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  1. They've been showing clips on the local news of the fire trucks and police saluting the health care workers. One hospital had a parade of police cars drive by with one of them loudly playing New York, New York.
  2. Wow Aire, that includes stuff you can't get at the gas station! Good job.
  3. The less interaction with idiots who aren't taking proper precautions, the better.
  4. Have you considered grocery shopping at the gas station?
  5. Spaghetti and meatballs
  6. English muffins - multigrain light. High fiber, tasty breakfast and you can use them for grilled cheese too.
  7. Even though most people are working from home, I've found that the weekdays are significantly less busy at the grocery stores than the weekends. There were lines (small, but lines) at the store when I drove by today and mid-day on weekdays it's pretty empty.
  8. Does he like pudding? How about some Kozy Shack pudding? My Dad loved the rice pudding, but Mom preferred chocolate.
  9. I still have some jammed in the corners, not to worry!
  10. My Mom was a regular church goer and it bothered her when she was older and didn't feel it was safe to go out during bad winter weather. But we helped her find a variety of church services on tv and that really helped her feel connected. If she knew how to use a computer there would have been endless options for interactive services or streaming from all around the world. There is no need to risk public health and safety.
  11. I still have some, but I cleaned out some to make room for more frozen stouffers lasagna.
  12. Depends on what he likes and how much he cooks. But be sure to add something fun, everyone needs fun.
  13. Indy, sorry for all the stressful things that are happening. Even if you're confident things will work out ok, it's still stressful while it's going on.
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