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  1. Walmart actually has some decent workout leggings (or lounging around the house leggings, if you prefer)
  2. I mainly order work clothes online since it's harder to find them locally. For more casual, every day clothes, my sister (not the wild one) loves Kohls - especially for tees and pants. I will order some causual clothes from Lands End or LL Bean (especially when they have sales, which seems to be every day). If you can go shopping and try things on, you'll get a feel of how consistent their sizing is and what size works for you. That makes it easier to order online. I find the Lands End clothes tend to be more generously cut, while Eddie Bauer is a bit more form fitting. Amazon has a number of their own clothes lines, although they tend to give them fancier names so you don't know their Amazon designs. Lark and Ro comes to mind as one, but there are a number of them. They tend to be more strict on sizing as well.
  3. Only 187 days until fall begins! Although I actually rather like spring (despite my allergies), it's summer that is truly evil.
  4. I like all the green decorations! They also have the free soda machine working now. It's one machine for the entire office, but if dispenses a myriad of different beverages including diet tea which is just silly because tea is already calorie free before you add all the other stuff to it. And someone is already complaining that it dispenses coke products instead of pepsi.
  5. It's been a hectic time at work and I haven't been in the best mood this week, but I definitely had a good laugh and smile when I logged into the TriCycling forum this morning.
  6. That reminds me - I need to eat breakfast!
  7. It was beautiful tonight. The moonlight was so bright and clear.
  8. That sounds miserable. Hope it feels better soon. I've had allergic reactions on my skin and it's not pleasant.
  9. Luckily this means autumn is getting that much closer!!!!
  10. I feel more cultural already just being in TK Cycling.
  11. That's definitely true with regard to my immigrant Grandmother. Times were hard when she first came to America and food was not plentiful. Even decades later, nobody would ever go to her house and leave hungry. My Dad didn't take after his Mom in many ways, but he definitely picked up that trait from her. My Mom would comment that you knew you'd go hungry if you went to a rich person's wedding.
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