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  1. I'm pretty sure she's been tased by a couple of her dates.
  2. Manfred Mann was a man. I think. He may have changed his mind by now.
  3. Too bad it's not good for telling what it was I was about to look up
  4. 12string

    Happy Friday

    we may have to have a little peek at his man card.
  5. I use a Michelin LTX all season. I only have 3 cars/trucks right now.
  6. hardly ever "off road". That's not what I bought it for, and I don't want to scratch the paint. I juts have little reason to go offroad in my truck
  7. 12string

    Happy Friday

    Ventilation is a utility, too
  8. Depending on how you define "mounted", mine is "mounted" on my front steps. Unless it get really windy, then it's "mounted" somewhere in the neighbor's yard
  9. yesterday: gym at lunch, spin class before dinner.
  10. Has to be glass. Much more durable, holds the heat better, and you want a nice view from inside
  11. I just read an article in Smithsonian last night about pizza in Italy. Specifically Naples. Delivery was heresy until COVID. And we're mostly screwing up a good thing on this side of the pond. That's without Pizza Hut entering the conversation. They need to change their first name
  12. Don't worry, the scary rabbit will be gone soon
  13. yesterday: 12 miles, 1-1/2 hours in the gym. Today's report will also be late.
  14. No. I have real issues with King Friday XIII and then he would know where to find me.
  15. finished mine last night. Paying, but less than I've owed in probably 10 years.
  16. 12string

    Trip planning

    Paterson falls really are cool! There's actually ,pretty good mountain biking available right in the Philly city Limits - start at Valley Green Inn in the Wissahickon Valley Park
  17. Kids today, got it so easy with all their "apps". Back in the day, we had to hide behind cars and bushes with binoculars when we were stalking girls in shorts and tank tops.
  18. All Clad, D3, They have an "Everyday" set only on their website that has all flared edges. The Saucier had to be bought seperate, that will still be few weeks.
  19. 12string

    Trip planning

    Don't try to avoid toll roads, especially if you are towing. Unless you have plenty of extra time. Do avoid I76 through Philly. Be ready for traffic Know that COVID's pretty rampant around here right now. Don't expect to hang out in Vineland, it's not that nice. The Philly food and beer scene is great, but not right now, and you're pretty far away. Head into Hammonton, A couple very good food places. Check out the cheese selection at Bagliani's, hit Chimney Rustic Ales for beer. Head just a bit further northeast, start at Batsto, do some hiking in an ecosystem you have never s
  20. woot! woot! Of course, dinner is already in the crock pot.
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