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  1. I did switch to ceramic brakes on the VW, so far the wheels are relatively dust free. Hard to tell, about the braking power since I just got the Master cylinder replaced when the water pump went all Vesuvius. Should have used a ceramic bearing. But I don't understand why anyone would tile the floor in ceramic when weather tech makes such nice floor coverings.
  2. 3/4 mile in the pool. That's it for today, too busy.
  3. Since they told you years ago that you don't need no education they figured they could sneak this one by you. Besides, they're doctors, not mathematicians, dammit!
  4. Mama said something about chocolates but it's like my daddy always said, if it's not one thing, it's another. If it's not a blown head gasket it's a leaky water pump that turned from a 10 minute job to a 6 hour job
  5. It's not so much about the shiniest car. It's more like if I don't wax it I'll be paying for a paint job. No garage. Wax has zero UV protection. I paid a lot (for me) for this car, I do want to take care of it. It will be here a while. The shiny part of the deal is a plus. The truck, at 6 years old, would be a whole lot more. I'm not sure that is worth it. When the GTI paint is cured, I might coat that. That would be about being shiny.
  6. similar pricing, they say 18-24 months. I can't complain about 5 or 7 years. It's a reputable place. Most of their customers would use my car as their junker.
  7. The Audi is WAY overdue for a wax. Full detail, really. I just don't have the time. Local place will do it for $300. But that's just wax, so it really should be re-done in 6 months. for $1800 I can get a full detail with a 7 year ceramic coating. I know the math is right, but I can't wrap my head around $1800 for a detail. I don't have a garage, so it could really use the UV protection. Convince me.
  8. The GTI, every couple days after running leaves a puddle, right under the coolant overflow. The overflow burping like that usually means head gasket. When I told my wife the diagnosis she told me I was stupid for not doing that when I had the engine stripped down to the cams. And she was right. UNTIL I did some more digging and the problem finally revealed itself to be the water pump! Which does not require stripping down to the cams! Of course, it does require removing a bunch of stuff and lifting the engine a few inches. Which was another thing I had already done and only
  9. I was already neutered. Start the shots tomorrow. If I'm good, I'll get an awesome Beer Mash Biscuit after.
  10. negative! no COVID. Those CDC protocols for safe visits must be effective
  11. That's when I'm in a health food mood and need fruit on my cereal.
  12. My preferred method for eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes is to dump it out and refill it with Cap'n Crunch.
  13. At the beginning of our department status meeting today, boss mentioned that one of our coworkers had been let go. The reaction was, well, no one wanted to cheer out loud, restraint was admirable. This guy ALWAYS butt into any conversation to offer his "expertise" in a long winded and clueless monologue that ignored all previous discussion on the matter. Project schedules were extended as even the simplest directives and input had to be explained a minimum of 8 times before he would start listening as a prelude to misunderstanding or ignoring them. Oh, that's not why he was fired. Too
  14. Brad Pitt's daughter looks exactly like an old Brad Pitt. That IS insane!
  15. No. Huge lakes are great. Cereal that gets soggy and gross is not
  16. Do they come with ways to camoflauge the battery?
  17. This is my first ever post on this thread how come I didn't make the list?
  18. Just saw 3/4 ply for $100 a sheet. Glad I'm not building anything right now
  19. Pork roll on a burger instead of bacon. Just a suggestion.
  20. Taking 7's advice, but probably going with the d3 instead of the d5. It reacts more quickly to temperature changes, makes a nice companion to all the cast iron we have. If you shop at the All-Clad site, they have an exclusive "Everyday" series. Flared lips on everything, different handles. Cheaper. And the 10 piece collection is just the right mix. Except a 3 qt saucier. Have to have one of those
  21. Pork Roll or Taylor Ham. Never both. Already forgetting your East Coast roots?
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