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  1. 77 days to autumn!!!!!
  2. I could actually watch it live each morning and not have to follow it online at work.
  3. Radish recipes from the Love and Lemons blog: https://www.loveandlemons.com/?s=radish&submit=
  4. Charlie was married for over 55 years. A remarkable accomplishment for anyone in the entertainment industry and who has gone through stages of extreme fame.
  5. Fair or not, on a flight the crew is in charge. I can't tell if this was a request of the "would you be willing to" variety or if they were basically telling him to move. If it's the later, your only recourse is to leave, or comply with their request and try to get compensation later. If it's the first, you can stay in your seat, but there was usually a good reason they were asking you to move and you're likely to be stuck with a solo child next to your or some other negative. In fairness, I would have no problem rejecting a request to switch to a middle seat these days since it seems less safe. But flying is stressful under the best of times and these are not the best of times. It's worse if you're also worrying about something else like your animals . I don't know the story of the tiger guy, but generally, in a fight with flight crew, you're going to lose.
  6. Kirby


    Yes, I've gotten mail every day.
  7. The Devil went Down to Georgia is a classic, but I also recall it from Dominique Moceanu using it for her floor exercise at the Atlanta Olympics. The crowd went nuts.
  8. First Ennio Morricone and now this. A bad day for music.
  9. I think I would rather have syrup and fruit with my waffles and potatoes with my chicken.
  10. What was the incentive to go hunt the bloody tiger?
  11. At home we'd often play Trouble. Since it was pure luck, it was good for the family since everyone had an equal chance of winning. When we were in the country, we'd play a lot of cards - solitaire, gin rummy, 21 and pinochle (with very flexible rules). In the city, we had a lot of playground games like statue and red rover. I also recall playing the Game of Life - I liked adding all the little people pegs to the car.
  12. I'd like to take some time off, but it's busy at work now. Plus I don't really know where I' want to go. I'm planning some vacation in early autumn, but we'll see if that happens. The Inn where I want to stay is closed currently so we'll see if they're open again in the autumn.
  13. Kirby

    I just realized

    Moving stinks, but being in a new place that is the right place for you at that moment is a good thing. It's miserable at the time, but worth it in the long run.
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