with some site seeing thrown in? Beautiful day here today, but it's supposed to be a heat wave later in the week. boo heat waves!
  4. Kirby

    Mrs. Brady is lazy as fuck

    Indy is right. Alice was an established part of the family and it would have been mean to just fire her when Mr. Brady remarried. If only Sam the Butcher had been interested in marrying Alice she could have moved on to a family of her own.
  5. Kirby

    Your agenda this week?

    Work but it's a short week since I have Friday off.
  6. Kirby

    I had no ice cream

    This makes me very sad. Can you get some ice cream now?
  7. Kirby

    Kitchen gadgets that actually work.

    jarkey for opening jars
  8. Kirby

    Favorite TV show quotes

    One of my favorites is this quote from Monk - "is there anything I can do to help without inconveniencing myself?"
  9. Kirby


    This is the first RO pic I can recall where she's not just beaming - she's really concentrating in these pics. And she's still as lovely as always.
  10. Kirby

    Went to one of those high priced stores

    That's an expensive whistlepig!
  11. Kirby

    I have to take a nap now

    Sleep well and wake up refreshed!
  12. Kirby

    What do you love about your kitchen?

    It has a microwave.
  13. Kirby

    I am home

    Hope you get a good night's sleep.
  14. Kirby

    Macaroni salad

    I'll have to ask the deli guy and get back to you.
  15. Kirby

    What were you doing last night?

    Beautiful! Does it count if you make a wish on a picture of a star? The little wisps of clouds add a nice contrast to the blue sky.