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  1. Yes, we definitely need pics.
  2. Prayers and good vibes sent.
  3. Looks beautiful! Hope you have fun!
  4. Looks wonderful!!
  5. No reason to waste good beer, finish it all!
  6. This is troubling since I like crows and owls.
  7. I've posted this blog before, but it's worth posting again.  Lots of healthy, vegetarian recipes that taste great too - Love and Lemons
  8. Beautiful! They're both wonderful but the lighting on the rainbow pic is really gorgeous.
  9. Poor doggy. It must be confusing not be able to see anymore. I know she didn't mean any harm. Give her an extra treat to make up for her anxiety (maybe leave them in her food bowl?) and have an extra treat for yourself too. Being kind to old doggies is good karma.
  10. Were you talking any aspirin or other NSAIDs?
  11. I don't think I've actually made them on my own, but I think my Mom just uses ground beef shaped into about a golf ball size shape.
  12. Surveys tend to show that people leave the workforce earlier than they plan - usually due to health or layoffs. But I don't think I'll make it to 70, I'm actually not even sure if I'll make it through today.
  13. Yay! I can finally sleep tonight!!
  14. Yay, he's good at healing things.
  15. Cereal and berries for breakfast Grilled cheese for lunch Meatloaf and cucumber salad for dinner.